January 5, 2022

Chapter 34: Strange

In the end, Yingying promised Zheng that she would pay his rent, so this ‘young master’ reluctantly agreed to move out. But his request for a promotion and salary increase was choked back by Yingying. “How many days have you been working, huh? Not even three days! What promotion are you talking about?”

Zheng sulked and went upstairs muttering.

In the guest room, Zheng complained to one of his friends, “That d*mn girl, she’s just excess baggage! A dog that looks down on people! She doesn’t even think about who I am. I am the nephew of her parents. She doesn’t think about herself either, she’s not even my aunt’s biological child, and she is superfluous in this family. Without her, how harmonious it will be for my aunt and my uncle’s family of four?!”

His friend replied, “She’s just a middle school student, right? But you still can’t take care of her? Are you that weak?”

Of course, Zheng couldn’t admit it and said bluntly, “I am an adult, so I can’t just lower myself to a middle school student, right? It’s just a matter of minutes for me to take care of her!”

His friend squeezed him, “Then show us how you’ll take care of her.”

“F*ck! Stop being a fool, okay?! Don’t add fuel to the fire!” exclaimed Zheng.

Although he said that, Zheng thought of Yansheng and grinned his teeth bitterly.

Of course, Yansheng didn’t know that Zheng and Yingying had both blamed her on what Huan said to them. But even if she knew, it didn’t matter, who would care?!

She flipped through her cellphone at night and saw that several middle school classmates asked her out to have fun. She replied that she didn’t have time and refused them.

Most of her friends in middle school were like clouds of smoke later. Yansheng had almost forgotten them a long time ago, so she didn’t want to go out to have fun with these middle school students. Anyway, she was a 21-year-old adult in her soul. What fun would be there with a group of middle school students?

After throwing away the cellphone, she finished a few sets of questions again before going to bed.

On Wednesday morning, for the first time, Shuocheng didn’t need Heling to go upstairs to pick him up. He actually went downstairs to have breakfast by himself, so Huan was quite surprised.

Huan soon discovered that the two little ones were very absent-minded, especially Shuocheng, whose buttocks were sitting on a chair, but he kept twisting around, like an earthworm.

“What’s the matter?” Huan couldn’t help but ask.

Shuocheng glanced at Yansheng.

But Yansheng ignored him.

Shuocheng was now afraid of her and dared not to speak, so he just kept on glancing at her.

Huan knew at a glance that something must be going on. However, he provoked his eldest daughter by saying a wrong thing last night and he was now a little embarrassed to talk directly to her, for fear that his eldest daughter would lose her temper and give him no face in front of the two little ones.

He looked around and called Heling quietly, in a voice that Yansheng could also hear, “Hehe, Hehe..”

He squeezed his eyes at Heling. “Tell Dad, is there something special today? What’s the good thing?”

Heling also glanced at Yansheng. Unlike Shuocheng, she was not afraid of Yansheng. She replied in a crisp and cheerful voice, “Today, Sister promised to take us both to the VR gaming center!”

Shuocheng also added in a loud voice, “And eat cake!”

Heling corrected him, “It’s afternoon tea!”

“Yes, afternoon tea! Afternoon tea!” Shuocheng became excited, so he slapped the table and shouted.

One of the reasons for his excitement was for playing VR and the other was the fact that his two sisters wanted to take him out.

Huan was not only delighted that Yansheng had become close to the young children but also a little worried, so he couldn’t help but glance at her.

Yansheng knew what he was thinking, so she glanced back and said, “He won’t be lost. Aunt Wang and Mr. Zhou will come with us.”

Huan calmed down and smiled dryly. “I can rest assured then.”

Having said that, in his heart, his eldest daughter was only 15 years old and she was still a child. Before he left, he still gave reminders and instructions to Mrs. Wang and Mr. Zhou.

Yingying didn’t go downstairs for breakfast until noon as usual. At the dining table, she heard the two little ones chattering about going to the VR gaming center in the afternoon. She yawned and asked curiously, “Who will take you there?”

Shuocheng hurriedly replied, “Eldest sister will take us there!”

Yingying made a face after hearing that. “Where are you going? She is still a child herself. What will I do if I lose you?”

Heling hurriedly said, “I will keep an eye on him as well.”

But Yingying scolded her, “Who will you be looking at, huh? You are all children! Even you will be lost at that time! No one is allowed to go out!”

What she said was ‘not allowed to go out’, but in fact, both she and Yansheng understood that what she really meant was ‘not allowed to go out with Yansheng’.

Yansheng had been treating her as air at the dining table. By now, the two younger ones were all dumbfounded. She finally raised her eyes and said, “Okay, then you should take them out.” After speaking, she pushed away the dishes and chopsticks and then went upstairs.

The noise in the dining hall was heard on the stairs.

Shuocheng cried out, “Take me there! Take me there! I want to go to the VR gaming center! You take me there!”

Yingying yelled loudly, “I don’t have time. I have an appointment!”

Immediately after the sound of dishes falling to pieces, Heling screamed, “Mom, don’t hit him! Shuoshuo! Watch out for the sharp fragments!”

Shuocheng cried, Yingying cursed, and the servants rushed in and shouted, “Be careful! Be careful!”

It was a total mess.

Yansheng tugged at the corners of her mouth and went upstairs.

After almost half an hour, someone knocked on the door of her room. “Sister! Sister!”

She walked over and opened the door. Heling dragged Shuocheng, who was crying with tears and snots, to her and asked aggrievedly, “Are you really not going to take us there?”

Shuocheng cried again and there was a tendency that he would lie down and roll on the spot.

So Yansheng shouted, “Stand up straight for me!”

Shuocheng quivered and did not dare to lie down on the ground, while crying and hiccupping, he stared at Yansheng.

Yansheng then asked Heling, “What happened to him?”

Heling also twitched her nose and said sadly, “Mom refused to take us out. She made an appointment to play cards and wanted to go out. Shuoshuo hugged her leg and refused to let her go, and pulled her skirt apart, so she slapped Shuoshuo.”

Shuocheng wailed, then Heling tried to intervene and suffered a few times in the chaos. At the end of the scene, Yingying changed her clothes and went out.

Nothing could stop Yingying from going out. She was a woman who couldn’t stay at home at all.

Shuocheng lay on the ground and wailed. Mrs. Wang came over but couldn’t coax him to stop crying. Heling was still clever, tugging at his ears and telling him, “Let’s go and beg sister again…”

Shuocheng then stopped crying and followed Heling upstairs with snot on his face.

“Are we really not going out?” Heling was super aggrieved.

Yansheng already said yes to them and they had been looking forward to it for several days. It was all messed up by their mother, so it was not their fault.


Yansheng moved her gaze up, avoiding Heling’s big tearful eyes, and said angrily, “Go take him to wash his face and change into new clothes. It’s disgusting!”

The snot or something got on his clothes.

Heling opened her eyes wide and let out a cheer, then she dragged Shuocheng away.

Shuocheng was still ignorant, so Heling patted him anxiously. “Hurry up! Wash your face and change clothes. Sister promised to take us out!”

Finally, Shuocheng also cheered. This time, Heling didn’t need to drag him. He ran upstairs and shouted, “Aunt! Aunt Wang! Change my clothes!”

Heling stepped back again and poked her head at the door. “Sister, which one are we wearing today?”

Yansheng thought for a while. “The pink and blue one.”

“Okay!” Then Heling ran away.

Yansheng also changed her clothes. She wanted to put on makeup. Of course, she would not put on the same makeup she did in her previous life, but she at least put on some lipstick. However, after some thought, she just graduated from middle school at the age of 15 and hadn’t started putting on makeup yet, so of course she didn’t have any cosmetics.

I need to buy some lipsticks in the future, she reminded herself.

Because the two little ones were in a hurry to go out to have fun, their movements were so fast. They didn’t know how many times they got faster than what they usually did when going to school.

Heling and Yansheng were dressed in sister-matching clothes, both were good-looking and beautiful. Shuocheng was also cleaned up by his nanny. When he was not throwing tantrums, his appearance was quite bluffing. Only those who were close to him knew what kind of child he was.

Yansheng took Mrs. Wang and the two little ones out together, walking vigorously. Mr. Zhou was already waiting outside. When he saw them coming out, he felt as if Yansheng was a very imposing parent. Looking closer, even though she was beautiful, her eyebrows and facial features were still not fully developed, her figure was still flat and she was still a young girl after all.

It was really weird.

That afternoon, Yansheng fulfilled her previous promise. She took the two little ones to the VR gaming center and had afternoon tea.

Accompanied by Mrs. Wang and Mr. Zhou, the two of them were instructed by Huan to look after Shuocheng attentively. Sure enough, Shuocheng was very energetic, running around in the plaza.

Without Yingying, the two and a half adults and two children had a very happy afternoon tea together.

Shuocheng was having fun and eating comfortably, and he didn’t make much trouble.

They even talked about whether to build a VR gaming room at home.

“I’ll check it online later,” said Yansheng.

The two little ones were full of energy and looked at her with bright eyes. At least at that moment, the eldest sister looked much more stalwart than their parents.

Yansheng went to buy herself a complete set of full-colored lipsticks, and easily bought two gift boxes of skin care products, one for Mrs. Wang and the other for Mr. Zhou.

Both of them smiled openly.

Mrs. Wang said, “It’ll be a waste if I use them, so I’ll give this to my daughter.”

Mr. Zhou said, “It just so happens that my girlfriend’s birthday is coming soon, so I no longer need to worry about it. Hahahaha!”

Everyone in the group was satisfied, happy, and went home with ease.

Huan had a dinner meeting that night, but it was temporarily canceled, so he went home for dinner. Seeing the smiling faces of his youngest daughter and son at the dining table, he was also in a relaxed mood. He asked with a smile, “How was it, did you have fun today?”

Shuocheng hurriedly replied, “It was fun! Especially fun!”

Heling said, “We almost didn’t make it and Shuoshuo was beaten.”

Huan: “…Huh?”

Shuocheng just remembered that, by the way, he was beaten up. “It’s Mom!” He complained loudly, “Mom won’t let us go out with eldest sister! Eldest sister asked her to take us out instead, but she said she had an appointment. I didn’t let her go out, so she hit me! It hurts!”

He became aggrieved again.

Not only him, but Heling was also aggrieved. “I pulled her to prevent her from hitting Shuoshuo, and I was also hit several times, and it hurts.”

Huan’s socializing was temporarily cancelled today and Yingying didn’t know it, so she didn’t come back for dinner. It was also in her absence that Heling dared to complain.

His eldest daughter didn’t speak, but he could imagine the causes, consequences, and intermediate processes just by listening to the descriptions of the two little ones.

This d*mn…

In the past, the instability factor in the family was mainly my eldest daughter. When did it become my wife?