January 12, 2022

Chapter 41: Hatred

Zhang Heling ran upstairs again and knocked on Zhang Yansheng’s door: “Sister, sister!”

Zhang Yansheng opened the door to let her in: “What’s up?”

“Wow, sister, are you still studying?” Zhang Heling was shocked when she saw the exercise workbooks Zhang Yansheng was brushing up on the desk.

It’s summer vacation now!

However, in this family, Zhang Heling is actually the current true schoolmaster.

Zhang Yansheng was a little embarrassed, and closed the exercise book in front of her: “Do you have something to say?”

“Oh!” Zhang Heling came back to her senses, remembering that she was here to tell Zhang Yansheng the good news, “Dad told me just now that my cousin will move out tomorrow!”

This is really good news.

Zhang Yansheng was in a better mood, and asked again, “Why did Dad tell you this?”

There must be a reason why Zhang Huan would suddenly tell a child about this. Sure enough, Zhang Heling said very honestly: “As soon as I told him that you threw away my cousin’s cellphone in the morning, Dad mentioned it.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng poked Zhang Heling’s forehead: “Your mouth is really quick!”

She thought for a while and went downstairs.

The cooking aunt in the kitchen has already started preparing for dinner.

Zhang Yansheng carried the ice cream in, “Aunt.”

“The person surnamed Liang will move out tomorrow.” She told the aunt.

The aunt stretched out her neck to take a look and when she couldn’t see Liang Yingying, she boldly said: “Finally, he’s leaving.”

This young master Liang, who lives in Zhang’s house, has a great deal of arrogance. The attitude towards them, the staff hired by the Zhang family, is very bad, and he always tries to get them to work. The aunts are very reluctant to see him.

Even Xiao Zhou, the driver, had complained about him with the aunts.

Zhang Yansheng said, “I’m just here to remind you.”

Aunt: “?”

Zhang Yansheng smiled slightly: “If he wants to move away, then just leave, but don’t take our family’s things away.”

She stared at the aunt.

The aunt also stared at her brightly.

This aunt understands!

At the dining table, Zhang Heling, the little girl, couldn’t help but ask Liang Zheng, “Cousin, are you moving out tomorrow?”

Liang Zheng was taught by Liang Yingying, so he swallowed his anger and didn’t dare to put up a face in front of Zhang Huan, and said listlessly, “Yes.”

He glanced at her and saw that the little girl was in good spirits. He paused, glanced at Zhang Huan again, and said to Zhang Heling, “If we don’t live together in the future, we won’t be able to see each other every day. Hehe, don’t you want to miss this cousin?”

Hurry up, quickly save your brother!

“I don’t want to.” Zhang Heling said very sincerely, “I’m used to seeing you only once in a year or two.”

Zhang Huan looked away.

Zhang Yansheng also almost broke her feat.

Her younger sister is very honest!

Liang Yingying glared at Zhang Heling: “If you can’t speak properly, then talk less!”

No one has said anything about him staying, so Liang Zheng was depressed after the meal.

Unexpectedly, something even more depressing came after dinner, and an aunt knocked on his door. “Mr. Liang is moving away, right?” The aunt said with a smile, “Please return the car key to me. There is no car for us to use these days, so it is inconvenient to buy groceries.”

A good BMW car is for the aunts to drive. Although they are busy during the summer vacation, but when the children start school again, Xiao Zhou will send them to school in the morning. The husband will go to the company very early, and then they’ll wait for the wife to go out after having breakfast. In the next hours, the aunts are very free!

As long as the housework is arranged, and the aunts are in the mood before the children come back from school, they can drive the BMW to the supermarket!

How beautiful!

When this young master named Liang came, he took over the BMW car used by the aunts. The aunts had been bothered by him a long time ago.

It’s just that the car is the Zhang family’s car, not the aunts’ car. The employer didn’t speak, and the aunts couldn’t speak even if they had any thoughts in their hearts.

However, Zhang Yansheng is different. Although she is younger, she is their employer! She came over and reminded the aunt clearly in the afternoon, and this aunt understood.

Looking at it from the aunt’s perspective, let alone Zhang Yansheng’s obvious dislike of seeing Liang Zheng, even Zhang Huan, the eldest member of this family, definitely did not like to see him as well. Otherwise, why did he have to move out after only living for a week?

It’s not that the Zhang family hasn’t hosted their relatives, nor that they haven’t lived with relatives for a month. She just hasn’t seen Zhang Huan drive people away. Not only did he not rush it, he was quite enthusiastic about it too. No one in the family has enmity with the staff.

As for how this young master Liang got here, everyone hated it.

With a smile on her face, the aunt stretched out her hand to Liang Zheng.

Liang Zheng’s complexion looked ugly.

Although he knew that this BMW car belonged to the Zhang family, he had to return it to the Zhang family sooner or later. But he actually secretly planned in his heart that as long as the Zhang family did not ask for it, he would not take the initiative to return it back.

Zhang Huan is not shameless anyway, and he won’t care about these trivial matters. It’s just a car for aunts, so there is a high probability that he will just turn a blind eye and let is pass.

Not to mention, Liang Zheng guessed really well. Zhang Huan really didn’t plan to care about a small broken car.

Unfortunately, Liang Zheng offended Zhang Yansheng this morning.

Zhang Yansheng had no intention of paying attention to him at all, but he ran into her and took pictures of her secretly.

Zhang Yansheng is not a saint and there is no need for her to pay attention and give face to Zhang Huan. What is Zhang Yansheng afraid of? The last thing she’ll be afraid of is ripping off the face of someone surnamed Liang. She is not even afraid of Liang Yingying, so how could she be afraid of Liang Zheng?

Besides, that is her car.

Liang Zheng was urged by this aunt to return the car upfront. In front of these ‘outsiders’, he also had to give a face, so he could only bitterly pick up the key and return it to this aunt.

It was just that when the aunt smiled after accepting the key and was about to leave, Liang Zheng suddenly shouted to the aunt and asked: “Who asked you to come to me for the key?”

Of course, the aunt would not take this to herself. What kind of hatred does she have with her employer’s relatives?

Since Zhang Yansheng told her about this, she brought up Zhang Yansheng’s name: “It’s Miss Yanyan.”

It’s Zhang Yansheng again! The excess baggage!

Liang Zheng slammed the door angrily.

The aunt curled her lips in the hallway, clutching the BMW car key and went downstairs happily.

Liang Zheng was angry all night and waited until his aunt Liang Yingying got up the next morning before dragging the suitcase down.

Zhang Huan smiled and said, “Let the driver send you off.”

Liang Zheng didn’t want to be polite at all, so he just said, “Okay.”

Liang Yingying called two small ones to come and “send their brother Xiao Zheng”, and after shouting twice, she only called Zhang Heling. This girl is well-behaved and polite, and knows how to send the guest off.

As for Zhang Shuocheng, what kind of sh*t is Liang Zheng’s departure? How can you interrupt him while playing games?!

Today is Sunday and his eldest sister, Zhang Yansheng, was merciful and allowed him not to study on Sunday morning!

“Seriously, nothing can stop him from playing games.” Liang Yingying was not surprised and said with a smile, “Forget it, he is still young.”

That little brat! Both of them go to school! But he has no courtesy at all!

Liang Zheng, who felt that he had been ignored, cursed secretly in his heart: Dogs are better than naughty children!

After saying goodbye to his aunt and uncle, and then looking up at the dream-like mansion, young master Liang got into the Zhang family’s car sadly and was sent to the old dilapidated community that his aunt paid for him to rent.

Xiao Zhou glanced at the place, and Mr. Liang had a suitcase and a backpack. The building also has an elevator.

Xiao Zhou said: “Then Mr. Liang, I’m going back.”

Liang Zheng watched sadly and angrily as the big luxury car abandoned him and left him in this dilapidated community.

After dragging the suitcase and turning around, a bunch of old men and old ladies took advantage of the shade in the shadows, fanning big palm fans, looking at him like monkeys.

It was like falling from heaven into the muddy world.


The agent he met yesterday was also sitting in the shadow of the building, chatting with the elderlies. When he saw a luxury car coming, he thought it might be his client. When Liang Zheng got out of the car, he saw that it was really him.

He is in charge of several small communities nearby. They are all old and broken-down houses, and he has seen many customers who called halfway to ask him which stop to get off the bus. This kind of customer, who has come in a luxury car twice, is really the first time he has seen it.

“Mr. Liang!” He waved his palm fan, stood up and walked two steps, then stepped back to return the fan to a grandmother, and then greeted him, “You are here, come on, let’s go upstairs.”

He took Liang Zheng upstairs, confirmed the water and electricity meter with Liang Zheng in front of him, and said, “The basic daily necessities such as bedding and pillows are ready for you. Can you see if they will work?”

After signing the contract yesterday, Liang Zheng still wanted Liang Yingying to accompany him to buy these basic supplies. Liang Yingying delayed a day for him and didn’t go out to play. How could she have that American time to accompany him to do these things?

She doesn’t even have time to spend with her own son, so how can she still spend time with her nephew? That’s a joke!

Liang Yingying was rich and threw a few thousand dollars to the agent: “Do me a favor and buy everything for him. Tell me if the money is not enough, and if there’s more left, then consider it as your tip.”

The agent happily accepted the job. Although the madam looked very wealthy, he also saw that the tenant himself was not a wealthy person. Yesterday, he ran to the nearby big supermarket and purchased everything in one stop.

The quality of the goods in the supermarket is the same, and the price is the same, and it’s… passable.

Liang Zheng wanted to ask the agent how much money he spent in the end, and how much money was left behind, but he couldn’t open his mouth. He can only watch the agent leave happily.

He was the only one left in the dilapidated house, and so he went around… How can those supermarket goods compare with the exquisiteness of Zhang’s family?

What a f*cking loss!

Liang Zheng put down the suitcase and laid down on the bed covered with a brand-new sheet!

The old spring mattress made a loud squeak.

The ceiling has cracks.

The more Liang Zheng looked at it, the more desolate he became; and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

Thinking about it, it’s all because of that girl Zhang Yansheng!

At this moment, the new hatred and old hatred that had been saved for a week poured into his heart together! Liang Zheng’s evil rose from his heart, he sat up, took out his laptop and turned it on, and then found that… there was no Wi-Fi.

D*mn it!

It’s okay, there is still a cellphone!

He used the cellphone’s mobile data to search online, made a lot of comparisons, and went to forums for help.

In the end, he spent money to buy a set of high-definition remote wireless micro surveillance camera.

Young girl porn videos!

This brother will clean you up!

Hmph! I’ll let you know what it means to be beaten up by society!

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