December 12, 2021

Chapter 2: Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Zhang Yansheng saw the light in the darkness of death, opened her eyes, and she turned out to be in her bedroom. She had been fooling around outside for the past year or two and had never returned to live there much. Moreover, the decoration and arrangement of the room were clearly what it looked like when she was in middle school, totally different from how it was before she died.

She ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and found that her body shrank and became shorter and flatter. She had a clean face, which showed a teenage appearance.

After taking a glance at the date on the old cellphone from many years ago and unwillingly turning on the computer that was obsolete in her memory a few years ago to look at the date on it, Yansheng was finally convinced that she had been reborn after death and returned to the year when she was in the third year of middle school at the age of fifteen.

She sat on the sofa in the room for two full hours to digest this information.

So, I… got a chance to start over again? Is that right?

She suddenly remembered the ethereal voice in the ultimate darkness—may you take the right path in your next life.

She got excited and suddenly stood up from the sofa.

That’s right! This new life could no longer be as messy as it was in her previous life. She didn’t realize until she died that this is her own life, and how stupid she was to compete with others and ruined herself.

So now, what’s going to happen? What should I do this time?

Yansheng turned around twice, looked around, and saw her familiar desk. She hurriedly walked over to take a look. The desk was neatly cleaned by a servant at home. She randomly pulled out a workbook for the third year of middle school. She opened her eyes and felt the sweat on her forehead.

Not even one question?!

Not! Even! One! Question?!

What she learned back then had been returned to the teacher.

When she died, she had not graduated yet from a diploma mill1野鸡大学 – diploma mill – an institution of higher education operating without supervision of a state or professional agency and granting diplomas that are either fraudulent or because of the lack of proper standards worthless (i.e. using money to get a diploma by going to a bogus college/clown college) where she could go to study by paying some money. In fact, she didn’t go to class that much at all. It was just a mess.

And now, it was only in mid-July, the summer vacation after her third year of middle school graduation. In other words, in one month, she would go to high school.

She would go to No. 1 High School in K City. This was a very good school that was in the top position of the pyramid in K City.

She didn’t know how much her father had spent to get her into this school in her previous life. However, it was a pity that her academic performance plummeted in high school. Later on, she gave up on her own accord and started skipping school, and even smoking, drinking, and fighting. The impact was so bad that spending money would not absolve it, so she was expelled from this school in the end.

Her father couldn’t help but enrolled her in a private high school to mess around. After graduation, he sent her to that bogus college for her to get a diploma. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing for his father to say that his eldest daughter only had a high school degree.

A lifetime of youth and being young, it was so absurd to be wasted.

It was really useless.

When Yansheng recalled all of these, her heart felt uncomfortable and her sweat broke out.

She couldn’t be like this anymore. Starting from the beginning of this life, from now on, she must take a different path.

Her mind was clear now. No matter what happened to her after being reborn, there was only one thing she should do at this time—study hard and make progress every day.

Yansheng took a few breaths to calm herself down. She rummaged over the desk and found her school bag, but the other books were only for the third year in middle school. Her mind was basically empty right now, and there was no need to make up for middle school lessons. But from the beginning of her first year in high school, she had to make up for it. Otherwise, in high school, there was no need for a ‘freefall’ as she would directly be at the bottom.

She murmured as she couldn’t remember where she put her textbooks for the first and second years of middle school. As she was still looking for them, someone knocked on the door. “Yanyan? Yanyan, Master asked me to rush you. It’s time to clean up because you’re going to leave soon.”

Yansheng was stunned.

She paused, then suddenly rushed over to open the door.

There was a middle-aged woman standing outside the door. She was very old and when she looked at her black hair, it was actually all dyed. She could tell from the roots of her hair that it was all white.

Her eyes suddenly turned red and she shouted with mixed feelings, “Aunt!”

The woman sighed. “Why haven’t you changed your clothes yet? Hurry up, Madam has almost finished with her makeup over there, so it’s not good for them to wait for you.”

She then lowered her voice and said, “Otherwise, she will complain to her husband again.”

The woman’s surname is Luo. She had been Yansheng’s nanny since she was born and until she grew up, and she had been working in the Zhang family for more than ten years.

She was originally hired by Yansheng’s biological mother and had been working for her ever since. She was very affectionate and treats Yansheng like her biological child.

The woman surnamed Liang actually kept targeting Mrs. Luo after entering the family. She had wanted to fire Mrs. Luo several times now. However, Yansheng was always making it difficult and Zhang Huan, Yansheng’s father, was suppressed, so Mrs. Luo stayed.

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Luo survived the troubles of the second wife but was saddened by Yansheng.

Yansheng later became more and more disrespectful, and even Huan didn’t care much about her. He’ll just provide if she asked for money, but he won’t ask for anything except for peace. 

Her stepmother, Liang Yingying, was even more anxious to mingle with her, so she would always stir up troubles.

The only person in this family who really cared about Yansheng and was willing to take care of her was Mrs. Luo.

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    野鸡大学 – diploma mill – an institution of higher education operating without supervision of a state or professional agency and granting diplomas that are either fraudulent or because of the lack of proper standards worthless (i.e. using money to get a diploma by going to a bogus college/clown college)