December 12, 2021

Chapter 1: Rebirth (Part 1)

The man’s hands reached under the faucet and the clear tap water came out.

The fingers on both of his hands were slender, the knuckles were strong, and the protruding joints of his wrists had a different kind of exquisiteness.

After washing away the hand soap, he took a piece of paper towel to dry his hands, and then he opened the door. In an instant, there was a loud sound of music, a man and a woman were singing affectionately, and the others were booing, drinking, and rolling dice. It was just that the two people singing were tone deaf and they went off the beat.

The young man leaned against the bathroom door, lowered his head, and lit a cigarette. Looking up, the neon lights in the private room were shining and the straight bridge of his nose cast shadows on his cheeks. He was wearing a white shirt inside the black suit without a tie, but with two buttons opened. He had a slender neck and a sexy Adam’s apple. 

“Yue Song!” when the people saw him come out, they beckoned and called him. “Come on, continue to drink.”

Yue Song had a cigarette between his fingers and drank a few more glasses of wine. Looking at the watch, it was already passed twelve midnight. He stopped the person who was pouring him wine. “I have a meeting in three hours, so I have to go first.”

His friends were dissatisfied. “It’s midnight now.”

Song raised his chin. “My video conference is with country M and it’s afternoon over there now.”

“F*ck, boring!” his friend cursed and laughed. “You’re such a workaholic.”

Song smiled, pinched out the cigarette, and informed everyone, “I’m leaving now.”

He left the private room, closed the soundproof door, and his ears suddenly felt much better.

Jinding KTV was a well-known entertainment club in K City. He and his friends would often visit there. The waiter in the corridor knew him. With a professional smile, he leaned forward and bowed to make way for him. “Young Master Yue.”

Song nodded casually, put one hand in his trouser pocket, and took out a cellphone with his other hand, ready to call his driver.

It was just that he hadn’t dialed the number yet, when the soundproof door of a private room next to him opened without a warning. Someone almost jumped out and grabbed his arm!

He was surprised for a second and next second, he saw a face with a heavy makeup and her hair was dyed in a unorthodox color.

The girl’s eyes were too big. If her overly thick mascara and eyeshadow were removed, she should have a pair of big and beautiful eyes. But the eyeshadow was too heavy and the mascara was too thick, and the makeup effect was too exaggerated, as if her eyes took up one-third area of ​​her face.

“Don’t let her run out!”

He heard someone shouted inside the room. The voice was slightly flustered.

At the same time, someone had hugged the girl’s waist in front of him, and dragged her back to the room.

The girl’s hand that caught his arm was too weak, so she was easily dragged. Her hand slid along his arm all the way to his wrist, and then to his hand, and finally separated from his fingertips.

In fact, it only took two to three seconds from grabbing him to being separated. The girl was dragged inside and the soundproof door was closed immediately. No matter what was inside or what was happening, they were all locked in that door, which had nothing to do with him.

But he believed what he saw. In that two- to three-second short time just now, the girl who was dragged inside seemed to say something to him. There was no sound but her lips that were smeared close to dark brown and black moved, her mouth shape was clearly saying ‘help me!’

Song turned to call the waiter, but the waiter just disappeared in the corner.

He turned his head, stared at the door for a second, and suddenly pushed the door open. Even if she didn’t look like a good girl, he couldn’t ignore it anyway when he saw her asking for help.

The people in the room didn’t expect that someone would come in all of a sudden. The person who was sober was startled, stood up, and shouted, “What are you doing? Who are you?”

There were several people lying on the sofa, unconscious and delirious. As soon as Song saw it, he already knew what was going on in his heart.

But he didn’t care about these people, he only cared about the girl who just asked him for help. The girl was placed on the sofa, weak, and obviously about to lose consciousness.

He walked towards her and turned her over, opened her eyelids, and looked at her pupils, while frowning.

“Motherfucker! Are you deaf?!” A non-mainstream young man with a lot of tattoos came over and pushed him.

Song grabbed the man’s wrist quickly, frowned and said, “She is in a very bad condition, so she must be sent to the hospital!”

Someone rushed over again and threw him a fist. “You should be the one to go to your uncle’s hospital!” 

The waiter delivered the drinks into another private room. When he passed by Room 628, he was almost hit by the door that suddenly opened. It scared him as if his spirit got stuck to the wall.

It was a non-mainstream youth with yellow hair who was banged into the door. He fell to the ground and groaned, unable to get up. He was obviously thrown out.

Immediately afterwards, another tattooed youth was thrown out, rolled on the floor twice, and stopped after hitting the foot of the wall.

Fuck! Are they fighting?

The waiter was about to call the security, but someone came out again. The young man not only has blood on the corners of his mouth, but his suit and shirt were also messed up. He was carrying a girl who seemed to be unconscious in his arms.

The waiter was surprised when he saw this man. “Young Master Yue?”

“Call the police, these people are taking drugs here,” he said in a deep voice. “Also, hurry up and call an ambulance! This girl is dying!” he shouted.