January 22, 2022

Chapter 10: Wu Jinhua’s Gratitude

Weiguo would definitely not say this usually. Under normal circumstances, he would favor his stepdaughter.

But today, he felt that it was too much for his daughter to cook their dinner.

Xiulan didn’t expect Weiguo to say that and she also didn’t expect that her father, a henpecked husband, would be on her side this time.

But this was a good trend for her.

She would work hard to get his heart back from this mother-daughter pair, and moved it to her and Xiuzhu’s side.

Their dinner was still simple.

A bowl of porridge with few grains of rice and a wowotou mixed with some straw stalks.

It was not delicious and it didn’t make you full at all.

When she returned to her room, she quickly took out a bowl of eight treasure congee1八宝粥 – bā bǎo zhōu – Eight Treasure Congee/Eight Treasure Porridge – rice congee made with red beans, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, nuts etc from the space, she took out an egg as well, and ate them to fill her stomach.

Pictures of Eight Treasure Congee

Life was indeed difficult in this era.

It was a pity that the supplies in her space couldn’t be taken out. She had to think of a way to take these things out in a legitimate and reasonable way.

Not to mention that her meal was not good, Weiguo and Xiuzhu’s meals had to be improved as well.

Especially Xiuzhu, who had grown up being thin, that bowl of clear soup-like porridge and a wowotou couldn’t be nutritious for her.

After waiting for the family to rest in their rooms, Xiulan took out another boiled egg from the space and handed it to her sister.

“Xiuzhu, here, eat this egg.”

Even in the dark night, Xiuzhu’s eyes gleamed brightly and she asked with a curious look, “Sister, why do you still have an egg?”

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Xiulan just gave her a blind reason. “Today, I saved Dan and this was rewarded to me by the team leader.”

The child was naive and believed Xiulan’s words, but she did not want it and pushed it back to her sister. “Sister, you should eat it. You are still sick. Whatever you have, just eat it by yourself!”

“I’m letting you eat it, so just take it. The team leader gave me two and I already ate one secretly.”

The child had no more reason to refuse, so she accepted the boiled egg.

A child who was only a few years old had little resistance to boiled eggs, so she quickly peeled it and ate it carefully.

While eating, Xiuzhu whispered, “Sister, boiled eggs are so delicious, right? It would be great if we could eat it every day. No, it’s good to be able to eat such a delicious thing once a month or twice a year!”

Xiulan patted the child’s head. “Since your older sister is here, I will find a way to get them for you in the future!”

Although knowing that this situation was difficult to achieve, Xiuzhu listened to her sister words and still looked forward to it.


Early the next morning, Weiguo went to work first and would come back for breakfast later.

Wu Jinhua came over early in the morning, carrying a basket with five kilograms of sweet potatoes in her hand, to express her gratitude to Xiulan.

Xiulan saved her only son’s life, so for her, this was a great kindness. If there was anything good at her home, she would hurriedly bring it to Xiulan to express her gratitude.

Unfortunately, the villagers were very poor and the foodstuffs they had were not enough for their family. Jinhua’s house didn’t have anything delicious and the only thing that could be taken out were these sweet potatoes.

For this kind of situation in the countryside, where there was not enough foodstuffs to eat, Jinhua’s ability to give five kilograms of sweet potatoes was already very impressive.

Xiulan happened to be in the yard at that time. Jinhua saw her and called her out enthusiastically from a long distance, “Xiulan!”

Seeing Jinhua coming, Xiulan smiled and asked, “Auntie Jinhua, why are you here?”

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    八宝粥 – bā bǎo zhōu – Eight Treasure Congee/Eight Treasure Porridge – rice congee made with red beans, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, nuts etc