January 21, 2022

Chapter 9: Receive Praises

“Auntie, Dan’s body is still very weak, so hurry up and take him back to rest. Don’t treat him badly these next few days and feed this child enough!” Xiulan warned his mother.

Jinhua listened to Xiulan’s words, nodded quickly, and went back with Dan in her arms.

The other people who joined in the fun curiously asked Xiulan.

“Xiulan, how can you cure the snake venom? This ability is too great, ah!”

Xiulan couldn’t explain the reason, so she just casually pulled up these words, “Before, when I was studying in the literacy class, I read a medical book. It was written there how to save someone from being bitten by a poisonous snake. I just tried it according to the book, but I didn’t expect it to succeed.”

Upon hearing that, everyone understood that it turned out to be the case.

However, they still admired her. For other people, it was difficult to practice the knowledge you would get from the books in real life. Her ability to learn and use it was really powerful.

The matter about Dan came to an end, so everyone dispersed and hurried back to work.

Xiulan did the same, carrying a basket on her back and holding a sickle, she continued to cut hogweeds.

Because she had saved someone today, Gensheng, the production team leader, specially gave her ten work points to reward the behavior of saving lives and helping the wounded in the village.

Normally, cutting hogweeds would only give her three to four work points. A few more work points were equal to a little more foodstuff in the future.

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No one else had any opinions on Gensheng’s arrangement. After all, everyone was convinced that Xiulan did an amazing thing today.

“Comrade Xiulan, I hope that you will keep up this kind of righteous and courageous work in the future!” Gensheng said with a smile, looking at her with a touch of appreciation in his eyes.

With such a big benefit, Xiulan was naturally happy. “Yes, Team Leader, I will keep it up!”

“Good! Comrade Xiulan, you have worked hard today, so you should go back and rest!”

After a tiring day, since the original owner’s physique was not very good, Xiulan really needed to go back to rest and catch her breath.

Weiguo also came back from work. Upon hearing that Xiulan had saved someone today, he was full of pride when he came back and praised his daughter, “Xiulan, you have done a good job! You must be kind, helpful, and carry on the ‘spirit of camaraderie’.”

In the yard, Lijuan rolled her eyes when she saw Xiulan, her eyes were filled with disdain.

Today, she was angry and jealous after hearing the villagers praised Xiulan.

In her opinion, Xiulan was just a shrew and everyone should not praise her at all.

They should praise her instead.

She believed that Xiulan couldn’t even match with her, not even with her finger.

It was a pity that Xiulan was being praised by others instead of her. The more she thought about it, the more depressed she became. Now that she heard Weiguo praised Xiulan as well, she felt even more uncomfortable.

Seeing that Xiulan had been tired for the day, with a layer of sweat oozing out on her forehead, Weiguo told her to take a good rest, and the task of cooking their dinner naturally fell on Lijuan’s head again.

Lijuan was a little unhappy. “What? I was the one who cooked breakfast earlier, and now you want me to cook for dinner, too? Xiulan also has to bear some responsibility here at home, right?”

Weiguo had a straight face and responded with some displeasure, “Xiulan is not feeling well, but she still insisted on going to work. Today, she saved someone’s life and got ten work points. So, she deserves a good rest at night. Lijuan, you didn’t do much work at home. Why do you still have to push Xiulan to cook our dinner?”