January 20, 2022

Chapter 8: Zhao Xiulan Saves Someone

Xiulan didn’t think about asking Jinhua to repay her. She just couldn’t watch a living life wither in front of her.

In the apocalypse, she had seen too many scenes like this and everyone worked hard to live.

It was only after experiencing the apocalypse that Xiulan knew the preciousness of life.

Since she could save others, Xiulan would definitely spare no effort to lend a hand and hurriedly help out.

In order to cope with the coming of the apocalypse, she not only hoarded a large number of supplies, but also learned some basic medical and health knowledge before the apocalypse, so that she or her companions could help in the treatment of injuries in the future.

She also knew how to save herself after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

After hearing what Jinhua said, she nodded and hurriedly walked to Dan.

Dan was bitten by a snake on his ankle. She glanced around and saw some vines, she pulled one off and tied it above his cross-joint as a ligation. This ligation was to prevent the venom from spreading within the blood vessels, as it would make the situation become serious.

Following that, she quickly looked at his wound to confirm that there were no snake teeth left in it, and then she squeezed out the black blood inside with force.

“Get me some water and prepare some water for him to drink,” Xiulan instructed.

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The enthusiastic people on the side hurriedly brought some water. After she got the water, she kept rinsing the wound. When she was almost finished rinsing, she carried an enamel jar with water. When everyone was not paying attention, she took some Ji Desheng Snake Tablets from the space and fed them to Dan.

Fortunately, there were a lot of medicines in her space, otherwise she really couldn’t imagine what would happen in this situation today.

After all of this, she felt a layer of sweat on her back because she was too focused.

A moment later, Dan was fine.

The treatment was timely and Dan, who had fainted, woke up. His lip color was not as dark as it was just now and he looked much better.

Xiulan saved him and it made the onlookers looked at her with admiration, and the eyes looking at her were suddenly a little different.

As soon as Jinhua saw her son woke up, she immediately hugged him and burst into tears. “Dan… my little sweetheart, fortunately you are all right. If anything happens to you, how can Mom live…”

Dan was obviously also frightened by this incident, so he hugged his mother and cried as well.

After crying, Jinhua thought of her son’s savior, so she knelt down in front of Xiulan, “Xiulan, if it wasn’t for you today, Dan would be dead. Your kindness will always be in my heart. Thank you very much.”

Xiulan hurriedly pulled her up and said, “Auntie, you’re welcome. Everyone in the production team, all the villagers, should help each other. It’s merely a slight effort, so Auntie should not worry about it. I believe that you’ll help in any way as well when my family has difficulties in the future!”

After listening to Xiulan’s words, everyone not only felt that she was capable and could also deal with snake venom, but the most important thing was that she had a good character and had not yet taken credit at all.

It was rare to be able to do this at such a young age.

So they praised her one by one, and they all admired her.

When Jinhua heard what Xiulan said, she was moved too, but she still kept Xiulan’s kindness in her heart.

Xiulan said it was not a big deal, but she couldn’t stop herself from expressing her gratitude. A reward had to be given to her. She also knew that Xiulan had a difficult time at home with that stepmother, and she owed Xiulan such a big favor. If anyone dared to bully Xiulan in the future, she would definitely be the first to help this girl.