February 6, 2022

Chapter 66: Accept a Friend Request

Shuocheng was clueless.

Yansheng suddenly found that it was really difficult to make him understand too much because he was a child.

She had never realized as clearly as she did today that Shuocheng was really just a child.

He was still young.

“Shuocheng, don’t be afraid. I won’t hit you today,” Yansheng promised. “I want to reason with you today because reasoning is far more important than hitting you.”

“You’re really not going to hit me?” Shuocheng looked at her with his eyes showing that he was not convinced.

Yansheng nodded. “Yes, I won’t hit you.”

Shuocheng was greatly relieved.

Yansheng said, “Listen carefully to what I’m going to say.”

Shuocheng tightened his body as if standing at attention. “I’m listening!”

“Listen carefully, you must remember what I’m going to say today. For me, Yansheng, your eldest sister,” Yansheng said, “there is a line in my heart that you must not cross.”

Then, Yansheng looked around.

The most indispensable thing in school was chalk. Sure enough, in a corner, she saw a piece of chalk. Yansheng walked over to pick it up, returned to Shuocheng, squatted down, and drew a circle around his feet.

She put Shuocheng in a circle.

“Like this line, it’s a circle, which encircles you. Inside this circle is yourself and outside are other people.

“You can do whatever you want within this circle and I won’t care even if you want to stab yourself with a knife.

“But remember that if you go out of this circle, then you must not hurt others.

“Remember, as long as others don’t take the initiative to hurt you and make you have to defend yourself, you can’t hurt them, especially girls.”

Yansheng squatted there and looked into Shuocheng’s eyes.

He also had some baby fat, a bun face, and big eyes, which were jet black and bright.

Yansheng’s hand clasped the top of the little bun’s head. “If you don’t hurt others, then I would not concern myself about you. However, if you dare to hurt others like this again…”

His sister’s hand slid down, stroked his cheek, and slid onto his thin neck.

Shuocheng felt that his throat was being strangled, and the fear of not being able to breath made his scalp numb.

“Then I won’t let you go.” Yansheng gently squeezed the child’s thin neck. “Remember that I, your eldest sister, am not afraid of anything.”

She looked at him as if she wanted to kill him. This was much more frightening than spanking.

Shuocheng’s fear of Yansheng reached its climax at this moment. What Yansheng said was deeply engraved in his mind.

But just now, when she told him about the boy who liked her, she had a smile on her lips.

This made Shuocheng’s memory gradually confused later when he grew up. When he recalled the time when his eldest sister almost strangled him when he was in elementary, he couldn’t remember whether she was fierce or gentle at that time.

But he remembered what she said—don’t hurt others, especially girls.

Huan went in and found that the girl’s mother had arrived first and was comforting the crying little girl.

He was very embarrassed. The homeroom teacher lectured him in front of the little girl’s very angry mother. He sincerely apologized to them.

The teacher finally finished the counseling. Compared with Shuocheng’s mother, she felt that Shuocheng’s father was at least a reasonable person. She said, “Wait a minute, I will ask Shuocheng to come in.”

She opened the door and called Shuocheng.

The sister who looked like a high school student was leaning her back against the wall and was looking at her phone. Shuocheng was a little bit younger, squatting at her feet, also leaning against the wall, as if a little dumbfounded.

When Yansheng heard the teacher, she put away her phone and gave Shuocheng a soft kick. Shuocheng hurriedly stood up and walked towards the office.

Yansheng paused briefly and followed them in.

“Brat! Apologize to the little girl!” Huan was also furious at being lectured by the teacher like a grandson. Due to his anger, he slapped Shuocheng’s head.

Yansheng glanced at him coldly.

Huan withdrew his hand uncomfortably.

The little girl was really pretty, white and clean, with bright eyes. Half of her hair was loose and half was tied up. Shuocheng, this little brat, used scissors to cut one of her braids. When half of her hair was cut, it turned into this weird look with half short and half long hair. Just now, her mother coaxed and comforted her to tie up her longer hair.

The little girl’s eyes were red which showed that she cried. Seeing Shuocheng come in, her mouth was deflated and her small face bulged. She became angry again but tried hard not to cry.

Yansheng found that she had no resistance to this kind of pretty and cute little girl. She regretted that she promised Shuocheng not to beat him up. Seeing the aggrieved appearance of the little girl, she wanted to beat him up on the spot.

Yansheng gave Shuocheng a push, so Shuocheng raised his head and walked toward the little girl.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have cut your hair. I know I was wrong. Can you forgive me?” he said in one breath.

The little girl’s mouth was still deflated and there were tears in her eyes again. “Why do you want to cut my hair?”

Shuocheng finally took a breath. “I think you look good, so I want you to like me.”

The little girl asked, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

Shuocheng nodded. “Hmm! You are the prettiest in the class! Can you forgive me?”

The little girl sniffed and said, “Okay, I forgive you.”

Shuocheng looked happy and asked, “I like you, so can you like me too?”

The little girl didn’t answer immediately. Her good-looking brows frowned and she stared at Shuocheng with some confusion. She was really considering whether she wanted to like him.

Then, Shuocheng hurriedly promised, “I will never bully you again. My sister taught me a lesson just now. She said that I can’t bully girls. If someone bullies you in the future, I will protect you!”

The little girl asked, “Really?”

“It’s true! If you don’t believe me, then let’s pinky swear!” Shuocheng stretched out his little finger.

The little girl seemed to be moved and she really hooked her little finger with him. “If you don’t bully me, then I’ll like you.”

Huan, the little girl’s mother, and the homeroom teacher were all stunned.

This was not exactly what they had expected.

Originally, the little girl’s mother was very distressed for her daughter and she was still very angry when Shuocheng came in. In the end, she didn’t expect that these two kids would make her lose her temper more. However, she wanted to set a good example for her child. She could only touch her daughter’s head and said to Shuocheng in a deep tone, “That’s a deal then, you can’t bully Coco anymore.”

At this time, Shuocheng suddenly regained his spirit and energy back, like he was resurrected with blood. “I promise!” Otherwise, my sister might strangle me to death.

The matter was finally settled with apologies from Huan and Shuocheng.

They didn’t leave right away but asked Shuocheng to go back and attend the remaining half of his class, and then picked up Heling so they could all go home together.

Because there were four of them now, Huan opened the car door and wanted to sit in the front passenger seat, but Yansheng rushed in and grabbed the seat. She sat down calmly and only looked forward.

Huan was speechless.

He had to sit in the back with the two kids and lectured Shuocheng all the way home. He was like a monk reciting the scriptures, which made Shuocheng feel drowsy.

When they got home, Yansheng was still angry for delaying her class, mainly because it was too much trouble to make up the notes.

She grabbed her schoolbag and went upstairs. After dropping her bag, she wanted to send a message to their class chat group and ask for today’s notes.

She opened her phone and saw a friend request notification. She clicked on it and found that it was from Zhiyuan.

Elementary school students would get out of school early and high school classes should not be over at this time. She wondered why Zhiyuan added her as a friend at this time.

Anyway, Yansheng clicked to accept it.

She threw down her phone and changed into her home clothes, and then picked up her phone again and found that Zhiyuan had sent her several messages. He actually sent her all the notes she wanted to ask for, even though she hadn’t asked for them in the chat group yet.

Zhiyuan: Is everything okay at home? I’ll send you all the notes you missed today, just copy them. I’ll also send you our homework after school.

Wow, he’s very proactive.

Yansheng pursed her lips and she finally understood the boy’s feelings for her. It was certainly not because he liked her, but there was already a bit of affection.

For Yansheng, this was not good. It would divide the champion’s mind and heart, and it would definitely drag down his academic performance, which was a serious sin.

Yansheng simply replied with the words ‘thank you’.

Zhiyuan quickly replied with a blushing smiley emoji.

Yansheng put her phone on the table and did not reply anymore.

Making up notes and doing homework in the evening was just another day in the life of high school students. Compared with partying and drinking, this kind of life was simple or even monotonous, but it made one’s heart calm.

Before going to bed, Yansheng took a shower, dried her hair, sat cross-legged on the bed, picked up her phone, and clicked on the friend application page.

Below Zhiyuan’s notification, there was also another friend request notification from a while ago—Lichen. She didn’t know where he got her phone number so he could send her a friend request. However, Yansheng just kept it there and ignored it.

Thinking about it, Lichen, Qian, and her were actually still young at that time.

The difference between now was that they were arrogant, scheming, and stupid at that time.

After all, they were young.

Yansheng wondered if the twenty-one-year-old her in the past life really matured.

She stared at her phone for a moment and then accepted Lichen’s friend request.

It was not too late yet and with her understanding of Lichen, she knew that he hadn’t fallen asleep at this time. She thought that if she accepted his friend request, then he would definitely send her a message.

But her phone didn’t ring until she fell asleep.

Lichen turned on his phone to check some messages at night and saw that Yansheng had accepted his friend request.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He clicked on the dialogue interface of Yansheng and what he could see was the automatic message of the system: I accepted your friend request and we can now start chatting.

He stared at the message for a long time, turned off the screen, then threw the phone aside, and picked up a pen.

If Yansheng could see him now, she would be so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth.

Lichen was actually studying with the Wang Houxiong.1王后雄 – Wang Houxiong – teaching/study material for college entrance examination

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