December 14, 2021

Chapter 7: Snatch (Part 2)

It was a little better after closing the door, but the movement next door could still be heard. She did not know what the two little ones were fighting over, they were just grabbing to snatch something from each other. Anyway, they were born from the same mother and have internal strife, which had nothing to do with her.

The problem was that their mouths still kept on screaming while fighting.

When Heling suddenly let out a scream, Yansheng was caught off guard. With a sudden force, she bent the nib of the water-based pen and the paper was also ripped.

Yansheng tried to calm herself down.

Oh, mother, I want to hit someone.

She crumpled the paper, threw it into the paper basket with the damaged water-based pen, and took a new pen.

The running footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Heling screamed and chased after her brother, followed by a louder voice. At the first hearing, the two naughty children fell while tearing each other.

Something seemed to have fallen on the ground as well, making a crackling sound.

Yansheng’s anger finally couldn’t be suppressed.

She was originally a hot-tempered person. It was because she was reborn from death that she changed her mind and wanted to be a Buddhist and worked hard to make progress.

However, she was not a cat that would shrink and become sick.

She pushed her chair away loudly and got up, strode to the door, and opened it with a ‘swish’.

Shuocheng was a clever kid, so he got up when he heard the doorknob turn. When Yansheng came out, he had already disappeared and she only saw his back.

She felt regret all of a sudden.

She turned her head and there was a broken game console on the ground, the screen was broken.

Heling was sitting on the ground and shedding tears. There was even a tooth mark on her pink cheek. It was pretty deep and almost bleeding.

Yansheng frowned and squatted down. She pinched the little girl’s chin to check on it and said sarcastically, “You are two years older than him, but you can’t even beat him?”

One must know that the elementary school stage could be said to be the only few years in a woman’s life when she can defeat men of the same age in terms of height and physical strength. Furthermore, Heling was an older sister and she was much taller than Shuocheng.

Heling was in pain and angry. With tears in her eyes, she replied, “I can’t really fight him as he is so young.”

Yansheng now understood the situation clearly.

How did that naughty kid get used to having such a bad attitude? Naturally, he depended on his parents’ words: ‘He is a child’, ‘He is still young’, and ‘Don’t argue with a child’.

In order to protect her baby son, Yingying always asked Heling to let Shuocheng do anything, and always reminded Heling to love her younger brother.

Heling was a well-behaved and obedient child. Even if Shuocheng teared her up and snatched her things, she still remembered in her heart that she couldn’t really hit her younger brother.

But Shuocheng didn’t care about her. The two grabbed the game console from each other and twisted their bodies together, then the naughty child opened his mouth and bit Heling. That was the reason behind the scream just now.

“Good people are deceived by others and good horses are ridden by others.” Zhang Yansheng sneered. “If you love your brother so much, then just let him take a few more bites. How nice it is to have a few more teeth marks on your face.”

Heling’s game console was broken and her face was hurting, but her sister didn’t comfort her. Her mouth flattened and she wanted to hold back her tears as hard as she could, so she twitched the corners of her mouth and pulled it down. Her teardrops fell off in a string, and she made a sound of whining.

She looked so wronged, pitiful, ridiculous, and… cute.

Yansheng gritted her teeth, then stood up and told her, “Don’t cry, come in.” After speaking, she turned and went back to the room.

Heling picked up the broken game console, wiped away her tears, and entered Yansheng’s room.

The room was quite unfamiliar to her. Anyone in the family who dared to enter Yansheng’s room casually would be yelled at.

Heling’s big eyes flickered as she looked around her sister’s room.

Yansheng pointed to the sofa. “Sit over there.”

The little girl with thin arms and thin legs and teeth marks on her face immediately sat down obediently.

Yansheng brought the emergency kit over. She opened it and found that there was everything in it. She took out a spray and pinched Heling’s chin. “Don’t move.”

She found that there was no bleeding but there was a bit of a bite. Heling shivered when she was spraying the medicine and it could be seen that there was a wound on her skin.

Yansheng took a closer look, and sure enough, there was a little broken skin, but there was no bleeding.

“He’s a dog!” she scolded Shuocheng.

Heling sniffed and cried out, “Exactly!”

Yansheng snorted coldly, despising her particularly.

“And you’re a fool. Why can’t you fight back even though he is young?” She sneered. “Did he ever think about letting you go when he bit you?”

Heling couldn’t refute that. In fact, she knew in her heart that her brother would never let her go. Her younger brother was like a hyena, small but fierce.

Yansheng packed the emergency kit and said, “Everyone has to protect themselves first. You are older than him, taller than him, and stronger than him. But you are bullied by him, so that’s what you deserve.”

“But if I hit my brother,” Heling muttered, “my mother will scold me.”

Yansheng then asked her, “Which one hurts more, being scolded by your mother or being bitten by your brother?”

Do you still have to ask? Zhang Heling replied honestly, “Being bitten.”

Yansheng threw the emergency kit on the coffee table, leaned back, raised her legs, stopped talking, and only looked at the little girl.

Heling also looked at her for a long time.

Yansheng felt that although this younger sister was cute, she was a bit stupid.

Finally, before Yansheng’s patience ran out, the little sister blinked and said cautiously, “Then next time, I will… try.”