April 21, 2022

Chapter 97: Jiang Cheng’s Thoughts 2

Cheng’s face suddenly reddened for a moment, but he didn’t answer.

However, even though he didn’t squeak or speak, it was tantamount to his acquiescence.

Qingguo laughed out loud after seeing his reaction. “Cheng, this is a good thing!

“The fact that you are single for so many years, you are finally getting the hang of it.

“I have three children already and my eldest child and second child can already go out to buy some soy sauce, but you are not married yet. At this age, you should really think about settling down and getting married.

“So, who is this lucky young girl? Come on, tell me!”

Qingguo was very interested in his friend’s emotional affairs.

Cheng glanced at Xiulan, who was playing with the children at this time and coughed embarrassedly.

These two men had slept in the same bunk bed in the university dorm for four years, so Qingguo knew Cheng very well. Looking at his reaction, there was no doubt that the girl he fell in love with should be Xiulan.

Qingguo had a look of understanding it clearly, in fact, he already guessed it right.

The first time Cheng saw Xiulan, he looked at her differently. He was very interested in her. For so many years, Qingguo had never seen a girl enter Cheng’s eyes. Xiulan was probably the first one.

Although Qingguo didn’t know much about Xiulan, after simply getting along, he thought that she was a good girl. She was totally different from ordinary girls, so it was normal to attract Cheng’s attention.

Qingguo patted Cheng on the shoulder and said, “Cheng, then you have to work hard. Men have to be proactive. Comrade Xiulan is a good girl, so don’t let other men steal her.”

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When Qingguo said that, Cheng became even more nervous and worried. I really have to find more opportunities to confess my feelings to her, right? How shall I pursue her?

He thought for a while and he now had some hesitations. After all, he had too little time to contact Xiulan, for fear that his premature pursuit would scare her. Because if he did, he might not be able to become friends with her. This was not the result he wanted to see.

If that’s the case, then I have to find a suitable opportunity!

At this time, Caixia was busy cooking their lunch after having Xiulan and Cheng stay for a meal.

The lunch she prepared was quite sumptuous in this era. In addition to a plate of sweet-scented braised pork, there was also a plate of scrambled eggs with green peppers, a plate of fried tofu, a plate of braised vermicelli with cabbage, and a bowl of vegetable and egg soup.

She used half of the ten eggs she just bought from Xiulan. It was hard to get some good things, but they were all used to entertain people. 

Enthusiastic and generous people like her were rare in this era.

In addition to these hearty dishes, white rice was cooked at noon as well.

If it weren’t for the five kilos of rice that she had bought from Xiulan today, their family didn’t have any fine grains and would only be able to take out coarse grains to entertain their guests.

Leaving aside the hearty dishes, white rice alone was a rare good thing to eat in this era. 

Most people kept good things for their own family to eat and they rarely used them for outsiders. 

Qingguo and Caixia didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it, but others wouldn’t be able to bear it. This couple entertained their guests in the hope that the guests would eat and drink well so that the host’s family would be happy and have a sense of accomplishment.

This meal was sumptuous and the adults ate with their mouths full of oil, which was extremely satisfying. The children ate even more happily and their bellies were round, and they only gave up eating until they couldn’t hold on. 

After lunch, Xiulan chatted with a few words and then got up to go back. Cheng immediately offered to send her back, “Comrade Xiulan, let me take you back by bicycle!”