December 12, 2021

Chapter 1: Rebirth (Part 2)


In the ambulance, the light was not bright. The girl opened her eyes and the eyes that were supposed to be beautiful, but were smeared too much with makeup, were full of fear and regret.

She kept holding Song’s hand. That strength was not great, but he couldn’t bear to break free.

Looking closely, you could actually see that under the heavy makeup, there was a very young face. Her facial features were very beautiful. If she removed her makeup, she would turn out to be a beautiful girl.

He was sure that she didn’t take the initiative to take drugs. If she took the initiative, she wouldn’t run out to ask for help.

She just made a wrong step after all.

Seeing the fear and regret in her eyes, his softened. He held her hand and comforted her gently, “Don’t be afraid, we will be at the hospital soon, so you will be fine.”

There seemed to be gratitude in the girl’s eyes, her lips seemed to move, but eventually she lost consciousness…

Song wasted a lot of time and missed the video conference with the client from Country M; but in the end, he still failed to save the girl’s life. He accompanied her through the last journey of her life, watching this flower-like life withered prematurely with his own eyes .

The police came, took his statement, and found out her identity.

—Zhang Yansheng, female, twenty-one years old, single.

At a young age, she made a lot of mistakes and ruined her life.

“It should be the first time for her.” The policeman said, “Her physique is sensitive to the drugs, but unfortunately she is still so young. Her family seems to be quite rich.”

Yue Song immediately said, “She didn’t take the initiative.”

“We’re still investigating it. The group of people were brought to the station and are still being interviewed, so there’s no result yet. But why did you say that? Do you have any evidence?”

“No.” Song nodded and calmly replied, “I can feel that she’s innocent.”

Then, he went to see the girl for the last time.

The nurse had wiped her face clean. She was indeed a very beautiful girl. She was still so young, but he didn’t know why she mingled with those people who killed her in vain.

He felt sorry for her.

He bowed, stroked her forehead gently, and whispered softly, “May you take the right path in your next life.”



She would often walked by the river, so how could she not wet her shoes? Zhang Yansheng had been rebellious all her life. But in the end, she wanted to turn her life over for the better.

She always felt that she could control the situation. Those groups of scoundrels secretly led her astray. She followed them and did those bad things, like smoking and drinking. They wanted her to take drugs, but she pulled back.

There was a thread in her heart, so she knew that there was a bottom line that could not be crossed. But she didn’t expect that these people were much darker than she thought, as they put the drugs in her drink.

But no one expected that she had a physique sensitive to this kind of thing, and that the drink with ‘drugs’ would kill her.

What Yansheng remembered at the last moment of her life was a handsome face. The pupils of his eyes were dark and the bridge of his nose was straight. There was a little blood splattered on his white shirt, making the line of his jaw look odd and sexy, but that person was unexpectedly gentle.

In the last part of her life, when she was the most fearful and weak, he kept holding her hand and comforting her gently. 

Unfortunately, she still fell into the dark. It was as if there was a terrible whirlpool in the cold darkness, and it was getting deeper and deeper.

Many pictures floated before her eyes.

She saw herself dead and she died disgracefully. Not many people were sad for her.

Her father just sighed, shed two tears, and asked his secretary to contact the funeral home, “Give her a decent funeral.”

The word ‘decent’ meant that he would spend more money, which was what his father had always given her and that was money.

The young stepmother pretended to say a few words of comfort in front of others, but the corners of her mouth tilted where others could not see it. Without Yansheng, the eldest daughter, competing for the family property and irritating her, she was of course happy.

The younger half-brother, a little devil, was so accustomed to it that he would not behave for a long time, and he just ‘snorted’ from his nose at the death of her sister.

To Zhang Yansheng’s surprise, at the time of her funeral, someone really cried for her sadly.

It was her stepmother’s daughter. This younger half-sister had longed to be close to her as a sister since she was a child. It was just that Yansheng hated her, so how could she be friendly with her.

Unexpectedly, the one who cried sadly for her in the end was the only sister she had in the family.

Yansheng felt that her life was too worthless. She had been rebellious because of her annoying stepmother, smoking and drinking, not going to school, fooling around with a group of so-called friends and scumbags, and finally ended up being dead. As a result, it was indeed sorrowful.

She regretted it very much. If she was given another chance, she would never live like this again.

How can I ruin my life for someone I hate?!

Just when she thought of it and felt remorse, she heard a voice coming from a distance, as if separated from time and space.

—”May you take the right path in your next life.”

With this blessing, light broke through the darkness!

Yansheng opened her eyes in the light and went back to six years ago.

At this time, she was only fifteen years old and had just begun to rebel. Lifting her little feet, she would embark on the wrong path of life from now on. 

Hmph! No way!

In this life, no one should think of ruining her life again.