December 16, 2021

Chapter 9: Beaten (Part 2)

“Sister!” Heling, who was lying on the door and listening to the noise outside, exclaimed suddenly, “Aunt Wang went to call my mother!”

When Shuocheng heard it, his crying paused all of a sudden.

Yansheng pressed him and said slowly, “Do you think your mother can save you? Where is your mother now? When she woke up, she went out to go shopping and play mahjong, right? Even if she rushes back immediately, it will take an hour, right? But it only takes two seconds for me to spank you. One minute is equal to sixty seconds and one hour is equal to sixty minutes. Come on, count it and see how many times I can spank you in an hour!”

It was a bit complicated. Based on Shuocheng’s first-grade math level, it was not enough. But he knew that the answer was a lot.

He finally began to be afraid.

“What if your mother comes back? What if your father comes back?” Yansheng asked with a smile, “Who do you think I am afraid of in this family? Have you seen who I am afraid of?”

Shuocheng thought for a while and realized that Yansheng seemed to really not be afraid of anyone.

Moreover, it seemed that his mother and father couldn’t do anything to her. Even if his mother quarreled with her, it seemed that she couldn’t do anything to her. She had never even confiscated her game console.

At most, his mother would just hug him and scold Yansheng secretly.

As for his father, he would not do anything to her. He would even stiffen his face and say, “Listen to your sister, okay?”

Shuocheng hadn’t figured it out yet but got another hard hit on his buttocks that hurt so much.

He started crying again.

Yansheng’s cellphone rang at this point. The ringtone came suddenly that shocked Heling. She walked over and took a look then raised her head. “Sister, it’s Dad…”

Yansheng said in a deep voice, “Bring it here!”

Heling held her sister’s cellphone and sent it over.

Yansheng was still pressing Shuocheng with one hand and handed the hanger to Heling. “Take it for me.”

The little girl immediately grabbed the hanger and handed the cellphone to Yansheng.

Yansheng answered the call, “Hello.” Knowing that the other party was Huan, she was also indifferent and calm.

Huan’s anxious voice rang on the cellphone, “Yanyan! Yanyan! What are you doing? Are you beating Shuoshuo?”

When Shuocheng heard his father’s voice, he immediately screamed, “Dad! Dad! Zhang Yansheng is hitting me!”

Yansheng threw her cellphone on the sofa and snatched the hanger from Heling’s hand. Before saying a word, the ‘pa pa pa’ sound came first.

“Can you just call my name directly? You’re not polite as well!” she shouted, “Also, when others are talking on the phone, don’t you know that you have to be quiet? Go and try it again! I’ll hit you when you do it again!”

As she said that, she gave Shuocheng’s buttocks another spank.

The naughty child closed his mouth tearfully.

Heling picked up the cellphone with great skill, took the hanger, and handed the cellphone to her sister again. She was her sister’s little sidekick.

Yansheng put the cellphone to her ear. “Dad, what did you just say? Shuocheng screamed, so I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Huan was speechless for a moment and said, “He is young, you don’t know him well. Yanyan, let him go first. Wait for Dad to go back and clean him up at night.”

Yansheng said slowly and rationally, “Aren’t you busy? Let me do it instead. I have nothing to do during the summer vacation anyway.”

Huan still knew a little bit about his eldest daughter. She was stubborn and had a big temper. If she wanted to do something, it was really hard to move her or change her mind. He could only retreat and settle for the next best thing. “Well then, take it easy, you have been well-trained in martial arts. He is still young! Don’t break him!”

“It’s not bad, don’t worry. I’ve trained a lot and I know how far to go and when to stop.” Yansheng said, “I only spank him, I did not touch him anywhere else, and there will never be a safety problem.”

There were a few seconds of silence on the other end of the call, before Huan’s long “Oh~” sounded.

“Only spanking his buttocks?” he asked again, “Not anywhere else?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Zhang Yansheng explained, “If you hit the head, back, or abdomen, it will be dangerous, even the legs are not good. Children and the elderly are prone to fractures. There are also large arteries on the thighs, which can be life-threatening if ruptured. The only place you can hit a child is on the buttocks. Don’t worry, Heling is watching here, and I won’t mess up.”

Since Yingying entered their family, Yansheng had become increasingly extreme, as if she hadn’t spoken to him so calmly for a long time.

No, it seemed that she had been a little bit different since last night.

Although she was cold, her calm voice gave Huan a bit of confidence. He coughed and said, “Well then, you just need to hit him twice, okay? Don’t hit him hard.”

Yansheng was a little surprised. Her explanation was actually a bit sarcastic and she thought her father was so anxious, but the result was not what she expected.

She was silent for a second and replied, “I got it.”

Before Huan hung up the call, he also added, “He is too naughty and he should also be controlled…”

From beginning to end, he didn’t even ask what his precious son had done.

“Did you hear that?” Yansheng dropped the cellphone and asked Shuocheng, “Who will come to save you now?”

She took the hanger from Heling’s hand again and asked slowly, “Do you know your mistake?”

Shuocheng’s face was full of tears and snots, he was afraid and hated Zhang Yansheng, and his eyes were full of despair.

Mrs. Wang, his nanny, ran back to the second floor after calling both Huan and Yingying.

Mrs. Luo was sticking her ears to the door and listening. Mrs. Wang listened for a while and found that Shuocheng didn’t seem to cry or scream anymore.

She hurriedly tugged at Mrs. Luo. “What happened?”

Mrs. Luo put a finger on her lips. “Shhh~”

Then, she said, “Shuoshuo just admitted his mistake…”