December 15, 2021

Chapter 8: Lesson (Part 1)

Yansheng was finally a little satisfied. But with a glance, she saw that Heling was still holding the game console with the broken screen in her hand.

“If it’s broken, why don’t you throw it away?” She picked it up and flicked her arm.

Heling was too late to stop her, so the game console had already drawn an arc and landed steadily in the trash can.

The little girl stretched out her hand, crying without tears, “Ah, that’s… my…”

Yansheng said impatiently, “Just buy a new one.”

Heling flattened her mouth and said, “My mother won’t buy it for me. This was bought together with Shuoshuo’s.”

The price of a game console was only a few thousand yuan, so Yansheng asked curiously, “Why wouldn’t she buy it for you?”

Heling lowered her head. “She just won’t buy it for me…”

Yansheng was stunned and suddenly remembered something.

Although she didn’t really care about Heling, after living together in this family for many years, she could see and hear a lot. Heling was still a child and Yansheng didn’t know whether the little girl understood it or not, but the reborn adult Yansheng understood it very well.

That woman, Liang Yingying, disliked her daughter so much.

This dislike was reflected in her differential treatment of her two children. It was actually quite obvious.

Just like the broken game console, you could buy it for only a few thousand yuan, but even Heling knew that Yingying would not buy her a new one.

Yansheng tried to figure out Yingying’s mentality, but it was not incomprehensible. Heling was four years old when she entered the family. That woman, who wanted to marry into a wealthy family and be a noble lady, couldn’t get in after giving birth to Heling for four years. In the end, she relied on Shuocheng just to get in. It was not difficult to understand that she disliked Heling for being a girl.

Yansheng paused while she recalled some things, then said, “Then you can buy it yourself.”

The little girl said faintly, “I have no money…”

Yansheng asked in surprise, “Where is your pocket money?”

“I don’t have pocket money. I have asked my mother but she said that there is no need to give pocket money to children, and I don’t lack food and clothing as well.”

Well, Yingying was just telling the truth. Heling lived in the Zhangs’ house, so she didn’t need to worry about eating and drinking, and she had a driver to pick her up and drop her off from school. She really didn’t have anything special to spend money on.

But Yansheng had pocket money since she was in the third grade.

At that time, her mother’s health was getting weaker and weaker, so she began to let Yansheng manage her pocket money by herself. She touched her daughter’s head and said, “Your mother will not be around in the future, so you have to learn how to spend money and manage money by yourself.”

It was a pity that she failed her mother’s expectations. Later, she was obsessed with money. She only knew how to spend it and didn’t really care about money at all.

Every time she came back to find Huan, she would always ask for money.

Huan also felt guilty for her, so he would just give her money if she asked for it. This had brought him peace of mind.

Yansheng paused, got up, and walked to the study table to sit down. She opened the shopping website and directly bought Heling the newest model of the game console.

With a flick of the mouse, she said with a cold face, “Okay, I bought it for you, so just wait for the express delivery.”

Heling was overjoyed that Yansheng suddenly treated her like this compared to the game console itself.

“Sister…” she doesn’t know what to say anymore, “You… you…”

Yansheng was afraid that the little girl would say something of gratitude that would give people goosebumps, so she said unceremoniously, “I’m studying, so you should go now!”

She stood up and pulled Heling up, then she pushed the little girl outside and closed the door.

As for the little girl, was she moved or surprised? Did she still think her elder sister was moody? Yansheng just let her be because she didn’t care.

In her previous life, she cared too much about these people and delayed herself. Thinking about it now, it was not necessary—it was really not necessary. People still had to live for themselves.

Shuocheng went to snatch Heling’s game console because Huan lost his temper last night and confiscated his large and small consoles and tablet. In addition, his computer had a password now and he was not allowed to play on it.

Strictly speaking, what Shuocheng did at the birthday banquet last night was essentially no different from what he had done before. Huan used to say a few words to him and the matter would end there.

But the incident last night affected Huan personally, so he was angry and wanted to teach Shuocheng a lesson.

Huan’s education method only made Yansheng sneer.

She didn’t see Yingying during the meal. After entering the Zhangs’ house and becoming a wealthy wife, her stepmother’s life had been a fairy life every day.

With the servants at home, she didn’t have to worry about the children eating, drinking, and going to school. She would get beauty sleep at night until she woke up naturally in the morning. When she woke up, she would go shopping or meet with her girlfriends to play mahjong. Her life was very comfortable and happy.

Huan also went to the company, so there were only three children from the Zhang family that were having lunch now.

At the rectangular dining table, when Huan was not there, Yansheng took the main seat casually and unceremoniously.

Shuocheng was a very picky eater, only picking up what he liked to eat. The servant next to him told him to eat vegetables, but he wouldn’t listen.

Yansheng didn’t care about him. He had a mother who was born as a model. At the age of thirteen, he was already taller than her.

And even Heling, with her thin arms and legs.

Seeing that the little girl’s chopsticks wanted to pass over the vegetables and only clipped the ones she liked to eat, Yansheng raised an eyebrow and glanced at her.

Heling hesitated for a moment, but under her sister’s somewhat powerful eyes, she obediently sandwiched a chopstick of vegetables.

Yansheng then retracted her gaze and continued to eat.