January 11, 2022

Chapter 40: To Report

Yansheng said to Heling, “Everything is okay here now, go and swim.”

“Oh!” Heling glanced at Zheng, slapped her bath towel twice, and left.

Yansheng regarded Zheng as nothing, so she turned around and went upstairs.

Zheng was trembling with anger.

Yansheng’s disdain for him was considered to be bare-naked. She didn’t hide it at all.

On the other hand, Zheng was arrogant when others treated him politely. But when others looked down on him obviously, he had low self-esteem.

Moreover, he couldn’t beat Yansheng at all. He didn’t even have the advantage of his natural height and physical strength.

He was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. After he thought about it, he felt that this matter couldn’t be tolerated, so he ran up to the third floor and knocked on Yingying’s door.

Yingying woke up from the loud noise and was very annoyed. “What time is it?! Why have you gone crazy? It’s still too early, it’s not time to see the house yet!”

“Auntie, Yansheng went too far!” Zheng said angrily. “She smashed my cellphone! I don’t have a cellphone now, so what house are we going to look at?!”

Yingying was originally yawning, but when she heard Yansheng’s name, she suddenly woke up and asked, “What’s wrong with Yansheng?”

Zheng complained, “That unreasonable girl is absolutely undisciplined and out of control. She threw my cellphone into the swimming pool and I managed to retrieve it. But then, she f*cking snatched it and broke it directly on the ground! I told her to pay for it and she agreed as she immediately took out a brand new one! She gave me a new cellphone! I put up with it! But she—! She f*cking smashed the new cellphone too! She said that both of us should lose a cellphone, so we’re even now! Is that how you rich people deal with this matter? It’s really amazing to become wealthy! You can insult people just because you’re rich?! F*ck her!”

But Yingying was not stupid, so she asked first, “Why did she smash your cellphone? What did you do?”

She knew her nephew pretty well.

She also knew Yansheng well. Although that girl was annoying, she was really not the type of person who would take the initiative to cause trouble first.

Zheng choked up and replied angrily, “No matter what the reason is, it is wrong to destroy other people’s property!”

As soon as Yingying heard his tone of avoiding to tell the truth, she knew that he must have done something to provoke Yansheng first.

She asked a few more questions, but Zheng only stammered and did not to make it clear. Yingying understood that Zheng was definitely at fault.

She originally thought that if Yansheng was the unreasonable one, she could complain to Huan as Yansheng was their public enemy. But now, based on Zheng’s tone, she didn’t know which side would suffer if she really went to complain.

She said irritably, “You better behave properly for me, don’t provoke her all the time. She is your uncle’s daughter and much closer to him than you. If something bad really happen, do you think that your uncle will turn to your side or hers?”

Fools also needed to know that the daughters have more affection than the nephews. Zheng was depressed and did not want to accept this fact.

“D*mn it, that excess baggage!” he cursed.

Yingying was deeply sympathetic to his feelings.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you a cellphone. I also have a spare one.”

Zheng hadn’t had time to be comforted by the ‘new cellphone’, because she said something that made him even more depressed, “Let’s go see the apartments quickly, sign the rent agreement today, so you can move tomorrow while it’s Sunday.”

Yingying drove her 3-million-dollar Ferrari and took Zheng to see the apartments.

When the agent saw the car, his eyes straightened, and he showed non-stop admiration to it. He looked at Yingying’s clothes, bag, and jewelry. He knew that she was a rich woman, so he showered her with a lot of compliments.

But when he looked at Zheng, his eyes showed amusement.

The Liang family were all tall and good-looking. Although Zheng was a pervert, he was also very good looking. And at first glance, he was a little younger than Yingying.

Zheng didn’t understand the meaning of the agent’s gaze at first. But after he called her “Auntie”, the agent’s gaze became different, so he suddenly reacted.

What the hell?! Did this agent just think that I am a gigolo who approaches wealthy women?

D*mn it!

Before she met Huan, Yingying had already fought and suffered a lot in the society. She looked at the apartment that the agent showed her and thought it was okay. It was way better than the basement where she lived back then.

However, Zheng was not happy.

From the mansion with a swimming pool to this old and broken-down apartment, with one bedroom and one living room, and had less than 40 square meters lot area, which might not be as big as his cousin’s bedroom. It would be strange for him to be he was happy with this transition.

When the agent asked for his opinion, he just grunted and didn’t give a clear answer.

The agent met a lot of people on a daily basis, so it was not hard to tell that Zheng didn’t like the apartment. He turned his eyes around the two of them, and realized that it was the young aunt who would pay.

“Do you want me to find you apartments with better conditions instead?” The agent rubbed his hands and said, “This kind of old apartment is usually rented by young people who come to K City to work hard. The conditions are definitely not that high.”

Zheng, a customer who came in a Ferrari, obviously did not belong to the target customer group of this apartment.

This statement deeply touched Zheng’s heart. He looked at Yingying with pleading eyes and talked coquettishly, “Auntie~”

Yingying rubbed the goose bumps on her arm and replied angrily, “Just choose one of these three apartments. If you don’t pick one and push it back, you can find an apartment by yourself later and I won’t pay your rent.”

Zheng was frustrated. In the end, he chose the apartment with a better maintained interior and signed the contract with the agent dejectedly.

On the way back, Yingying couldn’t stand Zheng’s stinky face, so she scolded him, “Don’t give me that look. It’s like you just lost your mother. The rent has been paid for you, what else do you want?!”

Zheng replied angrily, “Why can’t our family live together?”

Yingying was speechless and asked him back, “Whose family are you talking about?”

Zheng responded, “We are both surnamed Liang.”

Yingying retorted, “Nonsense! I am married and Mrs. Zhang now. The Zhang family is not your family. Go back and pack your things quickly!”

Zheng didn’t want to pack his things when they returned to the Zhang’s mansion, and he was annoyed to death.

He held the new cellphone that Yingying gave him while he laid on the bed and complained to a few of his buddies, “My aunt’s house is fine, but the late wife’s daughter is really annoying.”

His friend asked, “What’s the matter?”

Zheng was not in a good position to say anything.

He couldn’t tell his friends that Yansheng had influenced her rich father to throw him outside to live. He didn’t want to say that he took a sneak shot of a young girl and was discovered. As a result, not only was his cellphone was broken, his physical strength was completely crushed, too. And then, that young girl also took out a newer and better cellphone on the spot and smashed it in front of him.

He could only say, “Anyway, she’s annoying! It’s not my aunt who gave birth to her, so she has these all kinds of eccentric temperament. I want to beat her when I look at her. If only she’s not a girl, hmph!”

People who could be called friends must have shared the same vile habits; and the friends of perverted men, needless to say, must also be perverts.

His friend immediately said, “You still can’t deal with the girl? You are not that too weak, right? I thought you live together. Just take a few photos of her while changing clothes or the bottom of her skirt, and post them online! Go and infuriate her!”

“It’s too damaging, we are all relatives anyway.” Zheng didn’t really consider her as a relative. He just felt that Yansheng was not easy to mess with. Her father was also so rich. In case something bad happened, he was afraid that it would not be easy to clean up.

Huan went out all morning, and when he returned home in the afternoon, he saw the servants watching by the pool. His two little babies were having fun in the water.

He smiled and went upstairs. He didn’t expect Yingying to be at home, so he was a little surprised. “You didn’t go out to play?”

“It’s not like I go out to play all day,” Yingying replied coquettishly. “I went to see some apartments with Zheng today. I found him a one-bedroom apartment and signed the rent contract. He will move in tomorrow. Do you think my work efficiency is high?”

It was a very comfortable thing for a man to have an obedient wife. Huan praised her on the spot, “Not bad!”

Yingying watched him took off his clothes and asked, “What are you doing?”

Huan replied in a good mood, “I’ll go down and play with the children for a while.”

Yingying also knew that her two children were playing in the swimming pool.

She saw that Huan had taken off his top and was taking off his pants. With a twinkle in her eyes, she went over and hugged his waist, then whispered, “I want to play too~”

Huan completely understood.

The two rolled into the sheets.

When Huan went downstairs with a contented expression, the two younger ones had already come out of the swimming pool.

A servant helped Shuocheng took a bath. He washed quickly and was already eating ice cream downstairs.

Huan sat over and touched his son’s head with a smile. A servant served him a fruit plate, then he talked to Shuocheng while eating, “Where is your sister?”

“She’s upstairs.”

Just as he finished speaking, Heling, who also took a shower, came down.

The little girl took a bath by herself and blow-dried her hair. Her long hair was jet black and supple, her face was soft, pink from the heat, and her eyes were dark and bright.

Huan’s heart was about to melt when he looked at her.

“Come here,” he beckoned.

Heling saw Huan and went over to him. “Dad, you’re back.”

The look of surprise when she saw his father come home made people’s hearts felt even softer.

Huan smiled and asked, “What did you do today?”

Heling didn’t answer right away, but went over and hugged Huan’s arm directly. “Dad, let me tell you something!” As she said it, she also pulled Huan, obviously she didn’t want to say it in front of Shuocheng and the servant.

This little filial girl wants to whisper to me!

Huan happily followed Heling to the small hall.

“What’s the matter? Why so mysterious? Come on, let’s talk about it,” he said with a smile.

Heling whispered to him, “This morning, sister threw my cousin’s cellphone into the swimming pool!”

Huan didn’t expect that.

Then, Heling continued, “Then, cousin jumped down and picked it up, but sister threw it across the swimming pool again. It broke! Cousin was very angry and asked my sister to pay him immediately. So, sister took out her spare cellphone and showed it to him. Cousin said that she could pay him using that new cellphone. As a result, sister smashed that one too, saying that they were even.”

Huan pulled out his ears from her and asked, “Why did your sister do that?”

“I don’t know either.” The little girl expressed confusion. “It seems that it’s because cousin was taking pictures everywhere. When I came down, sister was swimming. I said a few words to cousin. And when sister came up, she asked cousin for his cellphone. Since cousin didn’t give it to her, sister snatched it and just threw it directly into the pool.”

Huan didn’t know that Zheng also took pictures of Yansheng. He just thought that Zheng was annoying Yansheng by taking pictures everywhere in the house.

Huan was also very annoyed of Zheng taking photos everywhere. He might have to show it to many people. After all, this was his own home, a private place, and Huan was not willing to be peeped into his privacy by others.

He was quite happy when his eldest daughter taught this kid a lesson.

“That’s fine. If you don’t like something, then you should just act on it,” said Huan. “The member of our family should not tolerate everything.”

Heling seemed to understand and mentioned, “They almost got into a fight as well.”


“Cousin tried to grab sister from the back, but she stretched her foot and tripped him, so cousin fell to the ground. Before he got up, sister twisted his arm and pressed him to the ground, so he couldn’t get up. After she let him go, he realized that he couldn’t beat sister, so he didn’t dare to do it again.” The little girl’s eyes sparkled. “Dad, sister is super amazing!”

Huan was an elder, so he couldn’t do anything even if Zheng was not pleasing to the eye; otherwise, he would look petty. At that moment, he imagined the scene where his eldest daughter taught Zheng a lesson. She did things that were inconvenient for him, and she did it in a way that was a bit dark and refreshing.

Then, he looked at his little daughter again. She was cute, but it seemed that her personality was a bit soft.

He rubbed his chin and asked, “Hehe, do you want to learn sanda or something like your sister?”