December 16, 2021

Chapter 9: Beaten (Part 1)

The Zhang family didn’t hit children. At the very least, Huan and his late wife didn’t hit their child.

Once upon a time, when Yansheng was the only child in the family, she was really a unique little princess in the sky and on the earth. So, it was impossible to hit her.

Yansheng’s mother once watched the news when a parent accidentally killed his child. She sighed with regret. “How can a child fight back?”

Yansheng had trained in taekwondo and boxing all year round, and the coaches had repeatedly warned her that people like them who had been trained couldn’t just do it to harm others.

Under this influence, except for pushing Heling by mistake when they first met, Yansheng had never hit them, no matter how much she hated her half-siblings.

But what was the result?

Later, what did Shuocheng, who was taller than her, do?

Therefore, children still had to be managed. If they developed into naughty children, they must be beaten if they needed to.

This time the wooden hanger was slapped on Shuocheng’s buttocks and he let out a horribly exaggerated howl. He shouted like crazy, “It hurts! It hurts! Let me go! You dared to hit me? I’ll kill you!”

Recalling what Shuocheng did when he grew up, Yansheng felt that he was probably not far from killing people after she died.

She sneered, her hand rose and fell, and Shuocheng’s buttocks were hit hard again. The naughty child, who had always been arrogant and lawless, screamed again and began to shout for help.

There were precautions for beating children because they were much more vulnerable than adults. So every year, there would be adults who killed their children by mistake in anger.

The head, back, and stomach might all cause irreparable damage to a child. Therefore, if you really wanted to punish a child for his mistakes, the safest thing to hit a child was to do this style of play that had been passed down for thousands of years—spanking the child’s buttocks.

Yansheng died at a young age, so naturally, she would not understand this. But fortunately, she was a person who had learned martial arts, and her coach had explained the structure and vulnerable parts of the human body in class. She beat up Shuocheng angrily but she naturally avoided the potentially dangerous part of his body and went straight to his buttocks.

“Do you know what you did wrong?” she stopped after hitting him twice and asked.

However, even though the naughty child was in so much pain that he cried out with tears and snots, he still refused to give up and screamed, “You just wait! When Dad comes back, he’ll kill you!”

“Your father…“ Zhang Yansheng sneered. “Before becoming your father, he has been my father for eight years.”

She slapped the naughty child’s buttocks with the hanger again.

Shuocheng continued to cry and howl, but he refused to admit his mistakes.

While this was all happening, Heling felt very happy watching this scene.

Her younger brother should have been beaten up a long time ago, but none of their parents were willing to do it to him. No matter what he did, even if they were angry, they would just end up scolding and punishing him for not being allowed to play the game console.

Shuocheng was no longer afraid afterward. Who would be afraid of such a light punishment anyway? A child was born with the nature of bullying the soft and fearing the strong, so when the adults flinched, he had to push his luck and take advantage of it.

Every day went by like this.

Someone should have come a long time ago, like her older sister, and taught him a lesson.

But she was also a little worried. If her sister continued hitting his brother like this, what should she do when their parents came back and his brother complained?

But after another thought, she was not afraid anymore. In this family, although her mother often quarreled with her sister, her mother couldn’t do anything to her sister. When her father confronted her sister, he always tried his best to calm things down and didn’t want to do anything to her sister, too.

Her sister was a person who was not afraid of anyone or anything at home.

The more Heling thought about it, the bolder she became, and her eyes that looked at Yansheng became brighter and brighter.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside the room.

“Yanyan! Yanyan! What are you doing?” Mrs. Luo’s voice rang, “Why is Shuoshuo in your room? What are you doing right now? Why is he crying? Yanyan, please open the door!”

There was another voice that was much more anxious than Mrs. Luo. It was the nanny that was taking care of Shuocheng. She knocked on the door hard. “Miss Yanyan! Please open the door! What happened to you, Shuoshuo? Shuoshuo! Shuoshuo, are you okay? Shuoshuo? You should speak up!”

With foreign aid, Shuocheng yelled, “Help! Help! Zhang Yansheng is going to kill me!”

When he shouted like this, Heling became nervous again. She subconsciously left the door panel with her back and raised her hand.

“Don’t open the door!” Yansheng shouted sharply.

The little girl shivered with fright but obediently did not open the door.

“Yanyan, please open the door!”

“Miss Yanyan, don’t mess around! Shuoshuo is still young! Don’t beat him! Miss Yanyan! Miss Yanyan! Open the door, please! Let’s talk about it!”

Shuocheng was being beaten and the nanny who was taking care of him was afraid of taking responsibility. She was much more anxious than Mrs. Luo, so she slapped the door hard.

Yansheng raised her voice and said, “Don’t worry, I only spank his buttocks, not anywhere else! I have a sense of measure!”

Although she refused to open the door, her voice sounded calm, not like she was kind of dizzy and lost her sense of propriety. The servants felt a little relieved, but they still slapped the door vigorously, trying to get her to let them in.

Yansheng ignored the knock on the door, then spank Shuocheng again and asked him, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Shuocheng was counting on the foreign aid to rescue him, screaming and crying, but didn’t admit his mistake.

This perseverance must be used on the right path, not afraid of failing to accomplish great things. Unfortunately, the naughty child used it in evil ways and finally did such a disgusting thing.

Yansheng sneered and raised her hand again. But this time, she spanked Shuocheng three times consecutively.

Shuocheng was in so much pain. He was crying so much with tears and snots.