February 27, 2022

Chapter 87: Dark Horse

“Ah!” Zhang Heling was a little shy, holding her face, “Dad, did you see it?”

Then she suppressed her shyness with excitement, and kept asking, “Then do you think I look like my sister? Do I look like her?”

Zhang Huan felt a toothache: “Why are you copying her? If you don’t learn something good…”

“The way my sister speaks is so cool!” Zhang Heling had a ‘you don’t understand’ expression on her face, despising Zhang Huan’s aesthetics as an old man.

Zhang Huan persuasively said: “Talk to your brother nicely. Don’t show him that face. He is still young. You have to make him feel the warmth of his sister, okay?”

“That won’t work!” Zhang Heling is very experienced, “If you speak nicely, then Shuoshuo will not listen at all! If you act like my sister, then he will be obedient! If you don’t believe me, go and try it!”

If you can do it, then go ahead and do it!

Zhang Huan didn’t need to try to know.

Zhang Shuocheng bullied the soft and was afraid of the strong. In front of the husband and wife, he dared to lie on the ground and howl. In front of his eldest sister, he lowered his eyebrows and will do whatever they wanted him to do.

“…” Zhang Huan had nothing to say, “Okay.”


The financial forum is not as boring as Zhang Yansheng thought.

Those who can speak are big guys whose photos can be seen or names can be mentioned by the media. The content of their speeches is very fulfilling, not empty at all, and even very interesting. Their judgments of the present and predictions of the future are based on years of industry experience and foreseeable technological developments in the past.

Even some topics will cause debate among the big guys, which sounds very interesting.

She just couldn’t turn her head. But as she turned her head, she saw her cousin, Zhang Qi, holding a pen and notebook, taking notes.

Zhang Yansheng: “???”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t know the meaning of taking notes.

They have neither a project to operate nor a company to operate. To put it bluntly, the two of them are here to gain insights.

What’s more, the speeches of these big guys are not considered industry platforms. The necessary rules are actually very subjective. Even if it sounds interesting and feels correct now, it may be proved wrong by reality in the future.

But Zhang Yansheng knew that Zhang Qi’s action showed a serious attitude of studying.

If the forum site was a class in the school, her cousin would take the pen, draw a line between the two of them, and tell the teacher happily, who is the scumbag and who is the bully.

In the eyes of her cousin, that teacher is probably their grandmother.

The lunch is a buffet in the hotel. Zhang Yansheng went and found that all the set-up has large tables, and many people can sit at one table. In this way, everyone has to eat at the same table with many strangers.

Zhang Yansheng quickly discovered that the tables were full of social atmosphere.

The topics of those industries were not suspended because of lunch. These people who were strangers soon began to communicate and discuss at the dining table, as well as selectively exchange business cards.

A middle-aged man made a well-founded speech with a lot of dry goods, which was recognized by everyone, and immediately someone took out a business card: “Let’s exchange business cards.”

Even Zhang Yansheng’s grandmother exchanged words with that person.

The adults were eating and chatting, but her cousin, Zhang Qi, was staring closely at her grandma’s face. If their grandma listened attentively, she would stop her chopsticks and make a listening gesture. If their grandma didn’t care, she would quickly take a few bites.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t have such a big burden. She was already full by the time Zhang Qi was halfway through eating. Wiping her mouth, she said to the old lady Zhang, “I’m going to the bathroom”, then she got up and left.

When she went to the women’s bathroom, she was startled when she opened the door — there was a person sitting on the ground.

The woman sitting on the ground looks like in her 20s, and she is quite young. With pretty short hair, professional suits, and high heels, she is a person who came to participate in the forum at first glance.

Seeing someone pushing the door open, she first shouted: “Be careful of water on the ground!”

It seemed that she had slipped.

Zhang Yansheng was reminded by her and when she saw the water on the ground, she stepped over it and asked, “Are you okay?”

The young lady frowned and grimaced, obviously something was hurting. She gritted her teeth and waved her hand, her face a little red: “It’s okay, I’m okay, don’t worry about me. I twisted my ankle a bit, and it should be okay if I move slowly.”

Zhang Yansheng nodded, went to the toilet first, and came out to wash her hands afterwards. However, the short-haired young lady in the suit was still sitting on the ground.

Zhang Yansheng took a piece of paper towel and wiped her hands, then squatted down and asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

The young lady took a hissy breath: “It seems to be better, let me try.”

She supported the ground and wanted to stand up, but Zhang Yansheng said, “Your shoes are no good.”

Of course, professional suits are paired with high heels, but they are still the kind of stiletto heels. It’s just that the heel of one shoe and the body of the shoe are cracked, and it looks like it is about to fall off.

The young lady took off the broken shoe from her foot, shook it, and pulled out the stiletto heel from it.

“There is no other way, so I have to do this.” As the young lady said that, she took off the other shoe, held the heel, imitated the plot of some TV series or advertisements, and broke it gracefully!”

…But it didn’t break.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t hold back and laughed loudly.

The young lady also laughed, and muttered, “It should break just like the scene on the TV!”

This big sister is so funny. Zhang Yansheng took the shoe from her hand, held the heel, and gently exerted force — with a ‘click’, she broke the heel off.

The young lady exclaimed: “You are so strong!”

Zhang Yansheng returned the shoe to her: “It will be uncomfortable to wear it, so hurry back and change into a new pair.”

The young lady put on her shoes and said, “I’ll go back to the restaurant first, then I’ll go back to the room to change when the lunch is over. I don’t need to listen to the forum, but I can’t delay lunch!”

Zhang Yansheng remembered the frequently opened business card holders and the hands that stretched out to each other at the dinner table just now, and she was a little surprised.

The young lady stood up on her own on the ground, and after trying to take a step, she ‘hiss’ in pain.

“It’s a sprain, right?” Zhang Yansheng persuaded her, “It’s better to…”

“No, no, no!” The young lady interrupted her, “I’m fine, I can do it! I…”

She gritted her teeth and took a step forward.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “Do you really have to go back to the restaurant?”

“I have to go back.” The young lady said, “I finally did… Oh, I’ll go! Wait, I’ll wait for the lunch to be over, then I will think of a way. But first, I really need to go back to the restaurant.”

With that said, she took another step forward.

Blame stubbornness.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t stand it anymore, so she walked over and raised one of her arms on her shoulder: “I’ll help you.”

The young lady said gratefully: “Thank you…”

Before the words were finished, this excessively young girl stretched out her arm to hold her waist and squeezed it with a bit force!

Young lady: “…”

Her feet are off the ground!

This, this is one-handed, right???

The young lady was shocked to be taken all the way to the restaurant by Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “Which side are you sitting on?”

“Over there!” The young lady pointed in the direction, and finally returned to her senses, “Why are you so strong? I’m almost hanging on you!”

She has to say that what the young lady said was actually the truth.

Zhang Yansheng went there with the young lady, and after crossing many tables, the young lady suddenly said, “It’s fine here, I’ll go there by myself.”

Zhang Yansheng let her go, and she said gratefully: “Thank you so much.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “You’re welcome.” She glanced at her up and down, and asked, “Can you really do it?”

The young lady said jokingly: “Even if I can’t do it, I still have to do it.”

Zhang Yansheng smiled. The young lady raised her hand to wave to her, and thanked her again: “Then I will go now.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t leave, but stood still and watched the young lady turn and walk towards a certain table.

She tried to get out of her normal appearance, of course, her speed was much slower, and her body movements were stiff. Zhang Yansheng could see that she must be suffering from pain.

She was quite stubborn, as if there was a great force driving her to do so.

Zhang Yansheng found that when the young lady walked to the table and sat down, she looked completely different from just now.

She was a funny and friendly young lady just now, but when she returned to the table, she had a certain aura and looked very calm and capable.

A very standard workplace person.

On that table, she was the youngest, and the others were all middle-aged or elderly.

Zhang Yansheng heard those who were older say, “Xiao Mo, we are discussing the projects you just mentioned. You can tell us more about it…”

The big sister, known as “Xiao Mo”, looked very focused and confident. When she spoke to them, she had a good command of her speech speed and tone.

Zhang Yansheng remembered that there were similar people at their table, all talking about projects or something.

Zhang Yansheng turned around and returned to their table. Most of the people seemed to be full, but they did not leave. Just like many other tables, everyone was still talking. And it has started from the overall development of the industry to specific projects.

Several people, including Zhang Yansheng’s grandma, listened intently, as if they were very interested.

Zhang Yansheng returned to her seat and listened quietly.

Until lunch was finally over, and there was still some time before the afternoon arrangements, the old lady Zhang said, “Go back to the room and clean up.” This refers to gargling, combing their hair, and touching up their makeup.

The three of them stood up, but Zhang Yansheng said, “You go back first, I still have something to do.”

Zhang Qi said, “Don’t run around and get lost. Can you find the venue later?”

The tone of this speech seemed to be that Zhang Yansheng was an elementary school student. She also asked, “Where are you going?”

In fact, it’s okay to just say it, but with that look… Zhang Yansheng was not happy to say, perfunctorily: “I’ll just go to the lobby to buy something.”

Zhang Qi looked like she was about to speak again, and her grandma spoke first: “Go, you can go.”

Zhang Qi didn’t speak again.

But when she was walking out with the old lady in her arms, Zhang Yansheng still heard a sentence: “I really envy Yanyan. When she is young, she is energetic and runs around. Unlike me, my classmates say that my mental age is at least 10 years older than my appearance…”

Isn’t she tired of talking so much nonsense? Can’t she just say directly that ’Zhang Yansheng is ignorant and running around’?

Zhang Yansheng rolled her eyes, turned around, and walked in the other direction.

Sure enough, as she expected, all the people from that table, where that big sister named Xiao Mo was, were all gone and she was the only one still sitting there. It must be because of her sore ankle, so she’s so worried on how to leave from there.

Xiao Mo was worried, and when she looked up and saw Zhang Yansheng, her mouth was so wide that she could swallow a duck egg: “Why are you here again?”

At this moment, she is not the calm and capable workplace person anymore, her eyes are wide open, which is particularly interesting.

“I would like to see how you could walk back by yourself.” Zhang Yansheng walked over with a smile and stretched out her hand.

Xiao Mo was not polite this time, so she stood up and put her hand on her shoulder: “Please, Hercules.”

Zhang Yansheng asked, “Go to the venue? Or?”

“Go back to the room first.” Xiao Mo said, “I’m staying on the 9th floor.”

Zhang Yansheng easily carried Xiao Mo back to the 9th floor and sent her back to the room.

On the way, Xiao Mo said, “Can I take the liberty of asking your age?”

Since a new year has arrived, then she will be one year older. Zhang Yansheng said, “Sixteen.”

Xiao Mo had a ‘sure enough’ look on her face: “I knew it! I knew it! How young do you look? There are no blemishes on your skin at all!”

Zhang Yansheng actually put on makeup deliberately, but being young means being young, which can’t be covered at all.

“If you’re 16, then you’re still a high school student, right?” Xiao Mo asked, “Are you here to attend the forum?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “I came with an adult from my family to gain some experience.”

They were having some conversation, when Xiao Mo’s cellphone rang as she opened the door of her room. She put her arms around Zhang Yansheng with one hand, and took out her cellphone with the other: “Hello? Director Xie!”

The room was an ordinary standard room. Zhang Yansheng carried her to the bed and put her on the edge of the bed. She was talking on the phone, and Zhang Yansheng couldn’t leave without saying anything, so she held her arms aside and wanted to wait for her to finish the call and say goodbye to her before leaving.

Obviously, the person on the phone has been urging her on something, and Xiao Mo has been pacifying that person: “Well, I know, I know… just waiting for the rice to be cooked… It’s useless to worry about this kind of thing… Okay, I will do my best.”

Finally, she hung up the call, she tugged at her hair and muttered, “Oh, Leaving the Solar System, Leaving the Solar System…”

Zhang Yansheng suddenly raised her eyes: “What?”

“Oh, nothing, it’s a project in my hand.” Xiao Mo said, “There is a movie called《Leaving the Solar System》.”

《Leaving the Solar System》?

Is it that one? The sci-fi movie that Xu Lichen pulled her and Wang Qian to accompany him to watch it 10 times was released during the Spring Festival of her senior year of high school?

Zhang Yansheng and Wang Qian were both vomiting at that time. Xu Lichen watched it over and over again, looking for details over and over again, tirelessly.

When she turned on her cellphone and computer that year, everyone from her friends list and Weibo were all posting information about this movie.

With a box office of 3.9 billion yuan, that movie was the dark horse and became a big hit during the Spring Festival that year!

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