December 12, 2021

Chapter 4: The Elders (Part 1)

Yansheng could understand Heling’s emotions. This little girl seemed to always want to be a sister to her since she entered the Zhangs’ house, maybe her instinct was to follow after her big sister.

It was just that Yansheng would never pay attention to her before.

However, Yansheng couldn’t understand Huan’s emotions.

She suppressed Yingying just now. However, not only did he not speak up for his little wife, but he also seemed to be a little happy. What the hell is this?

In the past, whenever she was in conflict with Yingying, Huan would always appear to be helpless and restless, and he usually stood on Yingying’s side.

Mrs. Luo had talked to her before and said, “Don’t be so bad-tempered, maybe just a little bit. At first, your father felt sorry for you, but you are so rowdy and you always yell at him. So, look at him now, he’s speaking for that woman.”

But at that time, Yansheng who was listening had lost her temper and refuted, “Why can’t I get angry with him? He didn’t even feel sorry for my mother!”

That bitch is only worthy of being with a dog!

Mrs. Luo could only sigh at that time.

Putting aside Huan’s incomprehensible emotion, Yansheng turned her attention to Yingying.

Today, because the family of five was going out, but didn’t let the driver drive for them, so Huan drove the car instead. Yingying was sitting in the co-pilot seat, Yansheng was sitting behind the driver’s seat, the little brat Shuocheng was sitting behind the co-pilot seat, and the little girl Heling was sandwiched in the middle at the back seat.

From this position, Yansheng could see Yingying’s side face.

She actually couldn’t believe that Yingying was still so young.

In her understanding, Yingying looked like an old witch from the moment she appeared in front of her. She was a big mountain on Yansheng’s head that destroyed her life.

But actually, Yingying was only twenty years old when she gave birth to Heling. She was only twenty-nine this year, so she still hadn’t reached thirty yet.

Yansheng was twenty-one years old when she died. From the perspective of the reborn Yansheng, it meant that she was at the same age as Yingying, since she was also considered less than thirty years old.

Yansheng looked at Yingying, the mountain that pressed her painfully and violently which seemed to be shrinking.

Heling’s voice sounded in the quiet car with disgust. “Why are you still carrying that?”

Shuocheng promptly responded, “I’m bringing it! Why do you care anyway?!”

“I am your sister! So of course, I care!”

“What’s wrong with you? Sister?! Go away, it’s none of your business!”

Shuocheng was the apple of Yingying’s eyes, so he was used to being arrogant and rude. As he spoke, his voice grew louder. In a closed space, the noise was extraordinarily loud which gave a headache to anyone inside.

Huan couldn’t stand it either and was about to speak to make Shuocheng quiet, but Yansheng’s cold voice suddenly came from behind him. “Shut up.”

In this kind of situation, Yansheng would usually yell which became another main force that gave him a headache. But today, his eldest daughter was a little bit abnormal.

He couldn’t help but glance at the back from the rearview mirror. As he met Yansheng’s dark eyes, his eyes fell.

He shuddered inexplicably and quickly concentrated on driving.

Yansheng used to yell at Shuocheng, but Shuocheng was not afraid at all.

Yingying instilled the thought of ‘we are a family’ to both her children. Heling didn’t take it to her heart at all, but Shuocheng absorbed it completely. In his child’s heart, he didn’t know why this annoying sister existed. She always quarreled with his mother, so it would be nice if they didn’t have her at home.

Yingying always told him not to be afraid of Yansheng. Although Yansheng yelled at him, she had never hit him. Little brats always bullied the weak and feared the strong, so they were naturally more lawless.

But today, it was very strange that his sister didn’t yell. She just glanced at him coldly and said ‘shut up’, so Shuocheng suddenly became timid. He always thought that there was something different about his sister today.

Children were naive, really cruel and callous, and instinctively aware of the danger.

At this moment, Shuocheng sensed some danger.

He didn’t know that although Yansheng decided to live a good life in this life, she was a person who had died once. The hostility of her two lifetimes was in her eyes, and even Huan was scared when he saw it.

Shuocheng glanced in front of him asking for help. But his father only glanced at his sister in the rearview mirror and said nothing. His mother turned her head and glanced, and she only said to Heling, “Don’t keep arguing with your brother”. Then turned her head back. Although Yingying spoils Shuocheng, she was also a human in the end, who couldn’t stand the headache from hearing the loud voices of children in a closed space.

Yansheng did not hit him nor scold him, but just told him to shut up and it seemed to have some effect. So, Yingying did not back Shuocheng up.

The naughty child who was not supported by the parents would naturally be terrified.

Shuocheng had no choice but to shut up obediently.

On the other hand, Heling was sad. She clearly did nothing wrong, but like every time in the past, it was her who was criticized by Yingying.

The little girl lowered her head and nearly broke down in tears.

She sniffed, raised her head, and looked at Yansheng.

What does she want from me? To console her?

Yansheng stiffly turned her head to one side, pretending to look at the street view outside the car.

A little lonely, Heling sadly put her hands under her legs and looked down at her knees in a daze.

Psychologically speaking, children who often hide their hands were insecure.

The car was as quiet as the adults wanted it to be. Huan was in a good mood and Yingying was also happy and relaxed.

After a long time, Yansheng turned her head and glanced at what Shuocheng was holding—the small water gun that resembled a pistol.

Great! Because she was afraid that he would not take it, she deliberately provoked him by saying, “I’ll have Dad beat you”. Sure enough, he took this water gun as he did in her previous life.