April 22, 2022

Chapter 98: Jiang Cheng’s Thoughts 3

Last time, Xiulan had already bothered Cheng to send her back, so she didn’t want to bother him again this time.

“No need, the road is too far and it is not convenient. I have already bothered you last time. How can I bother you again?” Xiulan refused.

Hearing her refusal, Cheng said anxiously, “It’s okay, I have nothing to do this afternoon! Since I’m idle anyway, then let me give you a ride home, so you don’t have to walk for a long time as well.” 


Caixia who was witnessing this scene between the two where one was taking the initiative and the other was being polite, couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t Qingguo send Sister Xiulan instead? It’s not tiring to drive a truck, and it’s convenient and faster than a bicycle. Don’t you have to go to the Household Registration Department in the afternoon, right Cheng? You can’t spare so much time then, so it’s best to let Qingguo drive her home.”

Caixia said this out of good intentions and didn’t think about anything else.

As a result, Cheng’s face suddenly collapsed when she said that and he wanted to cry a little bit.

The main purpose of sending Xiulan home was for him to spend more time alone with her, so as to cultivate a relationship.

If he let Qingguo drive her back, it would make the plan he had in mind fall through.

He cast a meaningful look towards Qingguo for help.

How could Qingguo not understand what Cheng meant? He touched his nose and coughed lightly. “Actually, I have to go to the work unit later. I’m afraid there is no way for me to send Comrade Xiulan, so let Cheng send her back instead.”

Caixia looked at her husband with some doubts and asked, “Qingguo, isn’t it your rest day today? So why do you have to go to the work unit?”

Qingguo winked his eyes at his wife and replied, “There is a temporary matter that I had to attend to at the work unit.”

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Caixia received Qingguo’s hint and finally understood what was going on, so she didn’t ask questions anymore. She looked at Xiulan and said, “Sister Xiulan, I’m so sorry. Qingguo suddenly had something to do this afternoon and can’t drive you back, so just let Cheng send you back. It’s much faster to ride a bicycle and it’s not tiring. It’s much better than walking for a long time to get home.”

Xiulan smiled helplessly. “No, it’s okay. It’s really okay for me to walk back. You guys are busy with your own businesses, so don’t worry about me.”

But Cheng didn’t want to give up. He shook his head and insisted, “Comrade Xiulan, let me send you back. It won’t take long.”

Only when she met Cheng’s sincere eyes did Xiulan not refuse again.

Xiulan’s heart was also faintly looking forward to spending more time alone with him.

Cheng gave her a good impression. In addition to being tall and handsome, he was also a talented person with high cultural literacy. 

In this era when many people had not even studied, Cheng was not only a college graduate but also someone who had studied abroad. 

Compared with many people in this era, he was definitely much better.

After coming into this era, Xiulan knew very well that she needed to get married, have children, and have a family. In her previous life, she had no family of her own and she had always hoped that she would be accompanied by her family in the future.

However, she was not willing to casually find someone to live together with. He had to be a good person with the same views as her at least.

During her previous conversations with Cheng, she found that many of his ideas were more in line with her, plus he had excellent maturity, so she was very willing to get along with him.

Although she was unwilling to admit it, Xiulan knew that she had a good impression of this man.

When facing his initiative, she couldn’t completely reject him.

Upon receiving Xiulan’s nod, Cheng’s lips curled up with an uncontrollable smile and he hurriedly ran to push Qingguo’s bicycle out.