December 12, 2021

Chapter 3: Going to a Banquet (Part 1)

Yansheng wiped her face while staring at the little boy in front of her. She was surprised to know that Shoucheng was so young now.

Shuocheng was seven years old this year, the age when children suddenly became disobedient. He saw that Yansheng was successfully attacked, so he laughed hard, leaning forward and backward, a typical exaggeration made by a child deliberately.

Back then, the fifteen-year-old Yansheng chased him downstairs, scolded him loudly, and quarreled with Yingying who was defending him, which delayed their time. When the family arrived at the reception, her grandaunt’s birthday banquet had already begun, so the family was very disrespectful.

Her grandmother had lost her face in front of her sister-in-law and was very upset. Yingying was the wicked person who complained first, saying that it was Yansheng that wasted everyone’s time and made them late.

What was even more hateful was that Shuocheng took the small water gun and ruined the skirt that Yansheng later changed onto at the birthday banquet.

At that time, Yansheng only hated Yingying in her eyes. She felt that many witnesses could prove that Shuocheng was naughty and not that she was wrong. So, she angrily pulled him up to quarrel with her, completely disregarding the occasion.

Naturally, it made her grandmother even lose more face.

The fifteen-year-old Yansheng didn’t realize at that time that her extreme behavior had gradually alienated her relatives who had felt sorry for her at first.

For example, her grandmother and her father.

At this time, Yansheng stared at the seven-year-old Shoucheng, who suddenly laughed.

“You’re good.” She pretended to be fierce and said, “If you dare to do it again, I will ask Dad to beat your ass.”

That was a false statement because the Zhang family basically didn’t hit their children. Huan even regarded Shuocheng as a treasure. Therefore, even a child like Shuocheng could see Yansheng’s ‘bluff’.

The little brat was not afraid of his sister’s bluffing. He pulled his eyelid and stuck out his tongue, which arrogantly provoked her. “Leh leh leh, go ahead!” After that, he ran away.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, he is still a kid.” Mrs. Luo pulled Yansheng back into the room. “Don’t bother yourself arguing with the likes of him. How old is he?”

After Yansheng entered puberty, her temper became more and more irritable. She had a little fight with a woman surnamed Liang for three days and would have a big fight with her for five days. But she was a half-grown adult, so how could she still fight with Yingying? Furthermore, Yingying could say a lot of nonsense to Huan every day since they shared the same bed. But Yansheng always yelled at Huan because of her unstable emotions, which gave him a headache whenever he saw her, so he was getting more reluctant to see her.

In the end, Yansheng suffered.

Mrs. Luo grasped her arm very hard, but Yansheng understood why. In the past, Mrs. Luo had always advised her not to confront Yingying head-on, because she would just suffer loss for nothing. However, she couldn’t just listen and endure all of that.

In the end, the outcome was that her relatives turned away from her as if she was an outsider in this family, a family of four talented people who loved each other.

When she was reborn, Yansheng said to herself that she would not make the same mistakes again.

She patted Mrs. Luo’s hand and calmly said, “It’s okay. I won’t bother with that little brat anymore.”

Mrs. Luo was relieved, so she let go of her arm and pushed her into the closet again. “That’s right! Just ignore him.”

Yansheng changed her clothes inside while Mrs. Luo was waiting for her outside. Then, Mrs. Luo heard the girl inside as if she was talking to herself, “However, Shuocheng has to be supervised, otherwise, I don’t know what kind of rubbish he’ll grow into.”

Mrs. Luo became nervous again. “With his father and mother, how will you be able to control him? You just need to go to school and study well, and give your mother in heaven a break.”

The closet became quiet for a few seconds, then Mrs. Luo heard the sound of the girl changing her clothes.

Faintly, it was as if a sentence floated out, “There’s a father, there’s no father…”

Mrs. Luo did not speak.

So what? Although he was Shuocheng’s father, he was also Yansheng’s father.

Yansheng changed into a new skirt and walked down the stairs. When she reached the first floor, she stopped and looked at the people below.

Hearing the footsteps, Huan raised his head and frowned, but he still called her as kindly as possible, “Yanyan, hurry up.”

Yansheng walked down unhurriedly and Yingying looked at her with a sneer. “Heh”.

Huan pretended not to hear his wife and asked casually, “What took you so long?”

Yansheng glanced at him, feeling inexplicable in her heart.

She was noisy, always tossing around, and making trouble. She used to think that Huan was sorry for her and her mother, so she had the right to be like that. But now that she calmed down, she finally understood after looking at him that all the troubles created by the rebellious children were just to get more attention from their parents.

That was right, which was so sad.

Now that Yansheng could see clearly, everything she had done in the past, uncovering the reason behind it, ignoring all excuses; in the end, all she wanted was just to make this man look at her more and care about her more.

Finally, what she got was his impatience. When she died, he only shed a few symbolic tears and then gave her a ‘decent’ funeral.

It was so ridiculous.

The rebellious and arrogant Yansheng with heavy makeup was nothing more than a child who couldn’t get love.

She was ridiculous and pathetic.

Huan got inexplicably uncomfortable under the gaze of his daughter and forced a smile. “What’s wrong? Why are you not saying anything?”

He didn’t know what was going on with his daughter today. Yesterday, she had a fierce fight with his young wife and her screams pierced his ears. But she was so quiet today and those pitch-black eyes faintly looking at him were like two pools of water with an unknown depth.

It was inexplicably disturbing.

Yansheng lowered her eyes.

She didn’t notice in the past that her longing for love and care had disappeared. In this life, she would not ask for anything, not from the outside, but the inside.

She had to live well all by herself.