December 12, 2021

Chapter 2: Summer Vacation (Part 2)

Yansheng’s personality was really hateful at that time. She was hot-tempered and she didn’t listen to anyone as she did when she was a child. Mrs. Luo tried to teach her several times, but she wouldn’t listen and finally got annoyed in the end. At that time, she lost her temper and said, “You are just a nanny, earning from my money!”

After that, she slammed the door and left angrily.

Once she was out of the house, she actually regretted it a little bit. She somehow felt that her words were too heavy and Mrs. Luo’s eyes seemed a little hurt at that time.

But at her age, she couldn’t drag herself to apologize. After a week of fooling around and not going back home, when she finally remembered to go home, she found out that Mrs. Luo’s room was empty.

Yingying smiled meaningfully and said, “I didn’t drive her away. Well, she thinks that she can’t serve the eldest lady anymore, so she resigned.” 

Yansheng was about to tear up Yingying at that time but Huan stopped her. “Mrs. Luo really quit her job. Her family called her many times asking her to return home for her grandson. It was because of you that she never left. Now, she was finally convinced and that’s the truth.”

Yansheng couldn’t relax at that time and was alone on her own for several days. That was yet another feeling of being abandoned since her mother’s death and after her father remarried.

Several days had passed before she decided to call Mrs. Luo, but her number was no longer available.

At that time, there were roaming fees. Mrs. Luo’s number was from K City. If she returned to her hometown, she might have changed it to a local number.

Although Yansheng had lived with her for many years, she didn’t know any more information about Mrs. Luo apart from her phone number. In the boundless sea of people, her relationship with Mrs. Luo had ended just like that.

And now, at this moment, she had not broken Mrs. Luo’s heart yet. Mrs. Luo had not resigned and left yet, she was still in the Zhangs’ house.

Yansheng’s nose was twitching and her tears almost fell. Then, she hugged her directly. “Aunt Luo!”

“Okay, okay, I know you don’t want to go out with her, but this is your grandaunt’s birthday banquet. If you don’t go, your grandaunt will be angry for sure. You know, you are the last person to lose face in front of your grandaunt.” Aunt Luo patted her back, coaxing her like a child. “So go and change to a beautiful dress. Our Yanyan is the most beautiful little princess wherever you go.”

Grandaunt’s birthday banquet? After Mrs. Luo had said it, Yansheng remembered that according to the date on the calendar, it was really today.

Yansheng had already made up her mind before seeing Mrs. Luo, that she should be well-behaved in this new life and would never be someone like her in the previous life. At this age, she had to do what she was supposed to do.

“Okay, I’ll change my clothes now.” Then she asked, “Aunt Luo, do you know where I put all my textbooks for the first and second years? I have to review what I have learned from middle school before the school starts.”

Mrs. Luo was surprised and delighted, then said, “Oh, I know! They are in the storage room. I will find them for you. So, don’t worry and just go to the birthday banquet.”

She pushed Yansheng to the closet to change clothes. Yansheng heard her muttering outside, “How good your grades were when you were in elementary school. You often bring awards when you go home and were always praised during the parent-teacher meetings. How happy your mother was back then, the whole family was so proud of you…”

Yansheng’s mother had cancer. After the operation, she had been doing radiotherapy and chemotherapy for several years. This kind of treatment could make people very weak, and her mother could neither manage business matters nor family matters. She just lay down all day and her happiest moments were whenever Yansheng came home with some awards.

But she died when Yansheng was ten years old.

Only two months after her funeral, Yingying entered the family with a marriage certificate.

She was not alone, she was holding the two-year-old Zhang Shoucheng in her arms, and behind her was Zhang Heling, who was four years old.

In other words, Heling was born two years after Yansheng’s mother had surgery.

All these years, when Yansheng’s mother was lying on the bed, this woman must be looking forward to her death every day so that she can turn herself around, right?

Yansheng exploded at that time.

The little girl was exhausted from shouting at them. In her anger, she pushed Heling down.

Yingying was only taking care of the baby son in her arms, so she couldn’t care about her daughter. It was Mrs. Luo who pulled Yansheng away, while Huan blocked Heling from her.

After all, the three of them had established their positions in the house already and no one could stop them, not even Yansheng, who was only ten years old at that time.

From then on, Yansheng’s life could no longer return to its former days. When she graduated from elementary school, her grades were not bad. After all, she had good grades for many years. But in her three years in middle school, her grades were just ‘okay’.

The good daughter and good student, who made her sick mother in bed so proud, gradually disappeared. Most of the girl’s energy was spent on arguing and fighting with her stepmother, and her mind was spent on bearing disgust and hatred.

Yansheng changed her clothes silently, as these memories flooded in her mind.

If her deceased mother knew what she had become afterward, she would definitely be as sad as Mrs. Luo, right?

Yansheng felt a sour sensation rushing from her nose straight to her eyes. She forcibly held it back. She was able to do so and walked out of the closet. “I have changed.”

“Yanyan is so beautiful!” Mrs. Luo exclaimed when she saw her. “Yanyan had really grown up. You were pretty when you were young and had grown up to be a great beauty as well.”

Although the fifteen-year-old girl had not yet developed her chest and hips, she was already slender and elegant. Her eyes were bright and not dry, and her cheeks were fair and tender. She was born like her mother, she was indeed a beauty.

Mrs. Luo quickly helped get her hair done. Girls at this age didn’t need makeup because natural beauty was the best. Mrs. Luo looked at the time and quickly pushed her out of the door. “Hurry up, don’t let that person nag you.”

The so-called ‘that person’ naturally refers to Liang Yingying.

But who knew that the door would open and a stream of cool water rushed over her face, directly spraying Yansheng’s face and chest, dampening her skirt.

Yansheng wiped her face while staring at the little brat, who was holding a water gun outside the door, showing anger in her eyes.

She then remembered that when she went to attend her grandaunt’s birthday banquet on the third day of summer vacation, this little brat ruined her with a water gun—her two skirts. Yes, there were two.