December 12, 2021

Chapter 3: Going to a Banquet (Part 2)

The family’s grumpy eldest daughter raised her eyes. Her voice was surprisingly calm, serene, and sounded ordinary when she explained, “As soon as I went out after changing my clothes, Shuocheng used a water gun to drench me, so I had to change my clothes again which wasted my time.”

The calm and coldness of the girl surprised Huan.

Shuocheng was now at the age where everyone would be disgusted. This kind of mess was happening at home almost every day, especially now that it was summer vacation and the children were at home. It was just that when this kind of thing happened in normal times, Yansheng would have yelled already. But today, his daughter was surprisingly calm and sensible.

It will be great if she can speak so well on ordinary days! Who will not be annoyed by the disturbing noise every day?!

Huan straightened his face immediately. “Shuoshuo! Did you get your sister’s skirt wet?”

Shuocheng promptly replied, “I did not!”

Of course, everyone in the house knew that he was lying. The small water gun in the shape of a pistol was still in his hand. He had indeed just run down the stairs.

The second daughter, Heling, said, “It’s him. He told mother just now that he sprayed water on sister.”

Yingying was almost mad at her stupid daughter who betrayed her, so she immediately pinched her arm. “Shut up, no one will treat you as dumb if you don’t speak.”

As the mother and daughter argued, Yansheng’s sight fell on Heling.

Heling was six years younger than Yansheng and only nine years old this year. She only got her new teeth last year and finally looked beautiful again this year. She looked like a cute little girl who was ignorant.

It was a pity that Yingying gave birth to her, which kept her from entering the Zhang family’s door. It was not until the birth of Shuocheng and Yansheng’s mother’s death that she was finally promoted. The mother’s son was precious, so Yingying only had Shuocheng in her heart. As for Heling, there were several servants in the house and there was no shortage of food or clothes anyway.

Yingying didn’t care much about her.

But after Yansheng’s death, Heling was the only one who really wept for her.

That young girl cried so sadly which meant that she really saw her as a sister.

Yingying was often annoyed by her stupid daughter. In her opinion, this stupid girl often couldn’t distinguish between herself and the enemy. She always betrayed her and helped Yansheng to speak. After she finished pinching her arm, she reached out to twist her ear as well. Heling, who was still puzzled by her mother’s hatred, couldn’t do anything.

Huan did not approve of physically hurting the children. When Yansheng’s mother was still there, she had never hit Yansheng. On the other hand, Yingying was reluctant to hit Shuocheng, but she often tugged and pinched Heling. Although it was not totally hitting her, it was still very uncomfortable to see.

Huan was about to scold Yingying, but Yansheng suddenly stretched out her hand and grasped Yingying’s wrist.

Huan secretly cried out, we are about to go out, so don’t quarrel again. Ugh!

“Let go.” Instead of yelling, Yansheng said coldly, “There’s a cartilage in the ear, what would you do if you sprained it? Don’t you feel bad for your own children?”

When Yansheng’s mother was still alive, she learned the four arts—piano, chess, painting, and calligraphy; including Taekwondo and boxing. Later on, this was what happened, Huan gradually ignored her, so she became more and more hostile. The piano, chess, painting, and calligraphy were all abandoned, but she still practiced Taekwondo and boxing.

If she didn’t do some intense exercise, the rage in her heart would not disperse.

Going back now, Yansheng was only fifteen years old, but because of her persistent training all year round, her strength actually overwhelmed the delicate and soft Yingying.

Yingying screamed, “It hurts!”

Yansheng snorted and coldly said, “You know the feeling of getting hurt, but you think that the kids don’t know it?”

Yingying had loosened Heling’s ear and called out for help, “Let me go! Husband! Husband! She’s hurting me!”

The daughter was his own child and the wife was delicate, both have an equal value to him.

Huan came over and said, “Okay, okay, release her. Let’s go now. If we’re late, Mom will get mad and everyone will be scolded together. No one will escape!”

When he mentioned Yansheng’s grandmother, even Shuocheng shivered.

That amazing old lady was the real head of the Zhang family.

The only one who was not afraid of her was probably Yansheng.

What was so scary about people who didn’t love themselves or even hate themselves? The old lady once said sternly that she would be removed from the list of her will and she didn’t care. She still had her mother’s property to inherit, so she wouldn’t die from starvation.

She snorted at that time and just let it go.

Heling got behind Yansheng when Yingying let go of her ear.

She was really surprised and happy today. Normally, even if she helped Yansheng speak, Yansheng would not pay attention to her. Unexpectedly today, her sister actually protected her.

Her mother always told her that only her, her younger brother, and her mother were considered as family and truly the closest ones, and Yansheng was just an ‘outsider’.

But her brother was so annoying, he bullied her every day. Her mother didn’t care about her at all and felt that her brother was ‘lively and active’, which should be praised.

“He is a boy, that’s how he should be,” Yingying often said triumphantly.

Her mother would emphasize the word ‘boy’ in particular.

After all, Yingying relied on giving birth to a son, which turned her life around.

But for Heling, although her sister usually quarreled with her mother and her temper was terrifying, Yansheng usually just ignored her and never bullied her.

So, between her younger brother and older sister, Heling would rather choose her older sister, Yansheng.

Everyone went out and Heling had expectations in her heart, so she boldly wanted to hold her sister’s hand.

Unfortunately, Yansheng froze for a moment. Without turning her head, she directly threw off her hand and strode out.

The little girl lowered her head in disappointment.

“Hurry up!” Yansheng’s voice suddenly sounded.

Heling suddenly raised her head. Yansheng turned to look at her in front, seemingly impatient. “Hurry up, we will be late if we don’t leave now.”

There was light in the little girl’s eyes, then she ran after her.

Yansheng snorted and turned around to head outside.