December 17, 2021

Chapter 10: Anger (Part 2)

Yansheng narrowed her thoughts and glanced at Shuocheng, who was snuggling next to their father. The child’s intuition was really sensitive and he knew very well who was the one who really had the power in this family.

“Zhang Shuocheng,” she said, “tell everyone what you did.”

As soon as she spoke, her cold tone made Shuocheng tremble, so he immediately grabbed Huan by the corner of his clothes, and answered back with some confidence, “I didn’t do anything!”

Heling couldn’t help but yell out, “You are lying! You have already admitted to Sister Yanyan that you made a mistake!”

Yingying slapped her shoulders right away and glared at her. “Shut up! Move aside!”

This stupid girl really can’t speak at all and doesn’t know which side she should be on.

The strength under the adult’s impatience was still very painful for a little girl. Yansheng clearly saw Heling’s mouth flattened, and tears of grievance hung in her eyes.

Yansheng became furious.

Her bad temper could not be changed in a day or two after being reborn. It would still burst when it was time to explode.

She pulled Heling behind her and her volume suddenly increased, “What are you doing?!”

Yingying was not afraid of the fifteen-year-old Yansheng. This girl’s teachers were so good because she couldn’t even swear. If it weren’t for Huan’s scruples, Yingying could have cursed her with profanity for three days and three nights.

Moreover, she couldn’t do anything physical. She would only raise her voice when she was angry and she knew neither how to take advantage of the situation nor how to show weakness.

In fact, Yingying had already noticed that the noisier Yansheng was, the farther Huan stayed away from his daughter and closer to herself. Therefore, she often deliberately made small moves to make her stepdaughter lose her temper, making Huan dislike her more and more.

Yingying raised her eyebrows and said provocatively, “I’m teaching my daughter, so what’s wrong with that? My daughter has a mother and if she makes a mistake, her mother has to take care of her.”

She also stretched out her hand to pull Heling, trying to get her out from behind Yansheng and teach this stupid girl a good lesson in front of Yansheng.

She should let this stepdaughter know the difference between having a mother and not having a mother.

This was really harsh that even Huan frowned. He was about to scold her, but he suddenly saw Yansheng make a lightning move and directly choked Yingying.

He watched his little wife’s body fly in an arc and was pressed on the sofa by his eldest daughter with one hand holding her throat.

Yingying had lost her voice before she could even scream. Her body became light for a moment and finally fell into the sofa. The hand on her neck was like iron pliers.

She grabbed Yansheng’s wrist and wanted to break from her, but she couldn’t get away from her at all. Yansheng strangled her with one hand and pinned her firmly on the sofa.

How could a fifteen-year-old girl have such strength?

Everyone was taken aback, including the servants who were secretly watching at the entrance of the stairs and in the hallway.

Huan was also stunned. His eldest daughter had been training in taekwondo and boxing since she was a child, so she often came back home with awards when she was young. But he couldn’t believe that she was this strong.

Yingying was born with a model-like body, so she was taller than Yansheng.

Just now, Yansheng’s instantaneous explosive power made people’s hearts stop for a moment. After this moment was over, Huan still opened his mouth but did not react.

Heling was shocked and looked stupid.

The first person to react turned out to be Shuocheng.

He screamed, “You let go of my mother!” Then, he instinctively rushed towards Yansheng.

Yansheng stretched out her empty hand, grabbed his shoulder, and flicked it. Shuocheng turned around in a circle before he could react and was thrown on the other sofa. He was dumbfounded.

Heling finally reacted and yelled, “Sister!”

Huan was awakened from the dream as well, then he stood up suddenly and stretched out his hand. “What are you doing, what are you doing? Yanyan! Yanyan! Let go first, let her go!”

But Yansheng just shouted at him, “Don’t come here!”

Although she was still young, Huan was shocked by her imposing manner. He stretched his arms and hands, but he dared not to step forward.

Yingying couldn’t breathe in oxygen, her mouth was open, and she swooped indiscriminately with her hands. But as Yansheng increased her strength, Yingying could only roll her eyes while holding Yansheng’s wrist.

It looked scary.

“Your children have a mother? Really?” Yansheng sneered. “Then why don’t I see their mother takes care of them?

“Do you know what your precious son did today? He ran into my room and stole my stuff!

“Do you think that a game console is not a thing? A game console costs several thousand yuan and the crime of stealing can be sentenced to up to three years. Why don’t you care about this issue?

“But when Heling tells the truth, you’re going to beat and scold her? You even dare to show your authority in front of me?

“Let me tell you! This house will be mine one day. You will never have a chance to reveal your prestige!

“Zhang Heling did nothing wrong. If you dare to hit her, I will hit you ten times!

“Zhang Shuocheng did something wrong, but you can’t see clearly and even ignored it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care, I will take care of it for you as his sister!

“Just remember that from now on, if you dare to mention ‘there is no mother or without a mother’ in front of me again, I will let your children become motherless!”

How stupid she used to be because she would get angry easily and always quarreled with Yingying, so she didn’t like to go home.

When she was in high school, she started to study badly, played truant and missed her classes, and didn’t go home for three days. Later, when she got older, she didn’t come back for a few months and even half a year.

This house—this home, had completely changed from her home to Yingying’s home.

The dove occupied the magpie’s nest.

This was obviously a home where she was born and raised, full of memories with her mother everywhere.

How could it be given to others so easily?

Who is Liang Yingying anyway?

Her mother passed away, so she, Zhang Yansheng, was now the mistress of this family.