January 6, 2022

Chapter 35: To Like

“So, the main thing is to have a space, at least 20 square meters. If you want to get a few units, you need an area of 30 or 40 square meters.” Zhang Yansheng said.

“What is it?” Zhang Huan asked inexplicably as he watched the three siblings talk.

Zhang Shuocheng hurriedly said, “My eldest sister said we’ll get a VR room at home! So, we can play at home!”

Zhang Huan: “Oh.”

Zhang Heling asked, “Where is it going to be?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “This is what we are talking about. The thing is we have to make such a large space at home. Now, where in this house can we free up that much space?”

Zhang Shuocheng hurriedly said, “My room! My room is okay! Put them all in my room!” When the time comes, just close the door and play in his own room by himself. No one will care about him!

Zhang Shuocheng was simply bubbling with beauty. Both of his sisters rolled their eyes.

The three siblings made Zhang Huan laugh.

The laughter hadn’t fallen yet, and the little daughter said, “The one in the basement, the one with a lot of things piled up that I don’t know, is that okay?”

“Oh, that one, I think that’s okay.” The eldest daughter said, “Go back and ask the aunts to move everything to the storage room. No, let’s measure the size of that room first.”

The little daughter volunteered: “I’ll measure it! I will!”

The son also stepped in: “I want to measure it too!”

The little daughter disdains: “Don’t make trouble!”

The eldest daughter just dispatches work: “Then I’ll leave it to you. Tell me when the quantity is ready, and I will be responsible for buying it.”

Zhang Huan: “…”

Seeing the three children chirping, Zhang Huan has to give up his collection room clearly.

Zhang Huan held his forehead: “My little ancestors, don’t mess around! That room is 30 square meters, there is no need to measure it, I remember it. Don’t move the stuff there, I’ll arrange it, don’t move anything. Wait until I move all those things to the storage room before you go!”

“Okay, when I contact the seller, you can make a payment to them.” Zhang Yansheng said.

What else can a father do, the children are in debt. Zhang Huan could only say, “Okay.”

Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng cheered together.

Zhang Huan smiled and shook his head.

However, among the three children, only the two youngest were sincerely happy, and the eldest daughter Zhang Yansheng was still faint, and she didn’t look up at him.

Obviously, she treats her half-siblings very well, how can she be so cold to her father?

Zhang Huan felt uncomfortable.

After they had finished dinner, Liang Zheng came back. His mood is much better than before.

Today, he left the key of the BMW car on the desk, and it really made his colleagues in the office envious and jealous. They all said: “You deserve to be Young Master Zhang’s nephew. You can already drive a BMW just after graduation. Not like us, 996,1996 – 9am-9pm, six days a week (work schedule) who still have to squeeze in the subway.”

These people are really ignorant. This BMW is nothing, as it is just being used to buy groceries for the aunts at their house.

He really wants to show them the Cullinan or the Ferrari and let them have a good experience!

Later, these people in the office heckled and said that they wanted to try his BMW. In particular, there is a female intern in their office, a native of K City, who also graduated from a famous university. The look in her eyes has some affection.

Liang Zheng’s mind became hot, and he not only took these people for a ride, but also invited them to have a meal. The dinner table was full of compliments, and after the meal, the female intern was sent home. The day was very enjoyable.

Zhang Huan was taking the children to have some family fun after the meal.

The two little ones chatted continuously about the VR room, too excited. The eldest daughter was sitting on the sofa beside him, holding a tablet, and looking at the quotation of the VR machines.

Drinking tea, Zhang Huan only felt harmonious and content.

Liang Zheng came back and heard that Zhang’s family was in the small hall, so he came to join in the fun: “Hey, why is my aunt not here?”

Zhang Huan thought to himself, if your aunt is here, there is a high probability that it will not be so harmonious. He would rather have Liang Yingying play outside for a longer time. Family harmony is more important.

He casually asked Liang Zheng, “How are you these few days, are you adapting well?”

Liang Zheng was so motivated by this question, he immediately sat down and became a chatterbox: “Uncle, I have been observing carefully in the office these past few days and found a lot of problems…”

He began to point out the problems that Team Leader Xu had done, what Manager Wang had done wrong, and what he would have done if they were him.

Zhang Huan felt very tired after hearing it.

The water in the office is too deep, so how can a brat like him see through it?

Zhang Huan has dealt with a lot of poor relatives in the past. He feels that he has always been a person with a big belly, but he doesn’t know how to look at this nephew. He’s always been not pleasing to the eye.

When Zhang Yansheng couldn’t listen anymore, she closed the cover of the tablet, stood up and left, which gave Zhang Huan a sudden realization.

In the past, those poor relatives who came to fight the autumn breeze at least knew that they flattered the Zhang family. Only this Liang Zheng disregarded the children of the Zhang family more than once — mainly Zhang Yansheng. Zhang Huan could naturally perceive the confrontation with Zhang Yansheng revealed in those subtle attitudes.

It was precisely because he noticed it that he resented it.

In Liang Zheng’s eyes, Zhang Yansheng, the child born to his first wife, is completely superfluous in the Zhang family.

But in Zhang Huan’s eyes, between his wife’s nephew and his own daughter, only an idiot would not know who to be closer to.

Zhang Huan watched Liang Zheng bombastic talk, and then watched Zhang Yansheng stand up, the two kids tended to follow as well. His time of good family happiness has been ruined just like that.

Zhang Huan was very dissatisfied. He was not in the mood to listen to Liang Zheng, this little stupid boy, talking recklessly about important matters. He interrupted Liang Zheng with a wave of his hand and tried to have his children stay: “Let’s talk a little longer.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t even lift her eyes: “It’s too noisy, I’m going back to my room.”

She left without giving any face.

Maybe it’s because the family has been too noisy in the past few years, so the harmony and beauty of the past few days has made Zhang Huan particularly nostalgic. He couldn’t keep Zhang Yansheng, so he could only keep the two small ones: “Hehe, Hehe, don’t go, talk to Dad again.”

Zhang Heling has always been well-behaved and obedient. When Zhang Huan said that, she stayed obediently, and she also grabbed Zhang Shuocheng.

Zhang Huan hugged Zhang Shuocheng in his arms: “Tell Dad again, which machines do you want?”

Zhang Shuocheng said happily: “The one for driving and the one for shooting!”

No one paid attention to Liang Zheng. He was full of wise thoughts, various opinions and suggestions, and hadn’t had time to present them all. It was really embarrassing and annoying.

It’s just that he won’t put this annoyance on Zhang Huan’s head. In his heart, he and his uncle are a family.

Of course, this annoyance was recorded on Zhang Yansheng again, the excess baggage.

He couldn’t help but talk dryly, and interjected with a thick face and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Although Zhang Heling didn’t like him, she was also a polite child. She wouldn’t even give Liang Zheng a look like Zhang Yansheng did, and replied: “Today, we went to the VR gaming center to play, my sister said that we’ll set up a VR room for the family.”

With that said, she told Liang Zheng all the machines they’re going to buy as discussed earlier.

Liang Zheng was surprised: “This would cost… a lot of money, right?”

Zhang Heling said, “Not so much, my sister said it’ll only cost less than half a million yuan.”

Liang Zheng: “…”

Half a million, that can buy him a car! Moreover, Zhang Heling this little child, when she said that half a million is not much, it was so natural.

Liang Zheng was sitting on the sofa, feeling uncomfortable all over.

He watched Zhang Huan holding and teasing Zhang Shuocheng, as if he hadn’t heard the conversation there at all.

He was still full of passion just now, and wanted to give his uncle’s company a good opinion, but suddenly he felt uncomfortable. As long as his uncle pays him a salary of hundreds of thousands of yuan, it is worth his hard work.

They should talk about when he will be promoted to a manager or director.

He was full of complaints and couldn’t get out, so his tone became bad, and he said, “Why don’t you just go out and have fun?”

Zhang Heling was more sensitive, and already faintly felt that there was a problem with his attitude.

Although Zhang Shuocheng couldn’t notice it, he didn’t like to listen, and yelled: “There are too many people in the VR gaming center, so you have to line up!”

It’s still summer vacation, and there are so many people in this kind of fun place. When they went today, there were two machines with a long line of people. Zhang Shuocheng was the most impatient to line up. If Liang Yingying took him there, he would rush over and would demand to go first. But Zhang Yansheng led him there, held him down, and told him to line up in accordance with order, so he was so really anxious to death.

Because you don’t want to line up, so you have to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan? What a son of a b*tch!

“What’s the matter with the long queue, where else can’t you line up nowadays?” Liang Zheng said dissatisfied.

Zhang Heling was about to speak when Liang Yingying came in.

As soon as Liang Yingying got home, she heard from an aunt that Zhang Huan temporarily canceled his dinner appointment today and came back early.

In fact, Liang Yingying has been Mrs. Zhang for several years, but she has never been able to change the habits she developed when she was nurtured by Zhang Huan. When Zhang Huan was there, he would be the center of the solar system in her eyes, and she had to revolve around him.

When she heard that Zhang Huan was in the small hall, she gave the shopping bags to the aunt and came over by herself.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you came home early?” she said angrily.

As soon as she walked in, she saw her husband holding her son, her daughter standing beside him, and her nephew accompanying him. This scene is really harmonious. In Particular, the excess baggage Zhang Yansheng was not present, which made her eyes too comfortable.

She asked with a smile: “What are you talking about?” Liang Zheng was full of resentment and he felt that there was no need to go in circles with his aunt, so he said bluntly: “Auntie, look at the child you raised, just because he doesn’t want to line up outside, so you will have to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan just to buy the game machine and place it at home! How can this be right?!”

Is this not letting them build a VR room?

Zhang Heling was angry and anxious, but didn’t know how to refute Liang Zheng.

Zhang Shuocheng jumped off Zhang Huan’s lap without thinking about it, and said loudly, “How we spend our family’s money is none of your business! You can’t control it!”

These forceful children, how can they be so rude to adults?!

Liang Zheng became angry. He is the eldest grandson of the Liang family and his status in the family is similar to that of Zhang Shuocheng in the Zhang family. It’s easy to deal with colleagues and superiors in the company. But how can he be scolded by a little boy pointing at his nose like this in his own home?

He immediately stuck his neck up: “I am your elder brother, so I should care.”

Although Zhang Shuocheng is young, he has met many relatives. Those relatives all held him and praised him. He didn’t understand the twists and turns, but he naturally knew that these ‘relatives’ would not dare to do anything to him.

At least he would never dare to beat him with a real knife and gun like his eldest sister.

What’s more, his father and mother are here, so he has nothing to fear.

“What do you care? What do you care?” He put his hands on his waist and glared, “Bah!”

Bah, it’s a really rude behavior for others.

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