January 19, 2022

Chapter 7: Bit by a Snake

Fortunately, there were many people and everyone was working, so it was not boring.

At this time, the slogan came from the loudspeaker and broadcasted in the whole production team, “Unity and diligence, strive for the best results, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue!

“Suffering comes first and the pleasures of life comes afterwards!

“Blah blah blah…”

On the radio, the announcer’s tone was very lively, and the people who were working listened to it and sped up their work.

Although people in this era were very arduous, they were very simple and they had a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction. To be able to have work to do, to have foodstuff to eat, to drink and eat one’s fill was their greatest wish.

On the contrary, in the 21st century, conditions had improved and people’s desires had become endless, making it difficult to have a sense of happiness.

Xiulan also sped up her work. When she found some hogweeds, she would quickly cut them and then carry the basket on her back to search in the next place.

“Quickly, anyone, help! Wu Jinhua’s son was bitten by a snake!”

A panicked voice came not far from the foot of the mountain. After hearing it, the people who were working hurriedly ran over.

The people in the production team were simple and kind. Basically, if there was an accident in one family, other families would help. When they heard that someone had been bitten by a snake, they naturally rushed over to see what happened.

According to the memory of the original owner, Jinhua gave birth to a son after having three girls, so this son was very precious to their family. Now that her son was bitten by a snake, she probably was very worried and nervous.

Xiulan kept up with the rest of the team and went over to take a look, wondering if she could be of help.

When everyone rushed over, Jinhua’s son, Gou Dan, had already fallen to the ground. He had fainted and his lips were black. It was obvious that the venom had penetrated into his blood.

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Many people were talking anxiously, “What can we do about this? How can he be bitten by a poisonous snake?”

“It appears that the venom is quite serious. Oh no, it will take at least half an hour to get to the commune’s health center. It will be too late to send him there!”

“Yes… I heard that it had to be treated immediately. You won’t be saved if there’s any delay, half an hour… I’m afraid it’s too late for this kid!”

Jinhua had long been so frightened that she lost her senses. When she heard someone said that, she was even more frightened. She cried and shouted, “Who can save Dan? He is my precious son, no bad thing can happen to him!

“Whoever can save my son, I will work extremely hard to repay him for a lifetime!

“Boo hoo… please save my son… Dan…”

Seeing her cried like that, the people in the production team felt sympathetic and helpless at the same time.

None of them was a doctor and there was nothing anyone could do in that situation.

“Why don’t you hurry up and send him to the health center to try? It’s better than wasting time here,” suggested by someone.

The others followed suit, feeling that this was the only way to go now.

Just as someone was about to pick up Dan and send him to the commune’s health center, Xiulan stood up with a solemn expression and said to everyone, “I’m afraid that it’s too late to send him over there. We have to deal with it now, otherwise his life will be in danger.”

After Xiulan finished speaking, everyone’s eyes fell on her.

She just ignored their questioning look and walked in front of Jinhua. “Auntie, if you believe me, then let me try!”

Jinhua was already out of her wits. Although the person standing in front of her was just a young girl, she still decided to let the girl try. It was better than doing nothing and letting her son meet a mishap.

Also, listening to Xiulan’s tone, it seemed that this girl really had a way to save her son.

“All right, Xiulan. If you have a way, then please try it. If you can save Dan, I will remember it for the rest of my life, and I will repay you well in the future!”