April 20, 2022

Chapter 96: Jiang Cheng’s Thoughts 1

There was a shallow smile on the corner of Cheng’s lips. He knew that Xiulan was kind and helpful before, but now he realized that she was also generous in addition to those advantages, and even very generous to her friends, without the slightest petty. 

She gave him a completely different feeling from other women, so he had been thinking of her since he saw her.

Looking at her now, the brown sugar water he just drank into his mouth was a little sweeter.

When the children got the toffees, each of them took one and peeled off the sugar paper, then ate it.

“It’s delicious!”

“Sister, the toffee you gave us is so delicious!”

Xiulan was idle, so she chatted with the children more. Qingguo’s son was named Lu Liangliang and his daughter was named Lu Juanjuan. 

It was probably because she gave candies and she was also more gentle and friendly, so she got acquainted with the children soon.

“Sister Xiulan, you are so kind. You must come to our house often in the future!” Juanjuan said with a smile as she took Xiulan’s hand.

“That’s right, Sister Xiulan! You must come and play with us when you have time, okay?” Liangliang also requested the same thing. For fear that Xiulan would refuse, he waited nervously for her reply.

Xiulan smiled and responded, “Okay! I promise to come and play with you when I have time.”

The children clapped their hands happily after hearing her response.

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Qingguo had never seen his children so close to or liked anyone.

It was because Xiulan was good, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to win the children’s favor.

Cheng didn’t think there was anything wrong at first. However, hearing the children shouting ‘Sister Xiulan’ one by one, he always had a strange feeling.

They called Xiulan ‘sister’, but they called him ‘uncle’, which had a difference in seniority.

He was originally ten years older than her, but now, he was directly separated by another generation and the age gap was instantly magnified a lot.

If he and Xiulan got together, he was worried that everyone would think that he was an old cow eating some young and tender grass.

Qingguo noticed that Cheng’s expression was a little indifferent and thought that something was wrong, so he asked, “Cheng, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable or something?”

Cheng shook his head, tugged the corners of his lips, and asked, “Qingguo, do you think I am old now?”

Qingguo shook his head. “You are only in your twenties, so you are still young and vigorous. How can you be considered old? Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Cheng didn’t explain but continued to ask him, “Then, do you think my face looks good? With my appearance, can I steal a young girl’s heart?”

“Pfft!” Qingguo couldn’t help but chuckle. “Cheng, why do I feel that something is wrong with you today? Why are you saying these words?”

“Qingguo, don’t ask why! Just answer my question first!” Cheng exclaimed with a serious face. 

Qingguo coughed lightly and then solemnly replied, “Well, I think that you look so handsome. When we were still studying, didn’t many girls like to surround you and wanted to get along with you? So, you should be able to please a young girl.”

With Qingguo’s words, Cheng was relieved a lot.

Being old was a disadvantage, and fortunately, he looked good. He had never cared about his appearance before. Many people said that he was handsome, but he had never felt anything about those compliments. And now, for the first time, he was so glad that he looked good. It could give him more ‘capital’ to be liked by Xiulan.

Qingguo wanted to gossip a bit more, so he asked, “Cheng, according to my calculations, it looks like you have a crush on a young girl now, right?”