January 8, 2022

Chapter 37: To Brag

Liang Zheng laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling. He felt that if he didn’t groan a few times, he would really die.

He was really angry with the Zhang family. They are too extravagant and stingy!

He is also a junior, but his uncle treats him like an outsider. Not only did he not want to give him some pocket money to subsidize, but he also said that ‘earning money is to spend for his children’.

It was made clear that he didn’t treat him as one of his own.

The more Liang Zheng thought about it, the angrier he became.

He remembered that there were a lot of insightful suggestions that he was going to give Zhang Huan to improve the company’s management level. He won’t give them anymore!

The Zhang family’s company deserves to get worse and worse, and it will go bankrupt sooner or later!

Imagining that the Zhang family would go bankrupt and have no money in the future, Liang Zheng finally calmed down.

He took out his cellphone and swiped it, and saw that a group of brand-new social animals in the group chat of college classmates were spitting out bitterness, thinking about their school days and childhoods. After being beaten up in the society, they all thought of how wonderful it was when they used to ask their parents for pocket money.

Liang Zheng felt uncomfortable when he saw the words ‘pocket money’.

He said in the group: “Do you know how much my sister’s monthly allowance is?”

Because Liang Zheng is used to bragging in school, everyone jokingly calls him ‘Young Master’. Seeing him say that, everyone first asked, “How old is your sister?”

Liang Zheng said, “Elementary school student, probably third or fourth grade.”

Some people boldly guessed: “One thousand?”

“It’s an exaggeration. My monthly living expenses in college are only two thousand.”

“Can you compare with our Young Master Liang’s family?”

“That’s true.”

“Young Master Liang, Young Master Liang, hurry up, solve the mystery for us, and let our group of poor people widen our knowledge. How much is it?”

Everyone is afraid of comparison.

When Liang Zheng is compared with the Zhang family, he would roll his eyes and kick his legs, wishing to die on the spot; but compared with these ordinary people, he became awesome again.

He sneered at the ignorance of these people from the bottom of his heart, and said disdainfully in the group: “Ten thousand yuan.”


“Elementary school student?”

“It’s an exaggeration…”

Liang Zheng deliberately waited for everyone to make these sighs before adding: “This is because she is young and afraid that she will spend money indiscriminately, so she was only given 10,000 yuan.”

Sure enough, the group exploded again.

Someone questioned: “Young Master Liang, aren’t you an only child?”

“Idiot, this must be about his cousin! The one who lives in a big mansion in K City!”

“Young Master Liang, Young Master Liang, do you need a husband for your cousin?”

“Go away! My sister is only an elementary school student!”

Liang Zheng said: “This is just my little sister. Her pocket money was sent by her elder sister. I don’t even know how much pocket money my eldest cousin has.”

Others asked, “How old is your eldest cousin?”

Liang Zheng said: “She’ll be in high school when school starts. Her academic performance is very poor, just like the kind of kid from the wealthy second-generation, who is muddy. She will also go to the best high school in K City, and my aunt paid for it to send her in.”

In Liang Zheng’s opinion, all of Zhang Huan’s money is his aunt’s money; Zhang Huan’s company is his aunt’s company; Zhang Huan’s home is his aunt’s home.

In Liang Zheng’s heart, he and his aunt are close relatives with deep affection. To sum it up, aren’t these his family’s money, his company, his… home?

All in all, Liang Zheng didn’t regard himself as an outsider from the Zhang family.

It’s just that he regards the Zhang family as a close relative and treats them as his family, but the Zhang family treats him as an outsider. The more he thinks about it, the angrier he becomes.

The person who asked about him being an only child before hasn’t checked the group chat much recently because of being too busy. When he asked in detail, others pointed out the photos of various luxury houses and luxury cars that Liang Zheng had posted before and left them in the group chat.

The man opened his eyes, kept admiring, and asked, “Then, are you working for your aunt now? How much is it for a month?”

This is simply inserting a knife and sprinkling salt on Liang Zheng’s wound.

Liang Zheng wanted to say angrily: “Don’t mention it, they are so rich but so stingy, they only give me 6,000 a month…”

The salary is 6,000 yuan a month. Now, during the internship period, he only gets half of it, which is 3,000 yuan.

Liang Zheng was halfway through typing with anger, and suddenly came back to his senses — how could he tell his classmates the truth about the collapse of his career?

Everyone thought he’s living in a mansion and got a Ferrari. If he let them know the truth, would he still want the face of ‘Young Master Liang’?

Liang Zheng deleted all the words he had typed just now, and re-wrote: “She’s my own aunt, to say that I work part-time or not, it’s our own company anyway and I just help them manage it. I’m also embarrassed to ask for too much, one month…”

He originally wanted to write 20,000 yuan a month, but when he thought that Zhang Heling still had 10,000 yuan a month for a primary school student’s pocket money, then 20,000 yuan is not appropriate.

How much is appropriate? He didn’t know what to say.

Finally, he thought to himself, how could his salary as an adult be four or five times more than his cousin’s pocket money… it should be six or seven times, right?

Liang Zheng gritted his teeth and wrote, “…it’s only 70,000 a month.”

There was another explosion in the group, and they expressed their envy one after another, asking if his aunt still lacks nephews, sons, and pets.

And they immediately sent him a private message, asking him to help arrange jobs for them.

Furthermore, they asked what position he is in now.

Liang Zheng was flustered and replied: “I will have the title of director first and we will talk about it later if necessary. My cousin is still so young and the company has to have his own family to help him manage it. I am the only nephew of my aunt, so I can’t push this responsibility off.”

There was another sound of admiration in the group, envy and flattery flying together.

Liang Zheng’s breath on his chest finally smoothed down, and after it was smoothed out, he was empty again.

Although (temporarily) he lives in a large mansion, however, his monthly salary is only 6,000 yuan, and the BMW he drives is also the most worn-out car in the family.

When his cousins ​​went out, they were all in a luxury car that’s worth about five or six million, accompanied by the driver and an aunt.

This gap is too big, and the more he thinks about it, the emptier he feels. He only hates that his reincarnation skills are not good, as he became Liang Yingying’s nephew instead of her son.

Under the emptiness, he took out his laptop and opened a pornographic website, found a porn video and watched it.

After washing his hands, he lost a lot of body fluids and felt thirsty. He opened the door and wanted to go downstairs to get some water to drink. It happened that Zhang Yansheng also walked out of her room to go downstairs, and the two met in the corridor.

Liang Zheng stared at her.

Tonight, because she was so uneducated, she left with a cold face without even listening to other people’s words, which caused his failure to tell Zhang Huan about his suggestions for the company.

Liang Zheng thought that he couldn’t give this unruly girl a good face.

It’s just that he hasn’t figured out how cold his face should be, and Zhang Yansheng has already passed in front of him, but she hadn’t given him any ray of light from the corner of her eyes.

He was treated completely as air.

Liang Zheng: “…”

Liang Zheng was going to die of anger.

Zhang Yansheng has learned in her life not to let herself be angry with the people she hates. Why do you want to stare at a piece of sh*t to make yourself sick? It’s okay when this piece of sh*t doesn’t exist.

Listening to the sound of footsteps, Liang Zheng followed her and went downstairs, probably also looking for food and drink.

Zhang Huan has put the words down early and asked him to rent an apartment by himself. It is expected that he will not live here for a long time and will die for a month.

Just like a passerby.

Zhang Yansheng came back from the dead and cherished her youth very much. She would rather spend more time memorizing formulas and solving questions than wasting time with the person with the surname Liang.

She opened the refrigerator and took a look.

The refrigerator in the kitchen stores vegetables, meat and eggs; and the refrigerator in the dining hall is filled with food that can be eaten at any time, such as snacks and drinks.

Zhang Yansheng took some snacks and drinks casually, turned around and passed Liang Zheng. The two looked tired of each other, and neither spoke to anyone.

Zhang Yansheng held the drink, torn open the snack bag, and while eating and walking, she thought… will this person steal that watch in this life?

If he wants to steal it, then just steal it already; then call the police and get him into jail early, so she can be worry-free. Don’t keep dangling in front of her.

Liang Zheng took a few cans of drinks and beer from the refrigerator and prepared to take them upstairs.

He glanced diagonally from the corner of his eye, and saw Zhang Yansheng walking up the stairs holding the snacks, without turning her head at all, so he looked over boldly.

The little girl hasn’t developed well yet, but her legs are pretty, he thought bitterly.

Returning to the room with an iced drink, he continued to watch pornographic videos.

Many videos on this website are secretly filmed videos. The perverts sneaked in and installed hidden cameras to secretly record videos of couples having s*x, and secretly record videos of girls changing clothes, going to the toilet, and taking a bath.

Liang Zheng watched them with gusto.

A group of perverts in the bullet screen were still communicating there, discussing the bodies of the victimized women.

Suddenly someone asked, “I also have a video, how can I upload it?”

Someone immediately told him: “The ‘Upload’ button above the navigation bar.”

Another message floated by: “Brother, how did you film it?”

That person answered: “Hehehehe, a shared room and a camera was installed in the bathroom.”

A group of perverts, including Liang Zheng, laughed in front of the screen whenever they saw the bullet screen.


In the bedroom on the third floor, Zhang Huan threw a face directly at Liang Yingying: “Next week at the latest, let your nephew move out.”

Liang Yingying smiled and said, “He is a child who is ignorant. If he says something wrong, don’t mind him.”

Zhang Huan sneered: “He didn’t say something wrong. He just didn’t like our family.”

Liang Yingying refused to admit: “How could that be?”

Zhang Huan was too lazy to tell her. To put it bluntly, Liang Zheng’s ‘dislike’ is a hatred of their wealth.

He has seen many relatives who are envious and jealous of him and his family’s lives, but Liang Zheng is the first one who tried to control his family’s money. He can’t wait to write ‘it’s better to spend this money for me’ on his face. It’s really indescribably greasy.

Zhang Huan didn’t know what was wrong with him, that he suddenly lost patience and tolerance towards this ‘relative’. Maybe he and his wife, and this nephew really have a bad relationship.

That being the case, he said, “Anyway, I just made it clear to you. I won’t say it the second time.” He glanced at Liang Yingying and went in to take a shower.

Liang Yingying was very annoyed.

Thinking about it carefully, this must be blamed on Zhang Yansheng, that dead girl who is such a noxious influence on her father again!

She usually wakes up late, and when she waited on Thursday the next day, she saw her son and daughter, who were all around Zhang Yansheng. She was really angry.

She pulled Zhang Shuocheng over and then scolded Zhang Heling: “You have nothing to do, right? Have that free time to study!”

Without waiting for Zhang Heling’s defense, Zhang Shuocheng broke free from her and said, “We are all done with our homework!”

Zhang Heling said hurriedly, “It’s true, we have both finished our homework already. I have checked all of Shuoshuo’s homework.” Although there were a lot of mistakes, they were all corrected and changed. But there is no need to tell this to Liang Yingying who is angry, she never cares about what they study anyway.

What she often says is – “It doesn’t matter, anyway, you have money that you can’t spend for a lifetime.”

She really felt that way, she was already so rich, and there was no need to struggle anymore.

She has found them such a rich father, and it’s all worth it.

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