January 9, 2022

Chapter 38: Sneak Shot

When her nephew, Liang Zheng, came back in the evening, Liang Yingying also gave him a notice: “Contact the agency to find a house immediately. If you go to check it out this weekend, then it will be settled immediately.”

Although Liang Yingying promised to pay for his rent, Liang Zheng was still upset. Who the hell would feel so happy to be driven away by someone?

He agreed perfunctorily, but in his heart, he didn’t want to leave at all.

Big room, big bathroom, big courtyard, big basement, big swimming pool…

Living in this big mansion is like a dream.

Even if Liang Yingying agreed to pay him the rent, it would be impossible for her to rent him a villa to live in. Even if he rented a high-end apartment, there would still be a sense of loss that he has been left behind in the world.

Moreover, he might not even drive the worn-out BMW that’s being used to buy groceries.

At that time, he will gradually become an ordinary employee who takes the subway to work, and he will be indifferent to everyone.

Liang Yingying can blend herself into Mrs. Zhang, which is not for nothing compared to the years that Liang Zheng has eaten for free. What the stupid nephew thought in his heart was clearly written on his face, so she said angrily: “Don’t think about staying here. Let me tell you, I don’t care if you find a good house or not, you will pack up your things and leave next week, and live wherever you like. If you don’t want to find a house, then I can just save the rent fees. Don’t think about asking me for it in the future!”

Liang Zheng secretly hated his aunt for being so heartless. But in the end, he can only agree.

When he went back to the room, he called the agent with resentment, and specifically stated what he wanted “Okay! Luxuriously decorated!”, and said, “Don’t save me money”.

Such people are stupid and rich, the agent likes them the most, and vowed to satisfy him.

When Liang Zheng went to work on Friday, the agency responded to him. They sent him photos of several high-end apartments, all of which were luxuriously decorated and looked high-end and upscale.

It would be okay if he lives in such a house by himself.

Liang Zheng finally calmed down a bit and replied, “How much is it?”

The agent replied: “The first set is 30,000/month, the second set is 28,000/month, and the third set is small and cheap, only 20,000/month.”

Liang Zheng: “…”

In Liang Zheng’s small hometown, the rental price of a one-bedroom and one-bathroom house is only 600 yuan. If you’ll discuss it with the owner, there’s no problem talking about 500 yuan for the rent.

The city where he went to school was also low in prices, and the children in the school who rent houses outside will not rent expensive ones.

So, when he told the agent ‘luxurious’ and ‘don’t save money’, he actually didn’t expect that the rent in K City would be so expensive.

Of course, most people would not rent such an expensive one. Who told him to speak out? The agent thought he was a high-end customer, and he was looking for high-end apartments. He didn’t expect him to be a small white collar with a salary of only a few thousand dollars.

He is still an intern who hasn’t become a full-time employee yet.

If the agent knew about it, he would roll his eyes with anger first.

Liang Zheng was frightened by the rent, but the agent even diligently asked him to make an appointment to see the house. He could only perfunctorily reply: “I’ve been busy recently, so I can’t arrange a time now. I will contact you later.”

When he returned to Zhang’s house after getting off work, he quietly called Liang Yingying down after dinner and showed Liang Yingying these houses.

Liang Yingying almost laughed. Her nephew really doesn’t regard himself as an outsider. She said that she would pay his rent fee, so he really dared to look for it! He found this kind of high-end apartment, so if she gives him more face, she’s afraid that he might then look for a villa.

Although Liang Yingying would give her family some money from time to time, she was willing to leak them through her fingers. She, Liang Yingying, came out early to mess with society, but she was not someone who would recognize others lying to her to suck blood!

No one can do it! Neither her natal family! Her parents can’t do it, not to mention her nephew!

She threw Liang Zheng’s cellphone directly back into his arms: “How much salary do you get a month, huh? How dare you live in such a house? Look in the mirror yourself, do you deserve it?”

Although Liang Zheng had predicted that there was a high probability that this would not work, he was still a little embarrassed when she told him that, and said, “Didn’t you say that you would pay me the rent?”

Liang Yingying poked him: “How did I know you had such a big face! ! !”

It was so big that it could cover the sky.

Liang Zheng became angry: “So, what should I do? You don’t like the house I’m looking for, where should I live then?”

Liang Yingying yelled at him and said, “Look again! Hurry up!”

Under Liang Yingying’s urging, Liang Zheng can only turn on the computer and log on to the website of the real estate agency. It was only when he thought about opening those commercial houses that Liang Yingying ‘snapped’ her hand and said, “How much is your salary? Can you afford to live there? Look at what kind of house your colleagues in the office live in.”

Of course, the kind of single young people who come to K City to drift, all live in that kind of old and broken town. Many people still share or even rent in groups.

Liang Zheng was not happy anymore: “How can I live in that kind of broken-down house?!”

Liang Yingying spat at him again: “Broken-down house? If you look at the house prices in K City, you can’t afford to buy this old and dilapidated house for the rest of your life! Who do you think you are! A big boss?”

“Although I am not a big boss, but!” Liang Zheng tapped the table, “My uncle is the boss! You want me to live in that kind of place? I’m embarrassed that you feel no shame!”

“I have nothing to be embarrassed about! When I first came to K City, I lived in the basement! It doesn’t even have a toilet! If I want to pee in the middle of the night, I have to get up and go to the public toilet in the community! Your grandparents also told me to save some money and send it to my family!” Liang Yingying also became angry.

As soon as she got mad, Liang Zheng flinched and muttered, “Then, aren’t you already prosperous now…”

“I am prosperous and it’s none of your d*mn business! It’s not you!”

“Hehe receives 10,000-yuan pocket money a month…”

Upon hearing this, Liang Yingying felt that it was time to talk to her nephew.

She clarified the things: “Liang Zheng, let me just tell you, so that you can figure it out. Yes, I have money. Yes, Hehe has 10,000-yuan pocket money a month. But that’s all f*cking money from the Zhang family, it has nothing to do with you! Do you understand?! It has nothing to do with you! There is only one eldest master in the Zhang family and that is Shuoshuo! You have to f*cking wake up, don’t treat yourself as the eldest master of the Zhang family, your f*cking surname is Liang!”

Liang Zheng deeply hates his surname Liang! Why doesn’t his surname be Zhang! It’s really frustrating!

He was dejectedly pressured by his aunt, so he picked a few old and small one-bedroom houses online and made an appointment with the agent to see the houses on Saturday.

“I will accompany you tomorrow!” Liang Yingying said, “It’s almost signed. Don’t be too picky. For those who have just arrived in K City like you, many people rent in groups in the basement. Who can rent the entire one-bedroom and one-living room house like you? It’s so comfortable!”

Comfortable my ass!

Liang Zheng sighed while lying in bed all night.

From a big villa to an old broken house, isn’t that from heaven to hell?

If he were a child of an ordinary family, he would come to K City by himself and start struggling from living in an underground room. He might not feel anything yet. But he has seen the wealth of the Zhang family. He has lived in a mansion and taken a luxury car. He knows what life is like for other people’s children.

After tasting this and returning to the life of ordinary people, the taste… it’s really difficult to bear.

Although Liang Yingying said that she would accompany him to see the house, she had to get up and get out of bed. The earliest they made an appointment was half past 10. This is already ‘very early’ for Liang Yingying.

Before she got up, Liang Zheng got up early and scurried around the house with his cellphone, taking various photos. He also changed into several different clothes. He planned to keep them for future use and post them in Moments from time to time.

As for the fact that he will not live in this mansion in the future, of course, he can’t let the people in his Moments know.

Young Master Liang also wants a face. He is earning 70,000 yuan a month!

Zhang Yansheng woke up in the morning, looked at the time, and decided to swim first.

She changed into a swimsuit, put on a bathrobe, and went to knock on the door next to her: “Zhang Heling! Get up! Let’s go swimming!”

The little girl’s sleepy voice came from the room: “Huh? Oh… coming!”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t wait for her, so she went downstairs first.

Who knew that Liang Zheng was taking various poses of selfies in swimming trunks next to the swimming pool?

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

There was an unbearable sight early in the morning.

Zhang Yansheng rolled her eyes, took off her bathrobe and threw it on the recliner, stretched her arms, and jumped straight down. She deliberately slapped the water surface; and Liang Zheng, who was taking a selfie, was splashed all over with water unexpectedly.

He hurriedly wiped the water from his cellphone with a bath towel first, lest the water get into the cellphone. After wiping his face, he turned his head and saw that a girl in the swimming pool was no other than his eldest cousin Zhang Yansheng.

She must have done it on purpose!

Liang Zheng was so angry! But he can’t scold her even if he wants to! He is an adult and she is just a child, who is also a girl, especially a girl who no one dares to provoke in this family, how can he care about it?

It seemed embarrassing for him to be bothered about her.

Liang Zheng bitterly comforted himself: I don’t care about young girls’ porn videos anyway.

He turned around to leave, glanced again, and his heart moved.

Although the young girl’s porn videos are of no interest for him, what can’t be denied is that this little girl is really a beautiful girl.

Although she is not yet fully developed, her snow-white skin glows brightly in the water. She is wearing a two-piece swimsuit with straight and long legs and a thin and tight waist. When she swings up and down in the water, she looks like a mermaid.

Liang Zheng was shocked and aroused, he looked around to see that there was no one, and quietly raised his cellphone…

“Cousin, what are you doing?”

Zhang Heling’s voice suddenly sounded, which made Liang Zheng shiver with fright, and his cellphone almost fell.

“You scared me, why are you walking silently?” Liang Zheng grabbed his cellphone and complained.

Zhang Heling also changed into a swimsuit and wore the bath towel as a cape, like a superhero. She looked at Liang Zheng suspiciously and felt that his expression was a bit wrong: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing…” Liang Zheng hesitated, “I’m here to take a few selfies.”

But just now, she clearly saw him holding his cellphone, facing the pool.

“So what? Do you… want to swim?” Liang Zheng changed the subject.

Children are easily deflected. Zhang Heling’s attention was distorted all of a sudden and she said, “Yes, do you want to swim too?”

“I can’t, I’m going to have breakfast, you should swim well and exercise well every day, hahaha.”

Just as he was about to slip away, someone behind him said coldly: “Stop right there.”

Liang Zheng turned his head and saw that Zhang Yansheng had already come out of the pool, covered in water. She took off her swimming goggles and threw them on the chair, her eyes were sharp, shooting over like a knife.

“Delete it!”

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