December 15, 2021

Chapter 8: Lesson (Part 2)

After Shuocheng finished eating, he wiped his mouth and ran away. He didn’t even say anything nor greet her.

This naughty child had been so uneducated in front of Yansheng. So, she didn’t even bother to give him a look as well. She also finished eating quickly, wiped her mouth, said, “I’m done.” Then, she went upstairs after that.

She just arrived on the second floor, when Shuocheng rushed over with his hands on his stomach.

She reacted quickly, grabbed him with one hand, and shouted, “What are you doing?!”

Shuocheng struggled. “Let go of me!”

When he was thirteen years old, he was already taller and stronger than Yansheng, so a lot of misfortunes had happened.

But now, he was only seven years old and he wouldn’t be in the second grade until September. He was only a little devil now.

Yansheng could easily hold him with one hand. As soon as he struggled, something bulged from the belly of his clothes and it fell to the ground with a clatter.

She saw that it was a game console. Fortunately, this one did not directly smash the screen just like Heling’s.

It also showed that this was not Heling’s game console.

Only Yansheng and Heling lived on the second floor. Yansheng raised her eyes to see that the door of her room was opened. Before she went downstairs to eat, she clearly remembered closing the door.

Looking down again, a layer of hostility appeared on her face. “You came into my room to steal my stuff?”

Shuocheng was caught red-handed by her arch-enemy at home, which in turn was the home of bitter rivals, so he struggled frantically. “Let me go! Let go!”

The other party was small and didn’t have enough strength, and Yansheng grabbed his wrist. Shuocheng couldn’t break from her, so he tried to bite her arm just like he did to Heling.

Yansheng was comparable to Heling, a little girl who had no power to bind a chicken. She had quick eyes and quick hands, so she pinched Shuocheng’s jaw as soon as she reached out her hand.

Not only did Shuocheng’s face hurt, but his mouth couldn’t be opened or closed as well, so he could only make a ‘whining’ sound.

“You are so courageous!” Yansheng gritted her teeth. “You dared to enter my room?”

This home was invaded by Yingying and the ten-year-old Yansheng hated it to death. But she was just a child and she couldn’t do anything about it, even if she was making a lot of noise. She just watched that woman live in the room where her mother used to live, replacing her mother’s place and becoming the mistress of the house.

All little Yansheng could do was retreat to her room. This room became her last pure land, and the mother and son were never allowed to step in it, not even Huan was allowed to come in.

But Shuocheng was so bold. Not only did he dare to enter her room, but also dared to steal her stuff.

It could be seen that in those years, the little Yansheng’s made a lot of noise, but it was of no use at all except to make her relatives get tired of her. Even Shuocheng, a naughty child, was not afraid of her.

Yansheng gritted her teeth with hatred.

She carried Shuocheng into the room.

Heling went upstairs a step later than them and she was stunned when she saw this scene.

“Sister? Sister, what are you… doing?” The dumbfounded little girl trotted to catch up and she accidentally kicked something on the ground. When she lowered her head and saw the game console, she immediately understood everything.

“Zhang Shuocheng! Did you enter Sister Yanyan’s room?” Zhang Heling was angry and anxious.

People had distant relatives. Even though Heling wanted to be close to Yansheng psychologically, she also understood that she and Shuocheng were born to the same mother. Although she didn’t know what ‘sit in a row’ was, she could faintly understand that it meant sharing in honor and disgrace. Shuocheng did bad things so she was also ashamed since he was her brother.

In particular, her older sister suddenly got better to her. Her sister even bought something for her and cared about her.

Heling felt even more embarrassed and angry.

She really couldn’t wait to beat Shuocheng up.

The little girl was almost mad to death.

Yansheng stopped moving, glanced at Heling sharply, and shouted, “You come in too!”

Heling bit her lip and followed into her sister’s room. She was uneasy and she didn’t know how her sister would reprimand them.

After entering the room, Yansheng loosened the hand holding Shuocheng’s jaw. The naughty kid was like a dog and he bit Yansheng’s hand with one mouthful.

He was really small and fierce.

Fortunately, Yansheng was very responsive, so she was able to quickly withdraw her hand before she got bitten.

This naughty child had never had a real lesson, he was really not afraid of heaven and earth. Yansheng smiled angrily, and when she stretched out her hand, she pinched Shuocheng’s jaw again. “You are not afraid of me, are you? Then, I will teach you a lesson today!”

She threw Shuocheng onto the sofa. He then rolled to the ground, keenly feeling that he might not be her opponent, so he immediately got up and wanted to flee.

But Yansheng picked him up and threw him on the sofa again. This time she held him down. Ignoring his pig-killing howl and yelling for help, she turned to Heling who was standing at the door and shouted, “Close the door and lock it!”

The little girl didn’t dare to disobey and locked the door in a panic. With her back to the door, she didn’t dare to go forward. She was so frightened by the way her sister spoke just now that she didn’t dare to move at all.

Yansheng picked up Shuocheng and went to the closet. She soon came out, holding the naughty child in one hand and a wooden hanger in the other.

She looked at Heling with a pale face and sneered. “I will teach you today how to be a sister!”

As she said that, she raised her hand holding the hanger up.

All of a sudden, it landed on Shuocheng’s fleshy butt.

Shuocheng, a spoiled and lawless brat, was hit on the ass by his eldest sister for the first time in his life.