April 30, 2022

Chapter 149: Final Chapter

Yue Song occasionally asked, “Is there something wrong with your ex-stepmother?”

“Everything is okay, she’s just very naive.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I heard Hehe said that she sold her car because she couldn’t afford to maintain it anyway. Now, my dad gives her 20,000-yuan living expenses a month, and her son and daughter give her another 10,000 yuan. Thirty thousand yuan a month is enough to catch up with the salary of the company’s middle and senior management, and there is no need to go from 9 to 5 and be like a 996. If she can’t live with that, then no one can live anymore.”

Yue Song nodded: “Uncle Zhang is still a very tolerant person.”

Zhang Yansheng raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

Yue Song leisurely said: “I can’t forgive betrayal.”

“What a coincidence.” Zhang Yansheng raised his chin with her index finger, “Neither can I.”

Yue Song grabbed her hand, the corners of her mouth curled up.

But seeing that he seemed to have something to say, Zhang Yansheng was very alert, and leaned over to seal it with a kiss, blocking what he wanted to say.

Yue Song paused and grabbed the back of her head.

After a few days at work in the company, he became very busy, and old man Yue walked into Yue Song’s office with his hands behind his back.

Yue Song didn’t even lift his eyelids.

Old man Yue circled Yue Song’s desk and sighed for a long time.

Yue Song’s eyelids twitched.

Sure enough, old man Yue said with a grudge: “The marketing department boss has his grandson in his arms, and he was so happy that he gave candies to everyone.”

The old man looked up to the sky and sighed, “I don’t know when I can hold a baby?”

Yue Song pushed aside the chair, stood up, and opened his arms: “Come here.”

Old man Yue said angrily: “Who wants to hug you?!”

“Who else would you want to hug?” Yue Song said, “My parents won’t be able to give birth anymore.”

The old man had a heartache when he mentioned the two people who were spoiled by their families.

They both refuse to work and refuse to have more children! What purpose do they have?!

The old man hummed: “I want to hug my great-grandson!”

Yue Song sat back and continued to work: “People should know how to be happy, satisfied, and content. Others have just hugged their grandchildren, but you have hugged yours more than 20 years ago. Others envy you and that’s enough. Don’t keep thinking about your great-grandchildren.”

Old man Yue knocked on the table: “You are 25 and Yansheng is 21. So, that’s okay, both of you are at legal age now.”

“Legal”, the old man has been talking to Yue Song since Zhang Yansheng turned 20 years old. It’s just that Yue Song warned him severely, so he didn’t dare to talk in front of Zhang Yansheng.

The girl had a plan at first glance, but she wouldn’t say it to him. Besides, the girl is a little weird, the old man can’t understand any of them, and they are not even married. The girl from the Xue family was even more desperate. She went abroad to buy sperm to give birth to a child, and she didn’t even know who the child’s father was.

The old man can’t understand this world. Young people don’t know what they are thinking. He’s really old, so old.

He has no choice but to talk to his grandson. But this kid is such a disappointment, he can’t even handle his girlfriend.

Good for nothing!

Xu Lichen suddenly called Zhang Yansheng one day: “Do you know who Cai Yan is?”

This name is really old. Zhang Yansheng has not mixed with them in this life, but she still remembers everyone’s name.

“I know her.” She said, “She’s from Class 8 at Yi High School, together with Wang Qian and Zou Zihan.”

“Wow, you know so well, I almost don’t remember this girl.” Xu Lichen said, “But you actually still know her.”

Xu Lichen just talks a lot of nonsense. Zhang Yansheng asked, “What happened to her?”

Xu Lichen said: “Isn’t my film going to be released during the Spring Festival soon? My buddy in Class 8 is the one I asked about Wang Qian before. When he saw it, he remembered me and told me a gossip. But this all happened last year.”

“Cai Yan, she was the one who took the lead in squeezing out Wang Qian. Then, coincidentally, she went abroad to study and was in the same city as Wang Qian. Although they do not attend the same school, the Chinese circle is so big that they go round and round, and they still run into each other in the end.” He said.

Zhang Yansheng guessed it: “Wang Qian retaliated against Cai Yan?”

“Hahaha, guess how she retaliated? She snatched Cai Yan’s boyfriend. Hahahaha.” Xu Lichen just listened to it as a joke, “But then again, it was many years ago. I calculated that one, two, three, four, five, six, it was all f*cking six years ago. This woman is so vengeful. In fact, you said that they were all kids back when we were in high school. In retrospect, they were all stupid.”

“That’s right.” Zhang Yansheng agreed very much, “Especially you.”

Xu Lichen: “…Hey!”

Six years have passed, and time flies so fast.

When Yue Song asked Zhang Yansheng what plans she had for her birthday this year, Zhang Yansheng said, “I don’t have a plan, I just hope to live in peace and well this year.”

Yue Song smiled inexplicably and rubbed her head: “Which year didn’t you live in peace and well?”

Zhang Yansheng just smiled.

In May, Zhang Yansheng’s newly hired private investigator handed over the tracked photos of Huang Zhe to her.

Zhang Yansheng also asked someone to follow Huang Zhe last year, but Huang Zhe in this year’s photos has become different from last year. Compared with three years ago, the young man who was originally full of flesh and blood has become sunken eye sockets, his cheeks have become significantly thinner, and he has begun to suck his cheeks. Just looking at the photos, she felt that the vitality in his body seemed to have been swallowed up by something.

Zhang Yansheng showed the photos to Yue Song, and Yue Song sighed: “Everything else is fine, drugs are absolutely untouchable.”

He asked again: “Is now the right time?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Almost there.”

Yue Song stared at her: “You are the most patient of the young girls I have ever met.”

Zhang Yansheng tilted her head slightly: “Do you think I’m terrible?”

“No.” Yue Song smiled, “It only shows that you have clear goals and firm execution.”

He said: “This is very good.”

Huang Zhe drove to a party. He glanced at the bag placed on the co-pilot, thinking that he would make a fortune at the party later, and couldn’t help but smile.

On the way to the suburban villa, a checkpoint was set up to check for drunk driving.

Huang Zhe was not worried because he did not drink alcohol. Honestly, he got out of the car to blow his breath at the request of the traffic police officer, but was surrounded by several ‘traffic police’ officers with extremely sharp eyes. By the time Huang Zhe noticed something was wrong, he was already under their control.

The police hardly had to search the car, because the bag was so big and placed on the co-pilot. Anti-drug police dogs were not even used.

Huang Zhe was reported to be a drug dealer by an anonymous phone call, and the police seized him in one fell swoop. He also followed the trail and arrested a series of accomplices.

The weight of the drugs found has passed the line. In this country with extremely strict drug restrictions, it has reached the standard of the death penalty.

Huang Zhe was quickly sentenced to death, with no room for probation.


In October, the weather got cold.

One day, Yue Song asked Zhang Yansheng, “There will be a party the day after tomorrow, would you like to go with me?”

Zhang Yansheng’s eyes were slightly strange: “The day after tomorrow?” She paused, actually she didn’t need to ask, but she still asked, “Where?”

“Jinding.” Yue Song said.

After speaking, he suddenly realized something and was a little surprised: “Have you never been to Jinding? I don’t seem to have heard you mention it once.”

Jinding is a well-known entertainment club that has emerged in K City in recent years. It is a bit strange that young people like Zhang Yansheng have never set foot there.

Of course, Yue Song didn’t know that Zhang Yansheng had deliberately avoided this place since Jinding opened.

Zhang Yansheng said calmly: “Well, I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but it’s time to go and have a look.”

On a specific day of the year, Zhang Yansheng accompanied Yue Song to that party.

Playing until 12 o’clock in the morning, Yue Song was about to leave: “I have a scheduled video conference with the clients of M Country. It is the afternoon on their side now.”

He took Zhang Yansheng’s hand and left.

In the corridor, the staff recognized this SVIP customer and bowed: “Young Master Yue.”

Yue Song nodded, took Zhang Yansheng’s hand and continued to walk, but felt that Zhang Yansheng’s footsteps seemed to be getting slower and slower, and it was more and more laborious to pull her away. Yue Song glanced at her strangely, and asked with concern, “Are you tired?”

Zhang Yansheng shook her head.

When passing through Private Room 628, the door suddenly opened.

A girl rushed out and stretched out her hand to Zhang Yansheng: “Save me…”

A face with heavy makeup and exquisite hair color.

The good-looking face is completely covered by overly thick makeup, so you can’t see the original appearance, nor can you see the traces left on the face by the chaos of life in the morning and evening.

“Save me…”

The girl stretched out her hand and asked for help feebly.

Zhang Yansheng stared at her.

The fingertips with black nails were wiped out the moment they touched Zhang Yansheng.

That Zhang Yansheng no longer exists, there is only this Zhang Yansheng in the world now.

Yue Song was grabbed by Zhang Yansheng who stopped suddenly. He felt her hand squeeze his hand tightly.

After several years of dating, Yue Song had long known that Zhang Yansheng was a strange woman. With her exertion, Yue Song took a breath and turned to look at her. But she saw her looking at the door of Private Room 628.

The door of the room opened and a middle-aged man came out. Because as soon as he opened the door, he faced a girl with cold eyebrows, and he couldn’t help being surprised.

Only at the second glance did he see Yue Song holding hands with her. He was handsome, cold, and noble.

It’s a perfect match. The middle-aged man admired, then staggered away with a beer belly.

The door of Private Room 628 bounced back and closed.

“What’s wrong?” Yue Song asked.

Zhang Yansheng turned her head and let out a long sigh of relief: “I thought I saw someone I knew, but I was wrong.”

“Oh. Let’s go then.” Yue Song raised his hand and glanced at his watch, “Let’s go back and take a bath first, my body smells full of smoke.”

After the video conference, Yue Song thought Zhang Yansheng was asleep, but found that she was not in bed.

He looked for her strangely and found her on the terrace.

“Aren’t you cold? The wind is blowing here.” He opened the floor-to-ceiling glass door and asked with a smile.

The night breeze in October was very cold, but Zhang Yansheng felt very comfortable. She still has wine at hand.

She poured Yue Song a glass: “Come on, have a drink.”

Yue Song smiled and walked over: “You are in such good spirits? Did something great happen?”

Zhang Yansheng handed him the glass, put her fingers together, pointed from her forehead to the brilliant night sky of the Milky Way, and announced loudly: “Starting from today, I am in line with time.”

The light in her eyes was amazing, and the smile at the corner of her mouth was incomprehensible.

Yue Song sneered: “What a stupid thing to say.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her glass: “Cheers!”

Yue Song asked, “What are you celebrating?”

Zhang Yansheng smiled: “My life. Me and you.”

“Okay.” Yue Song gladly clicked his glass with her, “It is indeed worth a drink.”

After drinking, she put down the glass, Zhang Yansheng propped the railing with both hands and said: “Come and see.”

Yue Song also put down his glass cup, walked up to Zhang Yansheng, and put his arms around her: “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at this world.” Zhang Yansheng stretched her arms and said in a loud voice, “It’s so big!”

Although it was already past 4 o’clock in the morning, the landscape lights of the city stayed on all night. Overlooking from Yue Song’s high-rise hidden villa, the sky is wide and the city is bright.

Zhang Yansheng said, “But some people, trapped in very small things, can’t break free, and can’t see how big the world is. Her life ended suddenly and she was full of remorse before she died.”

“That must be a pity.” Yue Song said.

He glanced at the night view in front of him again. Although it was bright and brilliant, it was… just the daily scenery he would see every day.

It’s very ordinary, extremely ordinary.

“Have you gone crazy after being drunk?” He kissed the top of Zhang Yansheng’s head, “Let’s go inside, go to bed.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know why, but she seemed very happy, leaning on his shoulder, and smiling.

Yue Song was helpless, so he leaned over and bent her legs, he hugged her sideways and picked her up.

Zhang Yansheng smiled: “You hugged me like this again.”

Yue Song raised his eyebrows, what did she mean by ‘again’?

He smiled helplessly and scolded: “You’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.” Zhang Yansheng put her arms around his neck and looked at him with bright eyes.

Yue Song hugged her like this night in this life, but there was no blood on his cheeks, and his brows frowned without worry.

His brows and eyes were smiling, and the only thing that didn’t change was his gentleness.

In a warm room, on a soft bed, it is transmitted to the skin through the fingertips.

On this special day in this life, Zhang Yansheng clasped the fingers of the hands who held her in the previous life.

With a gentle lover and hot body temperature, the rhythm of life is like a tide.

The stars faded, and the sky turned white as a fish maw.

It’s a new day in this life.