December 17, 2021

Chapter 10: Anger (Part 1)

Yingying and Huan finally arrived home.

Yingying immediately called Huan when she received Mrs. Wang’s call. But Mrs. Wang called Huan after calling her, so she got a busy tone when she called him.

Then, Huan immediately called Yansheng after hanging up from Mrs. Wang’s call. So when Yingying dialed his number the second time, the line was busy again.

In this case, it was especially easy for someone to get angry.

When Yingying’s call finally connected to her husband’s phone, her sharp voice almost pierced his eardrum.

Huan let out a groan and said angrily, “Why are you calling?! Because Yanyan hits Shuoshuo? I know, I already called Yanyan. Everything is fine.”

Yingying felt wronged and cried, “You actually said it’s okay? Shuoshuo has never been beaten by anyone since he was born! Your daughter is already fifteen! How old is Shuoshuo? What should I do if he’s hurt so badly? He is your son!”

“He will not be badly beaten. I talked to Yanyan on the phone. Yanyan promised me and she just spanked him. Don’t worry, Yanyan has a sense of propriety.”

Yansheng, who was now fifteen years old, had not dyed her hair, had no tattoos, did not smoke or drink, and did not play truant. Although she often had a small fight with Yingying for three days and a big fight for five days. As a person who had been trained in martial arts for a long time, she had never raised her hands on someone she hated so much.

In Huan’s heart, his eldest daughter was still a good girl.

Her performance in front of her elders last night was particularly filial and decent. His mother praised his daughter for having grown up being sensible.

Therefore, he still had some confidence in her, much greater than the confidence he had in Shuocheng. In fact, when he received a call and heard that his son was being beaten by Yansheng, he felt that he must have deserved it without asking why.

Shuocheng was beaten, but Huan chose to believe Yansheng.

Because of this, Yingying almost died of anger. She had already noticed that although Yansheng was a money-losing commodity, she still had some weight in her husband’s heart.

What Yingying couldn’t be angrier with was this. In her heart, this family should belong to Shuocheng in the future. Why let Yansheng, a girl, occupy such a large area in Huan’s heart? Would she have to share the family’s property with Shoucheng in the future as well?

But Yingying didn’t dare to lose her temper at Huan. She was the mistress in charge, relying on having a son. If she hadn’t given birth to a son, she might have been raised outside with Heling all along.

Huan was her husband and her financial backer.

She had no choice but to cry and force Huan to go home immediately. Huan couldn’t help but be a little worried, too. He left the company and went home after he hung up the call.

The two of them came back one after the other. As soon as Huan entered the door, he heard his son howling and his wife cursing in the hall.

But the upstairs was quiet and Yansheng didn’t show her face at all.

Yingying kept on cursing, so Huan frowned and shouted, “What are you saying?! Pay attention to your words!”

Upon hearing that, Yingying hurriedly closed her mouth. In front of her husband, she still paid attention to her image and did not swear. Immediately, she changed to a teary-eyed look, like a lotus flower with water drops, and was crying miserably, “Look at Shoushou’s buttocks. He has grown so big, but I have never beaten him like this…” As she said that, she started to cry loudly.

Huan spoke to his son, “Take off your pants and show them to me.”

Shuocheng was counting on his parents to avenge him. He immediately bent over, rolled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles, and took them off naked.

Heling, who was peeking at the corner of the stairs, immediately covered her eyes.

Huan was a bit stunned.

He checked and found that Shuocheng did have a lot of red marks on his buttocks. It should have hurt a lot at the time. But they were just red marks, not to mention hurting the muscles and bones, even the skin wasn’t broken a bit.

So, he heaved a sigh and felt relieved.

“It’s okay. His buttocks were just spanked,” he commented.

Yingying couldn’t cry anymore. Is this still a human conversation? It was your precious son who was beaten!

She stopped crying on the spot. “Why did she beat my son?! How old is she?! Shuoshuo is only a little older! Ah! This is child abuse!”

Huan ignored her and asked the child, “What did you do to upset your sister?”

Shuocheng hesitated and didn’t reply because he felt that there was something wrong.

Huan glanced upstairs, just in time to see Heling poking her head at the stairs, so he shouted, “Hehe, go and call your sister down here.”

Heling quickly ran upstairs and knocked on the door. “Sister! Mom and Dad are back! Shuocheng was accusing you of beating him! Sister! Dad told me to call you down.”

The door opened with a squeak.

“Got it.” Yansheng frowned. “What are you doing in such a panic? Be steady.”

The little girl stuck out her tongue and went downstairs behind her sister.

When she got downstairs, Yansheng was disgusted when she caught a glimpse of Yingying’s resentment, and directly looked away.

“Dad, you should beat her! Go and beat her up!” Shuocheng shook his father’s arm bitterly, hoping that Huan would avenge him. At this moment, his parents were all present and he became a naughty boy again, not afraid of anyone and anything in the world.

Huan said to Yansheng solemnly, “What happened? Why did you hit your brother? If he did something wrong, you should speak to him properly as an older sister.”

Here we go again. He’s trying to smooth things over using a gentle tone.

Yansheng remembered the past in a daze. Indeed, at this time, her father still had a hesitant attitude and wouldn’t help either side. Later on, she herself became more and more unsightly, so he gradually began to stand on Yingying’s side.