January 4, 2022

Chapter 33: Throw a Glass

“What happened today? Why did you send me that text message?” Huan asked.

Yansheng sneered and replied, “Someone thinks that he is a young master. Not only do you have to pay him a salary, but you also have to pick him up and drop him off using the family’s car. That someone will not be satisfied if he was not served well.”

She told him what happened in the morning. As a matter of fact, she also said to Huan, “You have to make it clear to this kind of person. What’s the use of saying those kinds of half-contained words? Some people don’t have that string in their minds.”

Unexpectedly, Huan was very happy. “But you understand.”

Yansheng was speechless, then Huan said indifferently, “Those people… it doesn’t matter if they understand or not, they won’t be able to turn the sky over anyway.”

Seeing Yansheng’s disapproving expression, he took a sip of wine and said leisurely, “Yanyan, you are young now. You are either black or white. You hate evil like a foe. You have to grow up to understand that there are some things you have to be confused about. Just like these kind of relatives where it’s impossible to break our relationship with them. For a family like us, we can never break our relationship with that kind of relative. Other than that, you know that your grandmother is such a powerful person, but look at her side with a lot of relatives’ misdeeds. She still has to take care of them and then she will ask me to take care of them.”

Yansheng replied in a cold voice, “That would also give you some points. At least the cousins and aunts on Grandma’s side are not white-eyed wolves.”

“Did Zheng do something more?” Huan continued, “If he is a white-eyed wolf, wait for him to do something. But for now… he has not.”

Yansheng looked at this old man and asked herself, Is he confused? His eyes looks very clear.

She knew that she had always underestimated her own father.

He understood everything in his heart.

He just weighed things. When the situation was within his control and in an acceptable level, he would turn a blind eye.

Just like in her previous life, whenever she had conflicts with Yingying, he would always try to smooth things over.

Because he wanted to make himself more comfortable.

She suddenly felt something astringent in her mouth. She bit the straw fiercely and gulped, concealing her emotions.

Huan didn’t notice it.

These days, Yansheng gave him a feeling that she had grown up and matured, which made him very happy. He enjoyed such a peaceful and intimate conversation with his daughter, so he was happy to give her some life lessons.

Unfortunately, Yansheng didn’t agree with his ‘reasoning.’ She hated his philosophy in life by feigning ignorance.

“But there are some things that cannot be corrected and controlled in time.” She calmed down and raised her eyes. “In the end, you will lose control and won’t be able to bear the end result.”

For example, her death and Shuocheng’s crime.

At that time, Huan could no longer ‘ignore’ it anymore, but he was already old then, so he would eventually be bitten by these results.

Huan laughed. “You are quite prepared for the rain.”

He is not Yansheng, so he does not know the future. He was still full of confidence at this time, feeling that everything in this family was within control, which could make him comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

Yansheng tugged the corner of her lips.

She could work hard to change her future, but it was tiring to change Shuocheng’s future and it was not her responsibility. She still advised Huan, “Forget about anything else. Your son, Shuocheng, you have to manage him well. With his current personality, if both of you, husband and wife, continue to get used to it like this, you will suffer from it in the future.”

All of a sudden, Huan’s good feeling that he thought he was in control of everything was broken.

“Oh, Shuoshuo, this kid…” He couldn’t help but murmured, “It would be great if your mother was still here. She is the best at taking care of children.”

Once upon a time, his late wife had disciplined their daughter well. The home was warm and comfortable, so he didn’t need to worry about anything.

But as soon as he spoke, he knew he had said the wrong thing.

If his late wife was still alive and there was Shuocheng, an illegitimate child outside, could his late wife be able to discipline his illegitimate child for him?

Without a word, Yansheng grabbed the glass and threw it at his feet.

The glass fragments, ice cubes, and liquid were splattered everywhere, making Huan shake his pants.

Huan backed away in embarrassment and apologized again and again, “Dad was wrong, Dad was wrong. Oh, this mouth doesn’t listen to orders, talking about your mother blindly!”

Huan was remorseful. What does I owe to this f*cking mouth to speak about that person? It’s over this time, my daughter will be hysterical again!

Unexpectedly, Yansheng was just standing there. Her chest was rising and falling violently. She was obviously extremely angry, but she didn’t say a word.

She stared at Huan and the anger in her eyes made him imagine how hard she gritted her teeth, but she still pursed her lips tightly. Huan was embarrassed and worried by her, but in the end, Yansheng just turned around and left.

Huan shook his pants and looked at his daughter’s back with a sigh of relief.

How could someone be this despicable?

In the past, his daughter was noisy all day long, screaming hysterically and shedding tears when she was agitated, and he only felt annoyed.

Now that his daughter had obviously matured and grown up, where she could even control her intense emotions, and that was a good thing. But why did he feel so lost in his heart?


He raised his eyes and saw an aunt probing her head at the door, so he beckoned. “Hey, clean this up.”

He pulled a few paper towels, wiped his pants, and polished his shoes’ surface. While sighing, he walked up to go upstairs. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, he heard the voices of Yingying and her nephew.

Zheng complained, “Isn’t it embarrassing for me to drive the car that those aunts use for grocery shopping?”

Yingying said sternly, “Of course not! If you don’t want it, then don’t drive it and just take the bus!”

Yingying said that she would give Zheng a car to drive, and told him that it was a BMW. Zheng was so excited at first, but was unable to endure the contrast. When they went to the garage to take a look, he found that the BMW was a small worn-out car in front of the other cars.

Yingying also leaked everything from her mouth, letting Zheng know that this BMW turned out to be a car for the aunts at home to buy groceries. Zheng’s mood suddenly changed from joy to dissatisfaction.

The way he looked at the cars was suddenly changed by seeing the garage of the Zhang family.

BMW is nothing but a street car, he thought. He took a fancy at the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in the garage. That was even better than Yingying’s Ferrari. That was a man’s car. A man should drive that kind of car.

But that was Huan’s car, a big off-road car that cost more than 6 million yuan. Yingying didn’t dare to have him drive it.

When facing the Zhang’s family, Yingying and Zheng were considered as one, as they were both from the Liang family. In order to prevent the Liang family from being looked down upon by the Zhang family, especially Yansheng, Yingying had to protect Zheng no matter what.

But when only the two of them were present, they were considered as two independent people, each with their own positions and interests.

Yingying rolled her eyes at that time and almost choked. “What are you dreaming about? Since it cost more than 6 million yuan, if you rubbed its paint, you can’t afford it even if you lose your salary for 10 years!”

This price really made Zheng’s feet soft and it also made his heart fiery.

It was a pity that he pestered Yingying for a long time, but she still didn’t let him drive the Cullinan. He complained in his heart that his aunt was too stingy.

Zheng didn’t know that his aunt was not unwilling, but could not let him instead. She boasted a lot in her natal family, but in fact, she did not have a high status in this family just like what Zheng had thought. She couldn’t take Huan’s car to give Zheng a favor.

Zheng was dissatisfied and felt that he was not an outsider with his aunt, so he couldn’t help but complain. Who knew that Huan happened to walk to the top of the stairs and had just ascended two steps when he heard it?

Huan stopped and didn’t continue walking.

Yingying and the two walked through the corridor before seeing him. Zheng was still thinking about the issue with the car, so Yingying immediately gave him an elbow and told him to shut up.

A glass was thrown at Huan by his daughter. Of course, he owed it to his mouth and he couldn’t blame his daughter. However, this did not mean that he was not angry in his heart, but it was just that this anger could not be directed at Yansheng.

This was just right, someone hit the muzzle of the gun.

Huan stood on the stairs and said with a smile, “That BMW is indeed worn-out.”

Zheng was shocked and overjoyed, thinking that his uncle was going to help him speak and improve the grade of the car for him.

“But it doesn’t matter, anyway, you won’t live here for so long, so you will only drive it for a few days.” Huan added, “Find a house as soon as possible. Remember to look for more convenient transportation, like taking a subway or bus going to work.”

He thought for a while and then kindly told Zheng, “There are many young people in the company who rent houses and find co-tenants. You can go to the Human Resources department and ask.”

After speaking, he walked upstairs and Zheng was left dumbfounded.

He opened his mouth to talk, but Yingying quickly stomped on his foot with her sharp eyes, so he let out a cry of pain.

Huan heard it on the stairs. He pretended not to hear it and continued walking up slowly.

Yingying pulled Zheng aside in the corridor and asked him vigilantly, “What are you doing? What do you want to say just now?”

“No, this…” Zheng was angry. “Is he driving me away? I’m his nephew! Is there any other uncle who is like this?”

“You keep your voice down for me!” Yingying hurriedly pulled him further away, for fear that Huan would hear them.

“Auntie, aren’t you angry? I’ve only been here for a few days, but he already started telling me to rent a house! Why can’t I live in this big house?”

“No matter how big it is, it’s not your home!” Yingying replied angrily. She still hadn’t figured it out. Obviously, Huan had promised to let Zheng live at home before he came, but then Huan changed his mind later.

She said, “The car will be driven by you first, then you have to find a house as soon as possible.”

Huan was not a stingy person. He was not stingy with money or things. But he had already said it twice about letting Zheng rent a house by himself, which showed that he was really unwilling to let Zheng continue to live there. Yingying didn’t dare to defy Huan’s order, so she could only urge her nephew to move away quickly.

Zheng became even more annoyed. “Are you still my aunt?”

“Yes, I’m not your aunt! I don’t care where you ask for food!” Yingying spat, “Don’t be ignorant of good or bad, the work has been arranged for you, so what else do you want?!”

“I am ashamed to say it! I am embarrassed to tell my friends that I am just an intern in my own company!”

In fact, when Huan arranged for Zheng to start as an intern, Yingying was also quite dissatisfied.

But now that Zheng was complaining about her husband, she had to stand on Huan’s side again, so she scolded him, “Who didn’t start as an intern in the first place?! Let me tell you, when your uncle entered his own company as an intern, no one knew who he was. He had really started from the grassroots level, but look at your uncle now!”

Zheng replied, “Nonsense! If he becomes an intern again, he will be the boss sooner or later. After all, he is the real boss of the ‘company of his own family’. Can that be the same with me?”

He was very dissatisfied and wanted to fight for himself again. Whether he lived in the Zhang’s house or to have a high position in the company, he had to say more.

Yingying went on but suddenly looked behind him.

A servant had cleaned up the glass dregs and was about to throw the garbage, but Yingying saw it with her sharp eyes.

“What happened?” she asked the servant.

The servant saw that there was no one around. Huan and Yansheng both went upstairs, so she whispered, “Miss Yanyan lost her temper just now and threw a glass. It splashed on the master’s pants.”

Yingying and Zheng suddenly realized something almost at the same time.

The culprit who made Zheng unable to continue living there has been found.

They both thought that Yansheng must have forced Huan to drive Zheng away.

This excess baggage!