January 7, 2022

Chapter 36: Died

If it was not for Zhang Shuocheng standing in front Zhang Huan, if it was not for the Zhang family’s house, if it was not for him now holding the Zhang family’s salary, if it was not for him still driving the Zhang family’s BMW car… If it wasn’t for these ‘if it was nots’, Liang Zheng wanted to slap Zhang Shuocheng, this little brat, on the face, and then teach him severely to let him know what respect and inferiority between elders and children is!

However, Liang Zheng held back anyway, but the look of anger on his face was too obvious, and the gaze in his eyes was too fierce.

Zhang Shuocheng was a little scared and shrank back. His father Zhang Huan held him firmly, gave him support, and then glanced at his wife’s nephew.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Liang Yingying hurriedly stepped forward to make a circle: “Okay, okay, what’s the noise?”

Everyone is close and distant. Between her nephew and her son, she undoubtedly stands by her son. She rebuked Liang Zheng angrily: “You are already an adult, so you can’t fight with a child.”

Liang Zheng was holding a mouthful of old blood and couldn’t swallow it.

Okay, he knows that his aunt is also unreliable. In her heart, she only has her son.

He looked at this and that angrily. His aunt and his cousins looked like they were not sensible people, so he finally couldn’t help but say to Zhang Huan: “Uncle, look at these two little kids! Even if our family has money, it’s not right to spend it in such a way.”

With millions of yuan to buy a car, Liang Zheng thinks it’s okay. After all, a car is like a human’s face, which represents a person’s social status.

But how many game machines can you get at home for hundreds of thousands of yuan? With a child’s three-minute heat,1三分钟热度 3-minute heat – It means that a person can only maintain limited or short-term enthusiasm for people or things he likes or has passion for. there is a high probability that they will be disregarded in less than a week.

With those hundreds of thousands of yuan, it’s much better to buy him a car than anything else!

This can also buy him a house in his hometown!

Unfortunately, in Liang Zheng’s heart, Zhang Huan, who should be the most sensible at home, did not support him.

Zhang Huan touched Zhang Shuocheng’s head, and said nonchalantly: “It’s just a little money, which can make them happy. Isn’t it just for the sake of their children that men earn money?”

He picked up Zhang Shuocheng, kissed him fiercely, and put him down again: “Son, Dad made money just to spend it on you! Oh, you’re getting heavy!”

As soon as he lowered his head, he met Zhang Heling’s eyes with expectation. Recently, the little daughter has become more and more cute.

Zhang Huan hurriedly released a hand and rubbed Zhang Heling’s head: “Also, to give money for my daughter!”

Zhang Heling said seriously: “And give money to my elder sister!”

That’s right! What a sisterhood!

Zhang Huan’s heart was about to melt away, and he thought to himself, it’s still his daughter who is sweet. When will his son be able to do the same?

He rubbed Zhang Heling’s head and praised her: “Hehe is right! Dad’s money is spent for the three of you.”

He asked habitually again: “What do you want? Dad will buy it for you.”

Liang Zheng shouted in his heart: I want a car!

It’s a pity that he is not his father, and this is not something he can ask from him.

Liang Yingying interrupted and said: “She doesn’t lack anything in this house. Leave her alone.”

Zhang Huan has always thought that the child’s affairs are in the hands of women, so they should have their mothers. This is also the reason why he did not listen to the advice of his mother and elder brother and obtained a marriage certificate with Liang Yingying.

With a woman in the house, he can confidently not worry about the children’s food, clothing, housing, and other matters.

But recently, under Zhang Yansheng’s repeated reminders, Zhang Huan finally noticed Liang Yingying’s harsh treatment of Zhang Heling.

Such harsh treatment is not so conspicuous in wealthy families where food and clothing are indispensable. But after being pointed out by Zhang Yansheng, he can see it everywhere now.

He knows that if Zhang Shuocheng wants to ask for something, Liang Yingying will buy it for him immediately. The contrast of this attitude is simply not too stark.

Zhang Huan suddenly felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

Zhang Huan also favors sons over daughters, which is mainly manifested in his ‘want’ and extra love for his son. But he was born with a golden spoon and lived a life of prosperity. He never thought of treating any of his own children, including his daughters, harshly.

Zhang Huan’s face sank and said, “Who asked you?”

He lowered his head, and turned softly to Zhang Heling: “Daddy is asking Hehe.”

Zhang Heling was well-behaved and sweet, and said, “No, if I have something I want, I will buy it myself. Dad, I haven’t spent a cent of my 10,000-yuan pocket money this month. When I spend the money, I will keep a good account, and I will show it to you then.”

Well, the eldest daughter has to move with more than 50,000 yuan a month, but she only gave the youngest daughter 10,000 yuan.

Zhang Huan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But the eldest daughter is willing to care about the younger daughter and is willing to help him worry about the younger daughter. The extra 40,000 yuan is regarded as a salary for the eldest daughter.

Anyway, the money did not flow to others.

What he just said is also the truth. Isn’t it just for the sake of providing a good life for his family to make money?

As for others, they still take the salary he paid, so why worry about them eating radishes!

He hugged Zhang Shuocheng and said: “Let’s go, let’s go, go back to your rooms.”

Zhang Shuocheng is already old, and he should be in the second grade soon, so he can’t bear to be hugged away. He struggled twice, slid off his dad, and ran away quickly, trying to go back to his room to play on the game console.

“Slow down! Slow down! Don’t fall!” Zhang Huan chased after him.

Zhang Heling also wanted to leave, but was dragged by Liang Yingying: “I almost forgot about your pocket money!”

The last time Liang Yingying knew that her daughter had pocket money, no one told her. She lost her temper at the time, but instead she was reprimanded by Zhang Huan, followed by a lot of mess. She just forgot about it.

“What do you want money for at this house?! Give me the money!” Liang Yingying said.

Liang Yingying is already Mrs. Zhang. She usually uses a credit card for shopping and Zhang Huan pays the bill. As for the cash, she has to hold it in her own hands — although she was the main wife now, the habit of holding money from men when she was being taken care of still couldn’t be changed.

It’s just that he is much more generous now than in the past. After all, she gave birth to two children for Zhang Huan and they are also legal couple. Zhang Huan is very generous to her in terms of money, and she is actually not short of the 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan.

But Zhang Heling had her own pocket money quietly, as if she was out of her control, so she was upset in her heart.

Zhang Heling’s expression changed.

In fact, she has not yet formed a formal view of money, and she is not particularly eager for money.

However, opening a card for her, giving her a fixed amount of pocket money, and telling her to learn to manage money by herself — these things her sister did for her was the first time she felt valued when she grew up.

And if the money her sister gave her was taken away by her mother, in terms of the relationship between the two of them… her sister would definitely be very, very angry!

At this moment, Liang Zheng was also red in anger and said, “That’s right, what kind of pocket money does this child want? Do you have a place to spend money? What do you want? Look at you, you eat and drink, what else do you lack of? Why do you want money? You are a little child and you get that much money! You!”

Just now, upon hearing Zhang Heling say that her pocket money is 10,000 yuan a month, it shattered Liang Zheng’s three views!

He doesn’t even have a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan!

Is the world crazy? Why is the amount of a kid’s pocket money greater than his salary? Why?

Two adults, one is tyrannical and the other is hideous.

Zhang Heling was a little scared.

But she felt that if she gave the money to her mother, it would be a kind of betrayal and disappointment to her sister. Besides, her dad didn’t say anything about her having pocket money!

The little girl plucked up her courage, raised her head and said, “I won’t give it. My sister gave me my pocket money. She also asked me to learn how to manage money. She said she would check my account.”

Liang Zheng was surprised: “Your money was given by Zhang Yansheng? Didn’t your dad give it to you?”

“No. It was given to me by my sister. She said that she would give me 10,000 yuan a month and let me manage the money by myself.” Zhang Heling replied, and then said to Liang Yingying, “If you take it away, my sister will definitely ask you to give it back!”

And even if her mother wants to give it back, her sister would likely to be disappointed at her, and she may not give her any more pocket money in the future, or she may not even care about her anymore.

These thoughts flashed vaguely in the little girl’s mind, she couldn’t understand it, but she could feel it intuitively.

Liang Zheng’s eyes are even redder!

He thought Zhang Heling’s pocket money was given by Zhang Huan. He is the father of the child anyway. It makes sense for such a big boss to have a big family and a big business.

Zhang Yansheng is still a child herself! Can she just give her elementary school sister 10,000 yuan a month casually?

So, how much is her own pocket money then?

Liang Zheng felt that his worldview had collapsed.

D*mn it! The Zhang family is so rich, but they just give him a worn-out BMW to drive! What the hell?!

Liang Zheng had forgotten at this time. When he used to imagine the future, his rhetoric was nothing more than ‘I will definitely drive a BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the future’.

With red eyes, he exclaimed, “Zhang Yansheng’s pocket money has to be confiscated, too!”

His voice seemed to pierce a needle through a balloon. Liang Yingying, who had been fiercely facing Zhang Heling, was suddenly discouraged.

This money was given to Zhang Heling by Zhang Yansheng, so she really couldn’t ask for it. Zhang Yansheng’s temperament had to be torn up with her.

In the past, she often secretly rubbed and teased her. She was noisy, but in fact, she often didn’t make sense, and Zhang Huan didn’t help her either. But now, she doesn’t know how she make people get a little scared of her.

You can say that she is crazy and she is quiet. You can also say that she is mature, that she can strangle her neck and almost choke her off!

Recently, Liang Yingying was very jealous of Zhang Yansheng.

Moreover, Liang Yingying found out for the first time that her nephew… isn’t he stupid?

Let’s not talk about whether she confiscated the money in Zhang Yansheng’s hand or not. If she really took away the money in Zhang Yansheng’s hand, Zhang Huan would be the first to stop her!

Liang Yingying knew very well where Zhang Huan’s bottom line was — no matter how much she suppresses Zhang Yansheng, she must not treat Zhang Yansheng harshly in material terms. Of course, she doesn’t have this ability either.

What is this stupid nephew thinking?!

“Take it! Take it all!” Liang Zheng’s eyes were red and he spat at Zhang Heling, “What are the children doing with so much money? A group of prodigal girls!”

This last sentence also involved Liang Yingying.

“All right. I got it.” Liang Yingying let go of Zhang Heling’s arm angrily, “Zhang Yansheng gave it to you, so you can keep it.”

Liang Zheng couldn’t believe it: “Auntie, don’t you care about them?”

Liang Yingying said to her heart, if I can take care of it, do you think you still have a chance to say that. But she also refused to admit in front of Liang Zheng that she couldn’t control Zhang Yansheng, so she could only understate: “Forget it, it’s not much money. They are also older and have a place to spend their own money.”

No, you obviously didn’t say that just now, Zhang Heling thought to herself.

No, you didn’t say that 10,000 yuan is not much money, right? Liang Zheng shouted in his heart!

Liang Yingying suddenly turned her mind, changed her thinking, and said to Zhang Heling, “She only gives you 10,000 yuan a month? Why is she so stingy! Her mother left her a lot of money, don’t save it for her, ask her for more money!”

She had the same idea as Zhang Huan, that the money went to her own children and not to outsiders.

Is giving 10,000 yuan a month stingy?

Liang Zheng felt that he was about to vomit blood.

Although Zhang Heling said, “How can I ask for my sister’s mother’s money?” Then, she added very honestly: “My sister said that I was still young and she was afraid that I would spend money indiscriminately, so she would only give me 10,000 yuan a month for now, and we will talk about it later if it is not enough”

Liang Zheng: “…”

Liang Zheng died of old blood that couldn’t be spurted out and couldn’t be swallowed back.

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    三分钟热度 3-minute heat – It means that a person can only maintain limited or short-term enthusiasm for people or things he likes or has passion for.