January 14, 2022

Chapter 43: Scheme

Zhang Heling felt that she had never experienced such a happy day.

During the summer vacation, the amusement park opens at seven in the morning, and they arrived just on the time of its opening. As soon as they entered, Zhang Shuocheng wanted to drag Zhang Huan to the children’s area. Who told him to be young and not tall enough? Zhang Heling can play many things, but he is limited in height and cannot play.

As a result, their eldest sister Zhang Yansheng stretched out a hand and clasped Zhang Shuocheng’s head like a bird’s claw to hold him back.

“Today is your sister’s birthday, so your sister is the lead.” She said, “Today we are all here to accompany your sister, not to accompany you. We need to follow your sister first, and talk about your demands later.”

His eldest sister’s hands are like pliers, Zhang Shuocheng felt that his skull was being caught with five blood holes every minute, and Liang Yingying did not follow today. He was discouraged and said unwillingly, “Okay, then.”

Aunt Wang covered her mouth with joy.

Seeing the eldest daughter taking care of the youngest son, Zhang Huan honestly felt relieved. He touched his little daughter’s head and asked with a smile, “Which one does Hehe want to play with?”

Zhang Heling’s face lightened up with joy: “Roller coaster!”

“Oho!” Zhang Huan laughed, “You came up with the most exciting one already?”

Having said that, the group of people still headed towards the roller coaster.

In this amusement park, you have to buy a ticket for each person, so you don’t need to buy any more tickets for the rides when you come inside. But for each amusement ride, you still have to line up; and the more popular the ride is, the longer the queue.

This roller coaster is said to be the most extreme ride in the city.

Since they entered the park early in the morning, there were not so many people yet, so they got on the roller coaster smoothly.

The poor Zhang Shuocheng was too young to ride on it, so he was led by Aunt Wang to stand below, watching his father and two sisters having fun.

When Zhang Huan came down from above clutching his heart, he kept chanting: “It’s too extreme, it’s too extreme, it’s not good, I can’t stand it.”

Zhang Heling kept grinning happily, and even Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but pull the corners of her mouth.

Zhang Shuocheng jumped and said, “It’s my turn! It’s my turn!”

Zhang Yansheng saw that Zhang Huan was about to speak, and immediately said, “Today is your sister’s birthday and father wants to accompany your sister. Let’s go, I will take you to play instead.”

As she said this, she stretched out her hand to Zhang Shuocheng.

Her hand hurts tremendously when it hits his butt! When it is put on top of his head, it looks like an eagle’s claws!

Zhang Shuocheng shrank for a moment, and under the threat on Zhang Yansheng’s eyes, his scalp felt numb, so he handed out his little fleshy paw, which was firmly held in by Zhang Yansheng’s hand.

“Aunt Wang and I will take him to the children’s area, so you can take Hehe.” This sentence was said to Zhang Huan. After speaking, she patted Zhang Heling on the head, “Have fun, happy birthday!” Zhang Heling raised her small face, her jet-black eyes gleaming with happiness in the sun.

Zhang Yansheng grabbed Zhang Shuocheng and took Aunt Wang away.

Zhang Huan and Zhang Heling glanced at each other, and both of them suddenly realized that this seemed to be the first time Zhang Huan had accompanied Zhang Heling alone since she was born.

Realizing this, Zhang Huan was a little uncomfortable, smiled dryly, and touched Zhang Heling’s head lovingly: “Hehe, which one do you want to ride? Tell Dad and I will ask them to line up first. Today is Hehe’s birthday, so we’ll let you have enough fun!”

He bought tickets for the two drivers in the family to come in, and asked them to help line up, which would save them a lot of time.

Zhang Heling felt the most valued day in her life, and such a moment has never happened before. Zhang Heling’s entire small face glowed.

On the other side, Zhang Shuocheng was taken to the children’s area by Zhang Yansheng.

He didn’t care if Liang Yingying was coming or not, but in his heart, he really didn’t want to follow Zhang Yansheng. However, he couldn’t resist, and he didn’t dare to resist.

There are far fewer people in the children’s area. After all, the children’s area is not the mainstream project of this amusement park. The ticket price of 300 yuan per person is too uneconomical for families with only one small child. It is better to play with the amusement facilities in ordinary parks.

Zhang Shuocheng played as soon as he came over, basically there was no queue.

When he finished playing, Aunt Wang had already lined up elsewhere. His eldest sister Zhang Yansheng was holding a cone of ice cream in her hand.

Of course, Zhang Shuocheng wanted to eat it too, but Zhang Yansheng only had one in her hand. Since she began to discipline him by force, he no longer dared to wreak havoc in front of her. He glanced at the ice cream, turning his head left and right, trying to find Aunt Wang to buy him one too.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yansheng suddenly handed the ice cream to him: “Eat it.”

Zhang Shuocheng looked at her in surprise.

Zhang Yansheng was impatient: “You don’t want to eat it? I’ll eat it if you don’t want it.”

“Eat, I’ll eat it.” Zhang Shuocheng hurriedly took it over, and bit off the pointed tip first. Looking up at Zhang Yansheng again, there was always something… weird in his eyes.

In Zhang Shuocheng’s mind, Zhang Yansheng is a great demon king. The great demon king bought him an ice cream, but why is he a little anxious to eat it?

Getting along with Zhang Yansheng alone also makes people feel uneasy, and there is always a bit of fear.

“Don’t worry, eat slowly.” The great demon king said, “Aunt Wang is waiting in line over there. It will almost be our turn at the time you finish it. I will hold it for you if you can’t finish it.”

As she spoke, she held the back of Zhang Shuocheng’s head and took him to another ride. Sure enough, he saw Aunt Wang queuing there, and Aunt Wang waved to them.

Zhang Shuocheng breathed a sigh of relief, feeling more at ease.

He also felt that it was nothing to be alone with the great demon king. As long as he doesn’t toss around, she doesn’t seem to beat him for no reason, right?

She bought him ice cream and she was very nice.

This is the case in the children’s heart. If you allow them to stutter and take them to play, you will immediately become a ‘good person’.

On the other hand, no matter how good you are to them, if you beat them up and refuse their unreasonable request, you will suddenly become a ‘bad person’.

After playing in a few rides, Zhang Shuocheng suddenly felt that, in fact, the big demon king was really good.

At least she doesn’t always complain like her mother, who thinks that the weather is too hot, the queue is too long, and the ride is too slow. It takes up too much of her time to play cards and go shopping…

Zhang Yansheng talked very little, but when he said what he wanted to ride, she would not refuse and would arrange for the aunt to go and line up in advance. He rode everything he wanted to ride.

He ate everything he wanted to eat — except for ice cream. She said: “If you eat too much of it, you’ll have diarrhea. When the time comes, I will tell it to a lot of people. When your classmates at school learned about it, they will laugh at you for a lifetime.”

Zhang Shuocheng really once had diarrhea when he ate too much ice cream. He thought about this scene for a while, so he gave up in fright.

After all, after entering an organization like a school, humans are particularly sensitive to the rejection and ridicule of similar groups. Even for a naughty child, like Zhang Shuocheng, he didn’t want to be laughed at by his classmates for a lifetime.

Zhang Yansheng thought in her heart, in fact, Zhang Shuocheng was not so difficult to manage.

After all, there are few natural born bad people. Most of the ‘bad’ ones are just a combination of disregard for the rules and extreme selfishness that they have acquired after being brought up.

If you manage it a little bit, one can have a minimum human appearance. However, many parents don’t spoil enough, so they don’t talk about ‘management’.

Both Zhang Shuocheng and Zhang Heling were living happily these days, but Liang Yingying felt weird in her heart.

It’s really true that Zhang Huan really knows her, to say that she really forgot that they were going to the amusement park today! She just said it casually to Zhang Shuocheng at the time. She never had the kind of parental consciousness that she had to fulfill whatever she had said to her children. She said it casually and then turned around and forgot too much, not much this time.

It’s just that Zhang Shuocheng is also a child himself, and he forgets the big things after turning his back.

In a moment, he will roll on the ground asking to go to the amusement park. And in the next moment, he will start playing on the game console, and had already tossed the idea of going to the amusement park.

Zhang Heling has always had this in her heart, but she won’t talk to Liang Yingying or Zhang Shuocheng. Zhang Yansheng and Zhang Huan arranged things, and no one thought about telling Liang Yingying.

Liang Yingying had forgotten Zhang Heling’s birthday and this day when she had agreed to go to the amusement park, she had forgotten all about it. She also made an appointment to play cards today.

As a result, she woke up in the morning and asked, “Where are they?”

The aunt said with a smile, “They all went to the amusement park.”

There was an indescribable meaning in the aunt’s smile.

Liang Yingying: “…”

Liang Yingying felt strange in her heart.

In fact, if they call her out, she would be reluctant to go. It’s so hot in summer! If you want to stay out of the heat, then you have to get up early. She is not a person who can get up early, and she would be very angry when she wakes up early.

If Zhang Huan directly said that she didn’t need to go, she would definitely be happy not to go as well.

However, but!

The entire family didn’t say a word and they all went out together, leaving her alone. In particular, Zhang Yansheng, the excess baggage, went out with them too!

In Liang Yingying’s heart, she was particularly uncomfortable and she totally felt awkward.

When playing cards, she was absent-minded and had lost several rounds.

Her best friend asked, “What’s wrong with you today?”

Liang Yingying was eager to talk and told her everything. After she finished speaking, she said: “I don’t know what’s wrong, so I always feel awkward.”

Her best friend held a lady’s cigarette, breathed out a white smoke, and said, “Based on what I heard, this excess baggage in your family seems to please your two children.”

Liang Yingying raised her eyebrows: “Oh?”

The others also said, “This girl sounds like she has a scheme.”

“If you don’t understand, it means that she wants your children to get closer to her and not to you. This commodity is very calculating.”

Things are gathered in similarities, and people live in groups. This table is either the second wife or the third wife, and they are all women who rely on the gold master to eat.

Liang Yingying is the best among them — she trapped the gold master and had an advantage. She is now a wealthy wife, as if she is not on the same level as them.

However, …not in terms of identity, just in terms of ideology.

Liang Yingying had a sudden realization when she heard it!

“Just like what I said! I was really thinking about what’s wrong with her these days! F*ck me!” She tapped the table, “She would buy this and that for my daughter, take my son out to play, and get them a VR room! Wearing the same clothes as my daughter all day long which makes them look like mother and daughter! Bah!”

Others said, “Then, you should be careful. If you don’t take care of your children since you are not at home all day, be careful that your son and daughter will turn their hearts to others.”

Liang Yingying gave a “Tut” sound and said, “What am I afraid of? They were born from me and they are not stupid. Are they still confused about who their mother is? Can they still talk to others and ignore their own mother?”

“That’s hard to say. Kids, they are all very foolish.” A woman said, “Let’s talk about my niece. I told you about my brother and my sister-in-law, right? In fact, I really blame my brother for being an asshole, too much of an asshole. But after my sister-in-law divorced him and left, my mother scolded my sister-in-law in my niece’s ear every day. She scolded her every day and night. Do you know what happened? Now, when my sister-in-law comes to see my niece, my niece will directly throw the things she brought to the ground and will point at her to get out. Look at it, isn’t it amazing?”

Liang Yingying was speechless: “My God, is your niece stupid? She doesn’t want her dear mother anymore?”

“This is not called being stupid, it’s brainwashing! Do you understand brainwashing?”

“So, be careful, your son and daughter are only in elementary school. If they were brainwashed by your family’s excess baggage later, you will cry.”

“For a child, whoever takes him to play and gives him toys, he will get closer to that person.”

Their words made Liang Yingying nervous.

You have to open your eyes and have a good look, be careful, don’t let Zhang Yansheng coax the two children.

Especially your son.

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