April 29, 2022

Chapter 148: Obedient

The girl in the third year of middle school already has the silhouette of a big girl.

Although she loved to imitate Zhang Yansheng since she was a child and portray a look of like a royal sister; but the older she gets, the less royal sister she becomes. Because Zhang Yansheng’s eyebrows and eyes are naturally heroic, while Zhang Heling is born soft and beautiful, clean and fresh.

The more she grows up, the more distinct this difference is visible.

When Zhang Yansheng got home, Zhang Heling was going down to the first floor to change the ice pack and apply it to her face. She was stunned when she saw her sister, so she turned around and fled!

“Stop right there!” Zhang Yansheng shouted.

Zhang Heling has grown up now and she is so courageous that she dared to disobey her sister’s orders. She thumped and fled to the second floor, trying to escape back to her room and close the door. However, Zhang Yansheng headed upstairs so fast and caught up. She was about to kick the door open, but thought that the door couldn’t be involved in this.

Zhang Yansheng pushed the door in, pinched her chin, removed the hands that’s covering her face to take a good look.

There is a clear slap mark on her fair cheek.

Zhang Yansheng’s fire rushed up: “She did this?”

Zhang Heling bit her lip.

Zhang Yansheng let go of her, turned around, and walked out.

Zhang Heling hugged her: “Sister! Sister! You, don’t go… sister! Just let me handle it! Sister!”

After all, they have a mother and daughter relationship. Zhang Yansheng stopped and looked back, then she asked her, “Why did she hit you? Why did she go to your school and find you?”

Zhang Heling lowered her eyes: “She asked me for money.”

Twenty thousand yuan could not support Liang Yingying’s life at all.

After the divorce, Liang Yingying discovered that she couldn’t afford to keep her Ferrari at all. She can’t afford her previous life at all.

Many people can’t bear this kind of fall. For example, Father Xu’s white moonlight jumped off the building when she experienced this situation for the second time in her life.

Liang Yingying can’t jump off a building. She also has two children who were born in a wealthy family!

“Did you give her money?” Zhang Yansheng asked.

Zhang Heling nodded and admitted: “She has looked for me before and I promised to give her 10,000 yuan a month.”

Zhang Yansheng sneered at her: “Why don’t you just be generous and give her all your 50,000-yuan pocket money every month.”

“That won’t work.” Zhang Heling lowered her eyes and said, “She won’t be satisfied, so I have to control the amount.”

These words finally calmed Zhang Yansheng’s anger.

Zhang Yansheng understood intellectually that Zhang Heling is Liang Yingying’s biological child, and it was impossible for her to ignore Liang Yingying completely. Blood ties will never disappear.

Liang Yingying had a bad time, and it’s natural for Zhang Heling to help her a little bit.

She is able to know how to control the amount of money, which would not allow Liang Yingying to ask more, so Zhang Yansheng calmed down half of her anger.

There was a noise at the door, she looked back, and Zhang Shuocheng poked his head against the door frame.

Zhang Shuocheng is already 1.76 meters tall on the first day of this year. Just like in her previous life, the boss’ stature can’t be hidden, so he’s particularly ridiculous to do such sneaky things.

But unlike in her previous life, Zhang Shuocheng, who has entered puberty in this life, has not gotten any reports of molestation of female classmates or harassment of female teachers.

On the contrary, under the supervision of his two sisters over the years, his life has turned around without knowing how, and he has gone from being a naughty boy to being a geek all the way.

His room is full of handheld computers and various types of game consoles. He has four or five laptops alone, which are often turned on at the same time. Zhang Yansheng didn’t know what he was actually doing.

Anyway, no matter what he does, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t commit adultery, break the law, and commit a crime.

Zhang Yansheng just left him alone, and did not restrain him in this regard.

“Come in!” Zhang Yansheng shouted.

Zhang Shuocheng’s fear of her was cultivated from an early age. Now that he is older, he still shrinks when he sees her as he did when he was a child. He came in obediently with his eyebrows drooping.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “You just watched your sister get beaten?”

“I didn’t!” Zhang Shuocheng said quickly, “I didn’t expect her to do it either. It was very sudden! Then my sister pushed her down! She got up and wanted to fight back, but I grabbed her and dragged her away!”

It’s really embarrassing to cause such a scene in front of the school.

Liang Yingying cursed and said that Zhang Heling was a white-eyed wolf and gave birth to her for nothing. She also scolded her as a broom star, saying that if she hadn’t called the police blindly, she wouldn’t have fallen to where she is today.

The students all pointed their fingers at them, and Zhang Shuocheng couldn’t wait to get into the cracks in the ground.

Hearing Zhang Shuocheng’s narration, Zhang Yansheng looked at Zhang Heling.

Zhang Heling bit her lip, but said firmly: “It’s not my fault. She divorced because she did something wrong, not because I called the police.”

Zhang Heling has really grown up and can distinguish between right and wrong. She no longer has the appearance of being brainwashed by Liang Yingying when she was a child and just accepts the unfair treatment she suffered as a matter of course.

Zhang Yansheng looked at Zhang Shuocheng again.

Zhang Shuocheng put his hand in his trouser pocket and drooped his head, obviously he had no objection as well.

On the day of the incident, he hid on the stairs and watched the bodyguards beat Driver Zhou with his own eyes. Liang Yingying knelt down and begged for mercy, and Zhang Huan stood there with his hands on his waist, while he cursed them.

He was very impressed. It made him realize that irreversible changes have taken place in this family.

The person who was most accustomed to him and doted on him made a mistake and got out of this house.

“Sister, leave it alone.” Zhang Heling said, “Dad already divorced her, so she has nothing to do with you anymore. Just let me and Shuoshuo handle it.”

Seeing Zhang Yansheng looking at her, she quickly added: “I was unprepared today, so I was beaten by her. I wouldn’t let her hit me a second time!”

She understands Zhang Yansheng very well, and her sister can’t see her being bullied.

When people grow up, they have to face some things by themselves after all.

Zhang Yansheng held his arms, looked at the two of them, and finally nodded and agreed: “Okay, I won’t interfere in this matter. You two handle it yourselves.”

Zhang Heling nodded quickly and kicked Zhang Shuocheng. Zhang Shuocheng was sluggish, and also let out an “um”.

“Then I’m leaving.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Put an icepack on your face again. If the swelling doesn’t disappear tomorrow, then don’t go to school. It looks ugly.”

Zhang Heling asked, “Are you not staying at home today?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “I still have something to do.”

Zhang Yansheng turned around and went downstairs.

In front of Zhang Heling, she said that she would not intervene, but when she got in the car, she called Zhang Huan’s secretary: “Give me Liang Yingying’s address.”

Liang Yingying was called out to open the door to get the delivery. She also checked and it was true that there was a delivery guy outside.

Who knew that when she opened the door, she only saw the back of the delivery guy who had escaped, and it was Zhang Yansheng who was standing blocking the door?

Liang Yingying was so scared that she closed the door on the spot. As soon as Zhang Yansheng kicked, Liang Yingying felt a strong force coming from the door, causing her to stagger back.

Zhang Yansheng stepped in, without saying a word, swung her arm, slapped Liang Yingying in the face, and swung Liang Yingying to the ground.

“You! What are you doing?!” Liang Yingying was dizzy and crawled backwards twice while lying on the ground.

“This slap is to get back for Hehe.” Zhang Yansheng walked over and squatted down, staring at her, “Liang Yingying, who give you the courage to hit Zhang Heling?”

“She, she was born to me! I am her mother!” Liang Yingying said crying.

What’s wrong, I can’t even beat my own children anymore?

“Apart from giving birth to her, have you ever spent a penny to raise her?” Zhang Yansheng said, “Let me tell you clearly, Zhang Heling is a child of the Zhang family, and if you dare to touch her hair, I will return it tenfold.”

“Do you think that the small amount of money is not enough for you to spend? So, you dared to beat Zhang Heling?” She said, “You are so funny. My dad is giving you money now and that is for the sake of giving birth to Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng. Without them, my dad wouldn’t give you a dime!” 

“Why? Don’t I deserve some credits for my hard work? Zhang Huan only sends me 20,000 yuan a month. How the hell can I survive on that?” Liang Yingying cried, “I don’t care, Zhang Huan has to add money to me. If he doesn’t give me more, I’ll go to school to make trouble with Zhang He…”

Bang! Zhang Yansheng pressed Liang Yingying’s head and slammed it to the floor!

She controlled her power with precision, Liang Yingying would not bleed, but it was enough to make her dazed while seeing the gold stars, and couldn’t get up from lying on the ground.

“I know what you think.” Zhang Yansheng sneered, “Do you think you are barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes? You are really so funny. You have been with my dad for more than 10 years, but you haven’t seen through what kind of person he is? Seeing him as someone who usually smiles and gives you money to spend, so you think he is a kind person?”

“He gave you a meal ticket for the sake of Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng. Now that Zhang Heling is hiding it for you, you would rather let him know that you are tossing his children for money? You can try it and see if he will make you change from barefoot to footless.”

Zhang Huan’s face turned ruthless, Liang Yingying had seen it before.

This man is really nice when he is good, he is not stingy at all, and he spends a lot of money on her. But when he turned his face, he was really ruthless and he didn’t remember any past affection.

It just depends on whether you stepped on his bottom line.

Liang Yingying was scared.

Zhang Yansheng stood up.

“Zhang Heling thinks you are a mistress and she is really ashamed of it.” She said coldly, “That’s good, so just let her think that way. It is also a decent identity for you.”

“But don’t let her know that her mother is someone who sells herself for money.”

“After all, she’s your own daughter, so don’t let her be unable to lift her head for the rest of her life.”

Zhang Yansheng slammed the door and left, and Liang Yingying’s sobbing voice faintly came from the room.

After Zhang Yansheng left Zhang’s house, Zhang Shuocheng returned to his room.

Just now, in Zhang Heling’s room, he heard her say that she couldn’t give Liang Yingying too much money. So, he was a little worried.

Because Liang Yingying also asked him for money and he directly gave his card to her.

Zhang Shuocheng didn’t feel anything at the time.

He is different from Zhang Heling. Unlike Zhang Heling, he had once tasted what he wanted but couldn’t get, and under Zhang Yansheng’s guidance, he managed his own small vault and had a very clear understanding of money.

Zhang Shuocheng has never been treated badly by Liang Yingying. He has never lacked money for whatever he wants since he was a child.

So, when Liang Yingying asked for it, he gave her his card.

After all, she is his own mother.

But when he heard Zhang Heling’s words today, he was a little uneasy, and he comforted himself that it should be nothing.

This self-comfort was shattered when he failed to recharge in a game one day.

The recharge failed several times. He checked his online banking and found that… all the money in his card was gone.

Zhang Shuocheng was dumbfounded, there were obviously hundreds of thousands of yuan on his account.

Zhang Shuocheng finally confessed to Zhang Heling.

Zhang Heling was so angry: “How can you give her your card?”

Zhang Heling had already asked Liang Yingying out to talk, and promised that she and Zhang Shuocheng would give her 10,000 yuan each month. But Liang Yingying didn’t mention that she had already taken Zhang Shuocheng’s bank card.

Zhang Shuocheng muttered: “Isn’t she our own mother?”

Zhang Heling sighed: “She is our mother, but don’t you know what kind of person she is?”

Zhang Shuocheng was dumbfounded.

“She has to adapt first.” Zhang Heling said, “Once she gets used to it and when I go to high school and have more pocket money, I can give her more. But you can’t give her more right now, otherwise she will never feel that it is not enough.”

Zhang Heling took Zhang Shuocheng to report the loss of the card and processed another one.

That card is Zhang Shuocheng’s pocket money card. In the past, Zhang Yansheng managed Zhang Heling’s pocket money. When she grew up, Zhang Heling managed Zhang Shuocheng’s pocket money.

Zhang Huan liked this model of controlling the big and the small very much, and handed over all the financial power of pocket money to his daughters.

Zhang Heling was studious and gave Zhang Shuocheng pocket money a little bit, and he managed it well.

On the day when the pocket money was issued for the second month, Liang Yingying found nothing on the card and immediately called Zhang Shuocheng.

“My sister said that I can’t give you the card.” Zhang Shuocheng said.

Liang Yingying was so angry: “Zhang Yansheng?”

“No, it’s my second sister.” Zhang Shuocheng said, “I will obey my sister.”