February 28, 2022

Chapter 88: Gain

“Big Sister, what do you do?” Zhang Yansheng asked, “Do you work for a film company?”

“No, I am not.” Xiao Mo took out a business card and handed it to Zhang Yansheng with both hands. Zhang Yansheng also picked it up with both her hands.

Qiwu Investment, Investment Director, Mo Lin.

Mo Lin seemed to be around 25 years old or so. Zhang Yansheng said: “Big Sister is already a director at such a young age? That’s amazing.”

Zhang Yansheng is only 16 years old, and she is still a high school student. She followed the adults to see the excitement. Mo Lin stopped playing tricks with her, and told the truth: “Those are all just external titles, and everyone who takes out business cards are directors. In fact, my internal rank is only that of a manager.”

“That’s still amazing.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Then what exactly do you do? You’re also making movies?”

“Oh, what do I do…” Mo Lin thought for a while, considering that Zhang Yansheng was just a child, she told her in as many simple words as possible, “To simply put it, my job is…”

She stretched out a hand: “On one hand, my job is to find a project.”

She stretched out another hand: “On the other hand, my job is to find someone who has money in his hand, which is an investor.”

“Then…” she clasped her hands together, “So, my job is to put them together to make this project work, and finally make money. The project, the investors, and me all got our shares.”

“So, does《Leaving the Solar System》need an investor?” Zhang Yansheng asked, “I heard that it was already filming.”

Mo Lin was pleasantly surprised: “Huh, you know?”

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “I have read the original work. The author is Dayang, right? The director, I remember that he is Xie…”

“Director Xie.” Mo Lin said, “You really know.”

Zhang Yansheng explained simply: “Dayang has a blog. I remember that there were posts about these things in his blog.” Then, she made a detour and asked directly: “So does this movie need people to invest money now? How much?”

The air in the room changed slightly.

Just now, Mo Lin and Zhang Yansheng still considered themselves as big sister and young sister, but when Zhang Yansheng asked ‘how much’, their identities changed, from natural people to social and professional people.

Mo Lin’s body language expressed this point. When she answered Zhang Yansheng, she sat up straight.

“The current estimated funding gap is 200 million yuan.” she said.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “If I remember correctly, they should have been filming for a year now, right? How much money have they spent?”

This girl is very young, and her thinking logic is very clear. Mo Lin sat straighter: “There is a total of 150 million yuan on the fund that has been invested so far.”

Oh no, then your estimate is wrong, Big Sister. This movie costs more money than what you think.

Zhang Yansheng knows how much the real cost of the movie will be in the end.

This was the first time that Zhang Yansheng saw the dividends of being reborn, shining in front of her eyes. If God doesn’t take it, then he is to blame.

God has put a fortune before her eyes, so there is no reason not to reach out and take it.

Zhang Yansheng said, “I don’t have that much money, I probably only have…” She estimated in her heart and said, “A few million yuan.” Mo Lin is in this business. The investment in the projects they handle in this business often starts in 100-million yuan units. For a project of a few million, it is simply a small sum of money.

But a few million is not a small amount of money for a teenager.

Mo Lin asked carefully: “Can I ask, where do your millions of funds come from…?”

Zhang Yansheng stretched out her fingers one by one: “Pocket money, New Year’s Eve money, birthday red envelopes, when I was a kid, my dad gave money for my award certificates… I spent a little of that money and I saved the rest.”

Mo Lin covered her face and was deeply shocked.

Zhang Yansheng smiled.

“By the way, my name is Zhang Yansheng, from K City.” She remembered that she hadn’t introduced herself yet, “I’m still a student and I don’t have a business card.”


The afternoon forum has already started for half an hour. Zhang Qi glanced at the message on her cellphone and whispered, “Grandma, Yanyan said she will come later in the afternoon.”

Old lady Zhang let out a “Oh” and said nothing.

Zhang Qi glanced at the empty chair, swung her pen to write, and took notes carefully.

Nearly half of the afternoon forum time passed, Zhang Yansheng arrived late and quietly sat down on her seat.

Zhang Qi glared at her, then lowered her voice: “Where did you go?”

Zhang Yansheng shrugged: “Something just happened…”

Zhang Qi rolled her eyes and thought to herself, just in time, let their grandma see that she shouldn’t have been brought in here.

The old lady Zhang “shushed” them, and the two girls quickly closed their mouths and listened to the big boss in front of them talking eloquently.

The old lady Zhang glanced to the right and found her granddaughter struggling with writing. When she glanced to her left, although her second granddaughter arrived late, her expression was obviously very happy. She has always been cold-hearted, but the corner of her mouth is actually smiling now.

What good thing happened to her? Is it possible that she met a handsome guy whom she had fallen in love with in this ancient town?

The old lady has an old heart, and her old spirit is thinking about it.

The forum organizer arranged for them to have dinner at the hotel.

The old lady said, “You don’t need to accompany me to dinner at night, you can go around the ancient town. This is a tourist attraction, and there are many local specialties that you can try.”

Zhang Qi said angrily: “I came here with you, so how can I just run around?”

Zhang Yansheng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s just right, sister, you can accompany Grandma, I still have something to do.”

Zhang Qi was stunned.

Grandma scolded her: “You’re going out to run around again?”

“Well, it’s actually like this.” Zhang Yansheng still explained patiently to her grandmother, “A big sister slipped and fell in the bathroom during lunch. She injured her foot and I helped her back to the restaurant. I also sent her back to her room after lunch. We chatted for a long time and made an appointment with her for dinner in the evening.”

Grandma was surprised that Zhang Yansheng actually met someone on this occasion, but Zhang Yansheng was still young. She asked, “Who is the other party? How old is she? What does she do?”

Zhang Yansheng took out Mo Lin’s business card.

Grandma put on reading glasses and looked at “Qiwu Investment, Investment Director, Mo Lin…”

“When we were eating at noon, the man with glasses on our table might be with her, right?” Zhang Yansheng said, “It feels like they are doing the same thing.”

Grandma knew who she was talking about, glanced at her in surprise, smiled and said, “You are right, that person also belongs to an investment company.”

She returned the business card to Zhang Yansheng and said, “Keep your cellphone on and come back to me at night to report it.”

Zhang Yansheng agreed: “Okay.”

After dinner in the evening, Zhang Qi accompanied the old lady back to her room and made tea for the old lady.

The old lady took a sip of tea and asked her eldest granddaughter, “Is there any gain you’ve gotten today?”

Zhang Qi straightened her lower back immediately: “I have gained a lot. The speeches of the speakers I listened to today had broadened my thoughts a lot.”

With that said, she listed one, two, three, four, five… several points. It sounds very organized.

But those are actually the contents of other people’s speeches, and they are notes she recorded.

When she finished speaking, the old lady nodded and asked her to go back to rest.

Zhang Qi didn’t forget to say before leaving: “Yanyan, seriously, she hasn’t come back until now. Is she crazy?” After thinking about it, she felt that she was an older sister again, so she added a concern: “There will be no danger, right?”

The old lady said, “She has a black belt in taekwondo, and most people can’t touch her.”

Then, she let Zhang Qi go back.

Zhang Yansheng still remembered her grandmother’s instructions. She didn’t go back to her room when she returned to the hotel, so she went to the old lady’s room to report.

“Why did you go back so late?” The old lady rebuked her.

Zhang Yansheng was in a good mood when she saw it, with a smile on the corner of her mouth: “We talked a bit too much, and time passed before I knew it.”

“Come here.” The old lady asked her to sit down by her side and asked, “Is there any gain today?”

“Yes.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I have gained a person and a project.”

The old lady’s eyes lit up slightly.

Zhang Yansheng asked: “Grandma, in fact, if you come to participate in this kind of forum, besides listening to those speeches about the industry, there’s another purpose which is to meet people, find opportunities, and find projects that can be invested, right? I think that’s the reason why you’ve been exchanging business cards at the dining table.”

Old lady Zhang: “Oh.”

“What?” Zhang Yansheng asked, “Am I wrong?”

Old lady Zhang smiled and said, “That’s right, it’s a pretty good idea. Go on.”

“Big Sister Mo told me all about it.” Zhang Yansheng said, “It’s just that someone has to do things and has no money. And people like you, who have money in their hands, want to find projects and make more money. Big Sister Mo just integrates the two sides to win one, or win three, or maybe win more.”

The old lady asked again, “What project did you just talk about?”

“It’s a movie.” When it came to the matter of sending money to the front of her eyes, Zhang Yansheng’s eyebrows lit up, and she said, “Big Sister Mo has several projects in her hand, and one movie project is particularly good. I want to invest some money in it.”

The old lady asked, “How much do you plan to invest?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “All my savings. I still want to ask my dad for more money.”

“Yanyan, if you can get your dad to invest money for you…” The old lady smiled, “How much your dad will invest in, Grandma will double it.”

Isn’t it easy to ask Zhang Huan to give her money? He gave her as much as she wanted in her previous life.

Zhang Yansheng’s eyes lit up: “Then that’s a deal!”

There was a smile at the corner of the old lady’s mouth.

The eldest granddaughter harvested class notes for the day.

The second granddaughter got a business card.

The first contact in life, the first investment attempt.

It’s pretty good, it didn’t come in vain.

The forum continued on the second day. In the evening, on the 15th of the first month, the ancient town held the Lantern Festival, which beautifully interpreted the traditional culture.

The third day was only half a day, and the forum officially closed after lunch. Many people who booked the plane earlier left without leaving for lunch.

This is why Mo Lin left early.

When Zhang Yansheng and a few others went to check out, Zhang Yansheng said to the front desk: “Someone should have left something for me here.”

The front desk checked her room number and name, and gave her an envelope: “The lady surnamed Mo left it for you.”

Zhang Yansheng took it: “Yes.” Then, she stuffed it into her bag casually.

Zhang Qi glanced at her strangely, muttering in her heart, not knowing what to do. Because they had to check out, so she didn’t ask much.

When they arrived at the airport, they walked through the VIP passage and sat down safely in the VIP waiting room. Zhang Yansheng took out the envelope from her bag and handed it to Zhang Qi: “Sister Qiqi, this is for you.”

Zhang Qi took it and opened it, took out a USB flash drive, and asked suspiciously, “What is this?”

“Big Sister Mo helped me get the manuscripts of the speeches in the forum.” Zhang Yansheng looked at Zhang Qi’s confused expression on her face, and explained more clearly, “It’s the ones you took notes on.”

Zhang Qi: “…”

On the return flight, Zhang Qi’s face was always livid.

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