January 10, 2022

Chapter 39: Teach a Lesson

“Ah, what?” Liang Zheng pretended to be dumb shamelessly.

Anyway, the screen of his cellphone is locked, and his cellphone has a password. For a pervert like him, there are too many things in his cellphone that can’t be seen, so he naturally needs a password lock.

Zhang Yansheng took two steps and said in a cold voice: “Delete the photo you just secretly took now.”

Zhang Heling was there. Considering the little girl’s mental health, Zhang Heling wouldn’t understand what Liang Zheng was taking pictures of.

She was wearing a swimsuit and was covered in water. The Liang family are all tall, and Liang Zheng looked at her condescendingly, and felt that there was no threat.

He continued to pretend to be stupid: “What did I secretly take pictures of? How am I not taking fair shots here? What’s the matter, did my aunt and uncle even say that taking selfies are not allowed in this house?”

Zhang Yansheng was disgusted with his look like a rascal.

In her previous life, he was such a disgusting person. If she caught him taking pictures, he would pretend to be a fool. If she made trouble, Liang Yingying would jump out to protect him.

“Don’t play dumb.” She said, “You know what I’m talking about.”

Liang Zheng was happy.

He could see that Zhang Yansheng was unwilling to tell Zhang Heling that he was taking pictures of her upfront. This kind of tender-skinned little girl, it’s the best person to bully.

“I’m so sorry, this brother doesn’t know.” He said with a hippy smile.

He is a man, so what is he afraid of?

Zhang Yansheng has no patience with such people. He is not worthy.

“Take out your phone.” She said, “Give it to me.”

“That won’t work.” Liang Zheng smiled and shook the cellphone in front of Zhang Yansheng, “A kid like you don’t understand that cellphone is a very personal item. This is personal privacy, so it’s not okay to demand others to give you their cellphones.”

As long as people are shameless, they can be invincible, especially in the face of such a shameful little girl.

Liang Zheng thought triumphantly.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

The more Zhang Heling listened, the more she felt that the atmosphere was wrong. Her cousin and sister will not start with a few words like how she did it with Zhang Shuocheng. They were just talking, but the atmosphere was obviously wrong.

And the attitude and expression of her cousin’s speech… why is it so annoying?

Although she doesn’t know what photo he took as what her sister said, Zhang Heling had already given her cousin an ‘X’ and her sister a ‘√’ in her heart.

Zhang Heling was about to move to Zhang Yansheng’s side, when she suddenly saw her sister facing her rascal cousin without saying anything, but waved her hand.

The hand knife cut Liang Zheng’s wrist, and Liang Zheng spread his hand off guard.

Before coming to K City, his new cellphone, which he bought deliberately because he was afraid of being despised by Zhang’s family, drew a parabola in the air perfectly and… fell into the swimming pool.

There was a brief stagnation in the air.

Then with Liang Zheng’s pig-killing shout “My new cellphone!”, he jumped into the pool with a puff.

However, the place where the phone fell was at the deepest end of the swimming pool. Although Liang Zheng can also breaststroke tens of meters, he has never actually learned how to swim properly.

He scrambled twice in a panic, but failed to get to the bottom of the water to reach the cellphone.

After finally holding back his breath for the third time, he finally got the cellphone out. Just as he grabbed the shore, before climbing up, he only felt that his hand slipped, and Zhang Yansheng leaned over to the cellphone and took it away from him.

“Hey!” Liang Zheng shouted loudly.

It’s a pity that Zhang Yansheng didn’t even shake her eyebrows.

Zhang Heling only saw her sister pull away, and then threw it hard —

The phone that had just been soaked in water flew out of a beautiful arc above the swimming pool and landed firmly on the other side of the swimming pool. There was a clear ‘click’ cracking sound.

Liang Zheng was completely heartbroken! There are so many things hidden in the phone!!!

Zhang Yansheng calmly put on her bathrobe, fastened her belt, and walked towards the house.

Liang Zheng was furious, climbed out of the swimming pool, wiped his face, and shouted angrily: “Zhang Yansheng! Stop right there!”

As he roared, he ran over and reached out to grab Zhang Yansheng’s shoulder!

Zhang Heling exclaimed: “Sister! Watch…”

Before the word “out” was spoken, Zhang Yansheng’s figure flashed, and her feet hooked. Not only did Liang Zheng pounce, he was also directly tripped and threw himself on the ground, almost knocking his teeth off.

Zhang Heling’s mouth opened into an “O” shape.

Liang Zheng hadn’t even realized how he had fallen. He propped up his body and looked up. Zhang Yansheng’s bathrobe hem and beautiful calf were right in front of him. Liang Zheng stretched out his hand and grabbed Zhang Yansheng’s waist.

It was followed by a sharp pain in the shoulder.

Zhang Yansheng folded Liang Zheng’s arms behind his back, pressed her knees against his back, and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Liang Zheng struggled a few times, but after Zhang Yansheng was reborn, her strength was magically increased a lot. That strength was stronger than that of an adult man. Liang Zheng only felt as if an iron tower was being pressed on his back, and he couldn’t break free at all.

Zhang Heling was still watching, his face flushed and he finally said, “Let go of me, what are you doing?! I am a guest of your family!”

Zhang Yansheng let out a “heh”: “I have never seen a guest like you.” As she said that, she still let him go.

Zhang Heling was so afraid that her sister and cousin would fight. Seeing her sister let go, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Although her cousin pounced on her sister viciously just now, she is not worried about her sister. How her cousin fell just now, and how he couldn’t get up after being pressed to the ground, she could see clearly.

My cousin looks like… not my sister’s opponent at all.

What should she do if her sister is super cool?!

She feels like she’s going to have star eyes!1Star eyes 星星眼 – Star eyes refer to the character’s eyesight due to a certain emotion.  In order to increase the feeling, the eyes of the character are drawn as a five-pointed star or a four-pointed star (mostly four-pointed stars). Just like in anime or manga where the characters’ eyes are turning into stars.

After this useless struggle, Liang Zheng had already realized the value of Zhang Yansheng’s force. He just remembered that he seemed to have heard Zhang Shuocheng’s little brat say that Zhang Yansheng has been training since she was a child, and it seemed to be true.

No matter how angry he was in his heart, he could only hold back his breath, pointed to the other side of the pool and accused her: “Zhang Yansheng, tell me, what should I do about that?”

Zhang Yansheng put her hands in her bathrobe pocket and raised her eyebrows: “Do about what?”

“My cellphone! Don’t play dumb!” Liang Zheng glared at her, he was really distressed, “That d*mn thing, it hasn’t been a week since I bought it! It costs me a few thousand big!”2大几千呢 – A few thousand big: 3000 to 8000, more than 8000 is called a small ten thousand.

For the first time, Zhang Yansheng learned that the word ‘big’ could be added after ‘few thousand’.

She let out an “oh” and asked rhetorically, “Then what are you going to do?”

Liang Zheng thought to himself that although the cause of this incident was that he took pictures of Zhang Yansheng, but she did not lose too much, and she even destroyed his cellphone. Compensation, Zhang Yansheng must compensate him!

“Pay me!” Liang Zheng put his hands on his waist, “I don’t want money! I want a new cellphone! Exactly the same phone! Right now, immediately, quickly!”

He thought it over, and when Zhang Yansheng couldn’t grant this request, he would claim the loss again. So, he can ask for more money then.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yansheng sneered and said, “Okay.”

Liang Zheng was taken aback, not believing that she would be able to get a cellphone right now. This cellphone is the latest model of Fruit. It was only launched a few months ago. He bought it specially before he came to K City.

Even if you go to buy it now, it will take an hour or two to go back and forth on this road!

“Don’t smile, I’m not kidding you.” He said with a tiger’s face, “Adults can’t do without cellphones, do you know that?! Do you know how many important people you have to contact via your cellphone?! You ruined my cellphone. Do you know how much you delayed me! I’m with…”

He was talking endlessly, Zhang Yansheng was already annoyed, so she shouted: “Hehe!”

Zhang Heling slid in front of her: “Sister!”

“…” Zhang Yansheng said, “Go to my room, in the third drawer on the right-hand side of the desk, get the cellphone for your cousin.”

“Okay!” Zhang Heling put on the bath towel as a cape and ran away like Batman.

Zhang Yansheng walked into the house in her slippers.

Liang Zheng shouted “Hey!”, chased for two steps, turned his head, and glanced at Zhang Yansheng again. He stomped his feet with anger, but still ran to the other side of the pool to pick up the broken cellphone.

When the water enters it and the body is shattered, this cellphone can’t be repaired at all.

Liang Zheng’s heart hurts, his liver hurts, his lungs hurt! Not only for the cellphone, but also for all the contents in the cellphone!

While pinching it, he took the bath towel and took a breath first, then went to the house to find Zhang Yansheng with a groan.

Zhang Yansheng asked Zhang Heling to get the cellphone, right? Is there really one? Why is it so coincidental that there is a new cellphone at home? It must be a bluff, right? Liang Zheng didn’t believe it very much.

Could it be that some old cellphone will be used to fool him? That’s not okay! Either pay for a brand new one with the same model! Or double the loss money!

Thinking quickly in his mind, Liang Zheng entered the house aggressively.

Entering through the door on this side is the small hall where the Zhang family take some rest.

Zhang Yansheng was sitting on the sofa waiting for Zhang Heling, and when she turned her head, she saw a pack of Zhang Huan’s cigarettes on the corner table.

Zhang Yansheng naturally took one and bit it. She picked up the lighter and lowered her head to look down at it. Suddenly, she reacted — she was the 15-year-old Zhang Yansheng.

The cigarette was then held between her fingers, and then placed under the tip of her nose to smell it. In the end, Zhang Yansheng still squeezed it into a ball in the glass ashtray.

Zhang Heling got the order from Zhang Yansheng and ran quickly. When Liang Zheng stepped into the small hall, she also happened to run down with the box in her arms: “I’m coming, I’m coming! Sister, is this it?” Zhang Yansheng took it and had a look, threw it on the sofa on the other side, and said to Liang Zheng, “See if it’s the same model.”

Liang Zheng picked it up suspiciously and took a look. It was not only the same model, but also the latest version of this model. The broken one in his hand is just a low-profile version. Plus, it’s not an old phone. The layer of plastic film on the outside of the box is still intact, so it is 100% brand new!

Liang Zheng was choked. He was dumbfounded for a long time, and asked suspiciously: “You planned to destroy my cellphone a long time ago?”

Otherwise, why is there a brand new one ready at home?

Zhang Yansheng sneered, “When you buy a cellphone, don’t you have to buy a spare one? If not, who would prepare it for you then?”

What the hell…

Who the f*ck would purchase a cellphone and then buy a spare one as well?!

It’s as if you are buying soy milk!

Liang Zheng was resentful.

“Have you seen it clearly? Is it the same model?” Zhang Yansheng asked.

“It’s the same model. But I don’t like this color, it’s too feminine.” Liang Zheng cleared his throat, “But this would do, just this one, I will accept it.”

“You accepted it, right?” Zhang Yansheng nodded, “Okay then.”

With that said, she took a step forward, took out the cellphone from Liang Zheng’s hand, and slammed it to the ground!

The brand-new high-end cellphone shattered on the spot! It looks like it can’t be used anymore!

Liang Zheng was stunned.

“If I break one of your cellphones, then you also have to break one of my cellphones,” Zhang Yansheng said. “Now we’re even, I don’t owe you anymore.”

Zhang Heling’s mouth also opened into an “O” shape. She faintly felt that something was wrong, and then she felt that it seemed reasonable.

If both of them lose a cellphone, it is indeed even.

Zhang Yansheng leaned over to get Liang Zheng’s old cellphone.

She didn’t move fast, but Liang Zheng had been taught by her just now and already knew how good she was. He only stiffly shouted “What are you doing?”, but he didn’t dare to grab her. He could only watch Zhang Yansheng take the old cellphone away.

The old cellphone is badly broken, but maybe he can still export its data.

However, Zhang Yansheng directly broke the phone in half with a vigorous force.

Liang Zheng’s eyes were about to protrude.

Zhang Yansheng took out the sim card and threw it to him, and said coldly: “This is my home, not a public place. No matter whether it is a room or a person, it is not right for you to take random photos. If you let me find you doing it again, don’t wait for me to make a move, just get out of here!”

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  • 1
    Star eyes 星星眼 – Star eyes refer to the character’s eyesight due to a certain emotion.  In order to increase the feeling, the eyes of the character are drawn as a five-pointed star or a four-pointed star (mostly four-pointed stars). Just like in anime or manga where the characters’ eyes are turning into stars.
  • 2
    大几千呢 – A few thousand big: 3000 to 8000, more than 8000 is called a small ten thousand.