April 7, 2022

Chapter 126: Sail to the Sea

In July, in B City, the night wind is hot.

Zhang Yansheng moved her fingers lightly, feeling as if her fingertips had touched an electric current. A trace of numbness, a trace of itching.

“I especially want to know more now.” She said, “What kind of person are you?” 

Yue Song smiled and said cheerfully: “Don’t worry, our time is long, you can get to know me slowly.”

Xu Lichen Holding four strings of fried scorpions rushed over: “Eat it while it’s hot! Eat it while it’s hot!”

Zhang Heling followed. She hasn’t finished the grilled squid yet, and she is a little anxious: “Wait for me to finish this!”

The charming atmosphere was broken up, and Yue Song said, “Don’t worry, eat slowly.”

The two sisters who returned to the hotel room after having a good time in the evening found that their father had just returned, and he was really drunk.

Zhang Huan was obviously in a good mood, and lay down on the sofa: “Yanyan, your investment is stable!”

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a while, then asked, “What about the thing you said before, the ‘don’t be stimulated by the pleasure of making money’?”

“What are you talking about?” Zhang Huan said angrily, “Dad is not happy because of money.”

Zhang Yansheng: “?”

“Now, I think your uncle and aunt will be so embarrassed to rub us secretly.” Zhang Huan cocked his feet and hummed a little song.

“Sister, I also think this movie will definitely make money!” Zhang Heling also leaned in, “It’s so beautiful! When Big Brother Xu died, I cried!”

“All right.” Zhang Yansheng could only say, “Anyway, if you don’t make money, just keep a low profile.”

Zhang Huan said, “Isn’t that what I taught you?”

The father and daughters returned to K City the next day.

Yue Song failed to go back with them. Knowing that he had gone to B City, old man Yue Qifeng sent him a job, and he had to go to a city further north.

Xu Lichen continued to stay in B City for class, and his mother stayed to accompany him. She also happened to have business to discuss in B City. She went back two days later.

The father and daughters happily returned to their home in K City. Zhang Huan asked Liang Yingying: “Did Shuoshuo cause trouble in the past two days?”

“His skin is dead. He’s going to turn the sky upside down.” Liang Yingying is well versed in speaking skills, “Thanks to me looking after him, I am so exhausted.”

But Zhang Huan felt that it was a matter of course to be a mother to watch her children. So, Liang Yingying’s winks were purely thrown at the blind man.

The movie was immediately released in major cities across the country. On the first day of its release, Zhao Lanfen took Zhang Qi to see it.

At the cinema, the two of them were surprised: “So many people?”

When the movie was finished, there was the same applause in the cinema as at the premiere. When Zhao Lanfen and Zhang Qi walked out, their expressions were not very good.

“Think about it.” Zhao Lanfen said forcibly, “It’s about aliens and a spaceship. It’s such a niche, maybe it’s not really a good one?”

This is really lying with your eyes open.

Sci-fi films have accounted for the vast majority of the films that have been released over the years. Even those that burn brains and many people can’t understand are sold out.

It’s as if they are saying that the movie is only ‘applauded but not admired’. So, audiences who are still interested and enthusiastically discussing the plot in the halls, corridors, and elevators, aren’t they also people?

In short, people only want to believe what they want to believe.

Zhang Qi nodded heavily: “Hmm!”

But how could the reality be as they wished?《Leaving the Solar System》was released half a year in advance in this life, but the trend has not changed, and the box office broke 200-million yuan on the first day!

This first-day data tells people that this will be a big hit movie.

When Zhang Huan knocked on his mother’s office with this data head over heels, his brother happened to be there too.

“Mom, look at this, the movie of Yanyan is going to be a big hit.” Zhang Huan showed off beaming, “Look, the box office on the first day was 200 million yuan!”

The old lady put on her reading glasses and took a look. She was also happy, but she still scolded him: “Look at you, you look breathless. Have you seen the money already?”

“Such a paradox, am I not happy for the child?”

Zhang Yu was surprised: “Is the data so good?”

Zhang Huan strongly recommended: “Brother, if you have time, then you should watch it. To tell you the truth, the movie was really good and made me cry! Hehe cried into a little tearful girl!”

“Oh, can you still cry?” The old lady looked at him from behind her reading glasses, “Then I have to go and see what kind of movie it is. Let’s contribute to Yanyan’s box office!”

Zhang Huan immediately volunteered: “I will accompany you. I’ll watch it for the second time!”

There is a cinema in the building next to them. Zhang Huan immediately asked the secretary to buy tickets for them. Zhang Yu said, “Take me with you.”

As a result, the secretary came to report: “It’s already full today and there are no available tickets at all. Tomorrow, the only available seats are on the corners, and there are no three seats connected together. You can only buy tickets for the day after tomorrow at the earliest.”

“Ooh! It’s so full!” Zhang Huan was even more beaming, “It’s okay, then buy tickets for the day after tomorrow!”

Zhang Yu went home and told his wife, “Yanyan’s movie is quite popular. Mom wanted to go and see it, but she couldn’t buy a ticket, so she had to buy the ticket for the day after tomorrow.”

Zhao Lanfen was lacking in interest and gave a cold “oh”.

Zhang Yu was kind of embarrassed.

Two days later, the mother and sons, who were more than 170 years old in total, went to see the movie together.

The old lady is old, but her mind is not old, so she can quite accept the genre of this story. She also praised the humanity shown in the movie, especially Xu Lichen: “I really didn’t expect that kid Xiao Xu, who looked stingy, did a good job.”

This movie doesn’t need to look at the box office data enthusiastically reported by the media every day. Just look at the full audience in the cinema and the full schedule on the big screen. You can see that it is stable.

Very stable.

The movie was really good-looking. When Zhang Yu came home, he thought about it and decided not to talk to his wife, so as to save her from being unhappy again.

His wife couldn’t think too much. If Yanyan lost, it would be the Zhang family’s money that would be lost.

You really can’t write two words in one stroke.

Yue Song came back on this day. Before he came back, he called Zhang Yansheng and said, “I will go back tomorrow. Lichen will not go back until the class is over two days later. I want to ask if you want to go out to the sea together for a few days and take Xiao He with you.”

Zhang Yansheng also knows that as a high school student, it is indeed inappropriate for her to travel alone with male college students. Age is really a mishap.

Yue Song’s arrangement is just right, and it can be seen that he is an attentive and thoughtful person.

A few days later, Xu Lichen also came back after finishing his acting classes, and he accompanied Yue Song to pick up Zhang Yansheng and her sister.

Zhang Yansheng’s whereabouts have never been reported to Zhang Huan, unless it is useful to Zhang Huan. But because she wanted to take Zhang Heling with her, she still had to inform Zhang Huan about it.

Hearing that Xu Lichen and Yue Song were both going, Zhang Huan thought it was fine for his daughters to go too.

There are quite a few children playing together, as it should be. It’s just that he used to have a stiff relationship with Zhang Yansheng, so he didn’t take her out to meet the children of acquaintances. Now that she is older, she has established a social circle for herself.

This kind of relationship is not that just precious, but really precious. The Xu family and Yue family are very good, and Zhang Huan thinks it’s pretty good that the children can play together.

Zhang Heling is extremely happy! She likes going out with her sister the most! She sat in the back row with Zhang Yansheng, chattering all the way, and Xu Lichen gagged and laughed constantly along the way.

K City is not directly facing the sea, so four people drove for three hours and arrived at the port. All their families have yachts there, so they decided to use the Yue family’s yacht this time.

“Wow, your family has a nice yacht.” Xu Lichen looked around when he got on the boat, “It’s bigger than ours.”

This yacht is not a small one driven by oneself. It is a yacht with full-time helmsman and service personnel, which can hold parties and weddings.

Zhang Heling couldn’t help being curious when she boarded this kind of private yacht for the first time. She asked Zhang Yansheng, “Sister, does our family also have a yacht?”

Zhang Yansheng looked far away, and there were more than a hundred private yachts parked in the port. Zhang Yansheng pointed in one direction and said, “I remember it was parked over there.”

She later used that yacht to hold parties, spending money like water.

Zhang Heling said inexplicably: “Since our family has a yacht, why does Dad never take us up to play?”

This is really a question of the soul.

Because the most useful purpose of that yacht is to bring beauty to Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan is a person who treats himself well.

Zhang Yansheng patted Zhang Heling on the top of her head: “Because you were too young before, we can all come up and play in the summer.”

Zhang Heling became happy.

The yacht sailed into the sea. There are many scattered small islands in this sea area. Some have scattered villagers and some are uninhabited.

Barbecue on the sandy beach of the uninhabited island, pick up shells, catch small crabs, and relax.

Yue Song’s yacht also has brand new children’s diving suits, which were specially prepared for Zhang Heling at first glance. Although Zhang Heling can swim and dive, Yue Song assigned a staff member to keep an eye on her. The staff member is a professional lifeguard and has a diving instructor certificate.

The care is evident.

But when Yue Song took Zhang Heling to go fishing in a rubber dinghy, Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen were on the deck.

The sky is blue, the sea breeze is cool, and seagulls are circling in the sky, chirping.

In such a comfortable environment, Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen sat next to each other… doing their homework.

“High school students in public schools are really hard working! There is a lot of homework that is scary.” Zhang Heling let out a big sigh, “When we went to B City, my sister also brought her homework. My dad felt sorry for her and said that she could make up for it once we go back, but my sister insists on writing every day!”

“Your sister is a very willful person.” Yue Song praised with a smile, “You will be like her in the future.”

“No, my sister has to inherit the family business, so she needs to work hard. I don’t need it.” Zhang Heling said naturally.

Yue Song was a little surprised: “Do you still know about inheriting the family business at a young age?”

Zhang Heling paused.

In fact, in the past, Liang Yingying didn’t care about her children’s studies. The most she said was: “You all have money that you can’t spend for a lifetime, and it’s all worth it.”

But after Zhang Yansheng took 30 million yuan to invest, Liang Yingying felt a sense of crisis and began to change her words. She often grabbed Zhang Shuocheng’s ears and said, “Study hard, otherwise Zhang Yansheng will inherit the family business!”

Zhang Heling knew that this was not good, so she paused and said unnaturally: “I just heard it from my dad.”

How could the change in the child’s expression and tone deceive Yue Song? Thinking of the situation in Zhang Yansheng’s family, he knew that although it seemed that she and her sister were getting along well, there must be some discord and rivalry between her and her stepmother.

She herself said that she’s not that useless, so she won’t let a stepmother abused her.

It can be seen that because of her strength, her stepmother can’t bully her.

But it’s not that she doesn’t want to be bullied.

Yue Song looked at the deep sea, feeling distressed.

On the yacht, Zhang Yansheng was losing her temper with Xu Lichen: “You haven’t written for so many days?”

Xu Lichen scratched his head: “That’s weird! I obviously remember that I didn’t write only for two or three days. How could it be so much worse? Weird, so weird! Could it be that there is a problem with my memory?”

That evening, Yue Song’s yacht received a wireless call, and someone was planning to organize a yacht party.

Many yachts drive to a certain sea area and then connect to each other, so everyone can move around among the yachts at will.

The staff came holding the communicator to ask for instructions on whether they would like to participate.

Before Yue Song spoke, Zhang Yansheng took it and answered back: “Please confirm what level it is? We have children here.”

It’s just that the doorway and connotation inside are obviously clear.

Xu Lichen hadn’t gotten started yet, and Zhang Heling didn’t understand anything at all.

Only Yue Song’s eyes became complicated.

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