January 13, 2022

Chapter 42: A Deal

Liang Yingying got up on Monday morning and found that the house was very quiet. When she went downstairs, she couldn’t see anyone.

Liang Yingying asked an aunt strangely: “Where are the children?”

The aunt covered her mouth and smiled: “They’re all in the basement. Their mighty machine is here and is being installed. Hehe and Shuoshuo were so excited.”

Oh, it’s the VR room that Zhang Yansheng told them.

Because of her blindly making a scene, Zhang Huan gave her the collection room. The two little ones also followed with excitement.

Liang Yingying curled her lips.

While eating her breakfast, she thought to herself that Zhang Yansheng had changed a lot recently since she made a bad move and strangled her neck last time. She didn’t quarrel with her much, but got along with the two younger ones a lot instead.

Liang Yingying sneered.

Didn’t Zhang Yansheng never treat the two children she gave birth to as her siblings? How come she finally recognizes the reality now? Did she admit defeat?

Not to mention, even though Zhang Yansheng beat Zhang Shuocheng twice, Zhang Shuocheng was able to do his homework on time every day. For that matter, Zhang Huan was very happy — this is the son she gave birth to who can please his dad, Liang Yingying is naturally happy to see it.

Liang Yingying suddenly felt that this was also very good, and she was quite relieved. So, I’ll just let Zhang Yansheng be the nanny and mother of my children, hahaha.

Liang Yingying felt refreshed for a while, then put on makeup and went out beautifully.

It’s just that Liang Yingying never thought that both rights and obligations are associated. If you give up your obligations, you will also lose your rights.

As soon as Zhang Huan got home in the evening, the two kids rushed over to surround him: “Dad, Dad, Dad, let’s go and see! They are all installed!”

Zhang Huan wasn’t even able to change his clothes, as he was forcibly dragged to the basement by the two younger ones. He really couldn’t laugh or cry.

He went in to take a look and found the machines with large screens and surround sound, a machine for riding a motorcycle, a machine for driving a car, a machine for simulating a roller coaster, and a machine that he doesn’t know what it is for… are all installed. Zhang Yansheng was wearing a helmet there, holding a game controller in her hand. On the big screen, what she held in her hand turned into a laser sword, and she wielded the laser sword, slashing the monsters that were surging from all sides.

“Look, Dad!” Zhang Heling pulled Zhang Huan and whispered, “Sister is so cool!”

Zhang Huan took a closer look. Because Zhang Yansheng is a person who has trained a lot, her movements are different from ordinary people’s blind chopping. She has a sense of rhythm and strength in her movements and is very powerful. In short, it is called a sense of beauty.

It just looks good! Gorgeous! Pleasing to the eye!

Even Zhang Shuocheng held his small fist on one side, staring at Zhang Yansheng’s movements and imitating them.

Soon Zhang Yansheng ended the game and won a big victory, and her score reached a new high. Of course, with the new machines, the leaderboards are all new. A whole row is full of Zhang Yansheng’s name.

Zhang Yansheng took off her headset, turned her head and saw Zhang Huan standing there holding Zhang Heling. She supported her chin and said, “You’re back.”

That side face is a bit like his deceased wife, and the faint gaze and tone are even more similar.

Zhang Huan suddenly felt sore in his chest.

Obviously, she used to be his most intimate little daughter, so why did she become so cold and estranged?

The old man suppressed his sadness and said with a smile: “Are they all installed? It looks fun. How do you play this?”

“Dad! I’ll give you this! This big gun!” Zhang Shuocheng excitedly held a boss’ gun and stuffed it to Zhang Huan, “You play with it, this is great!”

Zhang Huan also became interested: “Okay! Dad will try! Yanyan, how do you play this?”

Zhang Yansheng put on her headset again: “Hehe, wear a headset for Dad. Zhang Shuocheng, tell Dad how to use that gun.”

Zhang Huan keenly discovered that when Zhang Yansheng gave an order, the two little ones did not hesitate to execute her order.

The eldest daughter, who used to be noisy and often hysterical, has an eldest sister demeanor now. If she says something, her younger brother and sister will listen.

Zhang Huan bent down and put on his headset with the help of Zhang Heling. Although the little daughter was young, she was gentle and patient, carefully helping him adjust the tightness of the buckle, lest she pinch the flesh on her father’s face.

His son, Zhang Shuocheng, had become jumpier, scratching his ears and head anxiously. As soon as he held the gun, he quickly teaches his dad: “In this way, it means shooting; and in this way, it means reloading…”

He complained again: “This gun is too heavy!”

Boys like shooting games. Zhang Shuocheng wanted to play the big gun, but the big gun is for adults to play, as it’s too heavy! He can only use a small controller to play with guns, because he can’t properly hold the big gun.

Zhang Huan buckled his headset, took the gun, and started the game with Zhang Yansheng.

Humanity is that men are still teenagers until their death, and there are almost no men who don’t like shooting games. Zhang Huan hadn’t played it for decades, but as soon as he played it, especially with this kind of VR technology, he actually had a lot of fun.

It’s just that his marksmanship is much worse than that of his daughter. At the end of the game, Zhang Yansheng’s score was twice as high as his.

However, Zhang Huan had a great time, especially when the youngest daughter and the youngest son were still yelling cheerfully and jumping around.

This warm and joyful atmosphere is really nice.

Zhang Shuocheng jumped and shouted: “I also want to play a double game! I want to play too!”

Zhang Huan said, “Okay, okay, Dad will play with you.”

The two-player shooting game that Zhang Shuocheng can play is much naiver and cartoon-like. Zhang Yansheng took off her headset and said, “You guys play, I’ll go up first.”

She handed the headset to Zhang Heling: “Look at him, don’t let him press the menu randomly, it’s easy to crash.”

Zhang Heling said in full breath: “Okay!”

Zhang Huan was still coaxing Zhang Shuocheng here, so when he turned his head, the eldest daughter had already left.

Zhang Huan suddenly felt lonely. The time spent playing with his eldest daughter like this is very far away in his memory.

Looking at his little daughter again, she came over to help his son wear a headset, and told him not to press the menu randomly. Unconsciously, his youngest daughter has grown up too, looking like an older sister.

And his son actually agreed. This attitude is also very different from before. When did Zhang Shuocheng listen to Zhang Heling’s words in the past?

Zhang Huan was a little surprised and said, “Shuoshuo listens to his sister very much, right?”

Zhang Shuocheng: “Hmm!”

Zhang Heling raised her head: “If he dares not to listen, I will tell my elder sister! My sister will beat him up! Holding a ferule to make him cry!”

Zhang Shuocheng: “Stop!”

Zhang Huan was very happy. After laughing, he seemed to look pensive.

Zhang Shuocheng was already impatient: “Hurry up, Dad!”

“Okay, okay.” Zhang Huan also buckled his headset and grasped the game controller.

After fighting with the eldest daughter for a game and playing with the youngest son, Zhang Huan had fun and said to Zhang Heling, “You play with your younger brother.”

Zhang Heling quickly adjusted a single-player game for Zhang Shuocheng, and then chased after him: “Dad, Dad!”

“What’s the matter?” Zhang Huan turned his head and stopped.

He saw that Zhang Heling was a little bit hesitant. But after hesitating, the little girl who had never dared to ask her father, plucked up her courage to ask, “Well, on Thursday… are you going?”

Zhang Huan suddenly realized and smiled.

Because today is Monday, as usual, the secretary reported his arrangements for the week to him early in the morning. This Thursday is August 2nd, the birthday of his little daughter. Previously, his eldest daughter specifically called the secretary and asked the secretary to add the matter of going to the amusement park to his schedule.

So, when Zhang Heling mentioned it, Zhang Huan understood.

Zhang Huan pinched her nose, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Dad has already arranged it in the schedule, so of course I will go.”

Seeing the little daughter’s eyes brightened with joy and her shoulders relaxed, Zhang Huan’s heart moved. He knelt down and asked her: “Then do you want to go with your sister or your mother?”

Zhang Heling was surprised and asked, “Can’t the whole family go together?”

Zhang Huan said helplessly: “Don’t you know your sister’s temper? She said that she won’t show up at the same time as your mother.”

Zhang Heling said without hesitation: “I want to be with my sister!”

Zhang Huan was curious: “Why don’t you choose your mother?”

Zhang Heling said naturally: “Because my mother doesn’t want to take me there, she only wants to take Shuoshuo with her.”

Zhang Huan: “…”

This child is different from Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Shuocheng. Zhang Yansheng was the only little princess in the family at least until her mother’s death, and she was the real eldest lady. Zhang Shuocheng has also been favored from birth because of his gender.

Only the little kid in the middle is different.

She was raised outside before the age of four, and Zhang Huan actually only saw her in a week or two. His time was also given to her mother and brother, and he ignored her very much.

Later on, even when they came into this house, the child rarely asked him for any help.

Zhang Huan looked at his youngest daughter and really felt that he cared a little less about this child.

She hesitated before she spoke just now. If it’s Zhang Shuocheng, he would never hesitate and would not use the tone of inquiry at all. He would directly say “I want…” in a sentence, or even “I must have…” in a stronger sentence.

Zhang Huan couldn’t help but soften his heart, and generously promised: “Okay, then we will go with your sister and not take your mother!”

After speaking, he saw his little daughter’s eyes light up again.

However, she hesitated again: “But if my sister sees my mother…”

Zhang Huan sneered and asked her, “Can your mother get up so early?”

Not only could she not get up, and although she said to Zhang Shuocheng, “Go, go, go, you can go” as well, there is a high probability that she has already forgotten about it.

Zhang Huan still knows his little wife quite well.

Zhang Heling immediately understood when she heard this.

Zhang Huan lowered his voice and said to her again: “Don’t mention it to Shuoshuo. He has probably forgotten it, so don’t remind him, otherwise he would remind your mother too. If your mother gets up early, your sister will definitely not go.”

“Okay!” Zhang Heling immediately promised.

She couldn’t help covering her mouth with both hands and smiled, her eyes were curved, like a crescent moon.

Zhang Yansheng was flipping through books in her room, when someone knocked on the door: “Yanyan, it’s Dad.”

Zhang Yansheng was surprised and went over to open the door: “What’s the matter?”

Zhang Huan didn’t go in, so he leaned directly at the door and smiled: “I just want to remind you that this coming Thursday is August 2nd, so don’t forget.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t forget about it, and she also made a note on her phone.

She crossed her arms: “Like I said, I won’t go…”

“I know, I know.” Zhang Huan said, “Look, she must have forgotten about it a long time ago. She can’t get up so early, so we’ll just go and leave her, OK?”

O with a few words K.1O几把K啊 – an internet buzzword, the word OK is generally OK, and the few words added in the middle mean reluctance, helplessness, and compromise.

Zhang Yansheng wanted to roll her eyes.

But thinking about Zhang Heling’s expectant eyes and aggrieved expression, Zhang Yansheng endured it.

In this scorching summer, with Liang Yingying’s delicateness, to let her go under the sun, it’s inevitable for her to complain incessantly. She may also complain about Zhang Heling.

Yes, Liang Yingying can really do such a depressing thing on a good day. She didn’t care about Zhang Heling’s feelings at all. It’s better to just go by themselves.

“Okay.” Zhang Yansheng agreed bluntly.

So, on Thursday, Liang Yingying went downstairs yawning and found that the house was exceptionally quiet.

She sat at the dining table and asked casually, “Where are they?”

The aunt replied with a smile, “They all have gone to the amusement park.”

Liang Yingying: “???”

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    O几把K啊 – an internet buzzword, the word OK is generally OK, and the few words added in the middle mean reluctance, helplessness, and compromise.