January 23, 2022

Chapter 11: Refusal

Jinhua handed over the basket to Xiulan. “Xiulan, you saved Dan’s life. There is nothing delicious at our house, so I can only bring you these sweet potatoes. You must not hate it!”

When Xiulan saved Dan yesterday, she didn’t want Jinhua’s reward at all. Although she didn’t know much about this era, she knew the preciousness of foodstuffs when she saw what the big guys could eat.

Jinhua was giving her five kilograms of sweet potatoes all at once, so how could she accept them?

In the production team, no one’s life was easy. With a little effort, Xiulan didn’t want to take advantage of others.

Furthermore, although she didn’t know how much foodstuffs were stored in her space, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to eat all the rice and white flour she had there, so naturally, she couldn’t value Jinhua’s coarse grains.

So, she hurriedly shook her head and refused, “Auntie Jinhua, this is not necessary. Being helpful is a virtue we advocate. The team leader had already given me ten work points as a reward yesterday. Auntie, take these five kilograms of sweet potatoes back and eat them with your family!”

But Jinhua didn’t listen to Xiulan. “The team leader’s reward is the reward he gave you himself. Since you saved Dan, my only son, I must repay you. Otherwise, how can I feel comfortable?”

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Xiulan smiled and replied, “Auntie, I really don’t need it! We are in the same production team, so I helped you and I may have something that needs your help later on. If you feel bad about it, then if I run into any trouble next time, Auntie, you can just help me if you can!

“As for these sweet potatoes, Auntie, please take them back! Dan was bitten by a snake and his body must be weak these days, so he has to be well-fed!”

“This…” Jinhua was obviously a little embarrassed with this refusal.

These days, foodstuffs were the most precious things and Jinhua was grateful to Xiulan in her heart. Xiulan refused to accept the five kilograms of sweet potatoes and she did not force Xiulan to accept them either.

As what Xiulan said, Dan couldn’t be hungry these days and there was not much foodstuff left in her family.

“Then fine! Xiulan, if you need my help in the future, just let me know. This aunt can definitely help you without ambiguity!” Jinhua sincerely said that from the bottom of her heart. For Xiulan’s kindness, if she couldn’t help once this girl was in trouble in the future, then she wouldn’t a considered a human.

After Xiulan’s refusal to Jinhua, the two chatted for a while and Jinhua went back with her basket of sweet potatoes. Xiulan was going to clean up, as she would have to go to work in the production team later.

But when she turned around, she hear Yumei’s loud voice. “You shrew! Is your brain not working well? You really deserve to die! When someone gives you five kilograms of sweet potatoes, don’t you know how to accept them that you even have to return them back? Our family has no foodstuff to eat! I’m still pregnant with your father’s child. It’s not good if I can’t eat enough. Your brother will also suffer in my womb. When your father gets home later, I’ll let him take care of you!”

A sarcastic smile appeared at the corner of Xiulan’s lips, because her stepmother knew how to use the baby in her womb whenever she talked.

Weiguo had no sons, only two daughters, Xiulan and Zhao Xiuzhu. In this age, where men were valued more than women, you will be looked down upon if you didn’t have a son, so Weiguo was looking forward to having a son.

Since Yumei became pregnant, he was very happy and hoped that she could give him a son. Yumei had been asking this and that these days, while mentioning the baby in her womb, so all the delicious food at home had entered her mouth. Even if the other family members were hungry, Yumei’s meal should not be any less.