February 26, 2022

Chapter 86: Go Together

Zhang Yansheng didn’t expect that she and her father would even have a time when they were in harmony.

There is no need for Zhang Huan to give her a wink, she already understood what he meant before his voice fell. The old man is fighting for a chance for her.

Naturally, it may be that he has a high regard for her, or he may simply want her and her cousin to compete for favor in front of the old lady.

Of course, a family with a net worth of 100 million yuan like them also has family ties and friendship. For example, Zhang Huan and Zhang Yu actually have a good relationship as brothers. There are also consistent interests from the outside world. If one party has difficulties, the other party will definitely reach out, and the two brothers will help each other.

But also, because the net worth is too large, competition is inevitable.

Compared with the gossip of some families that Zhang Yansheng has heard of seeing blood and death, the Zhang family’s fight is much gentler, not to mention tearing their faces, not even having ill intentions. At most, everyone is fighting to please the old lady.

The family style is quite positive, a pretty good one.

When Zhang Huan heard that his mother wanted to help his elder brother’s daughter, he immediately thought about fighting for his own daughter, too.

Before Zhang Yansheng could respond, her aunt had already spoken: “Yanyan is still young, what does she know? When the time comes, she will just run around. How can Mom have the energy to look after her? Don’t make trouble.”

The old lady didn’t express her opinion, but only cast her eyes over.

Zhang Yansheng knew that the old lady knew that she would never cause her trouble, so the reason why the old lady didn’t take a stand was probably because she really felt that she was still young.

Zhang Qi also said: “There is nothing fun about this kind of forum. It is just a meeting and listening to a lot of people talking and communicating. Yanyan, let me tell you, it’s boring.”

Obviously, she just said that she really wanted to attend this forum, and now, she’s saying that the forum is so boring.

Is it interesting to be so duplicitous in front of the old lady?

Zhang Yansheng was a little impatient. If Zhang Qi dared to come face-to-face just like how her mother stepped on Liang Yingying, Zhang Yansheng would still be able to look up at her. But Zhang Qi secretly wanted to fool her and had to act like she was doing it for her own good, which made her very sick.

“If Sister Qiqi finds it boring…” Zhang Yansheng said directly to the old lady, “…then I will accompany you. I accompanied my dad to a charity event hosted by Director Xue recently, which I found very interesting. There are many things that you would never be exposed to in school. If you go out for a walk and have a look, you can really learn new things.”

The corners of Zhang Huan’s mouth curled, and then he forcibly restrained himself.

He knew that his daughter must have her mother’s genes! Look at that cleverness, just like her mother.

When Zhang Qi said ‘boring’, Zhang Yu and his wife knew that the stupid girl had said the wrong thing. But they didn’t expect that Zhang Yansheng, who used to be stupid and stubborn, was now becoming more and more dexterous, and she actually choked the stupid girl in their own family with her words.

Fortunately, the stupid girl was still stunned. When she was anxious to explain to her grandmother, her second uncle had already spoken: “You should both go, your grandma is getting older, so I am counting on you two little ones to take care of your grandma together!”

Zhang Yu’s wife breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that even though her niece was a bit annoying, her brother-in-law was quite kind.

She also hurriedly changed her words: “Yes, the two of you should go together, both of you can take care of Mom.”

It seemed that she had completely forgotten that she had just said that Zhang Yansheng will ‘make trouble’ if she also went with them.

Liang Yingying was holding a plate of dumplings and was about to put them on the cooking table next to her, when she turned her back to the group of people, she rolled her eyes.

Although Zhang Yu’s wife said that, in the end, the old lady had to make a decision.

Everyone looked at the old lady. The old lady smiled and nodded: “Then let’s go together.”

Zhang Yu’s wife breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that Zhang Yansheng’s face did not change color, she was generous, but Zhang Qi’s face showed a look of grievance. She secretly hates it in her heart!

The silly girl she gave birth to has never been comparable to Zhang Yansheng since she was a child. In front of the old lady, she will always be held down by her cousin who is three years younger than her, and she will never be able to please the old lady.

She didn’t know how many times she had scolded or taught her, but she was still so insensitive. She doesn’t look like a child she gave birth to.

But Zhang Yansheng is only a freshman in high school, and she can also go… Zhang Yu’s wife spoke again and said with a smile: “Since Yanyan is also going, why don’t you let Xiao Lin join…”

Unexpectedly, before she finished speaking, her son, Zhang Lin, already hurriedly said, “I’m not going, I’m not going! What am I going to do as a high school student in that kind of forum? I also made an appointment with my classmates to ski!”

Zhang Lin is only one year older than Zhang Yansheng, and he is in his sophomore year in high school this year. He is a real high school student, and it is normal that he is not interested in this kind of economic forums and financial forums.

Zhang Yansheng is different. As a reborn person, she is older mentally than Zhang Qi. In her heart, she felt that Zhang Qi could do things, and she also had the right to compete on an equal footing with her.

Not to mention that her own father is creating opportunities for her.

One can already make the comparison, Zhang Lin, who is one year older, is more childish, while Zhang Yansheng, who is one year younger, is more mature.

Zhang Yu’s wife was so angry with her son that she was dizzy!

Her son is obviously the eldest grandson of the Zhang family! But like his sister, since he was a child, he has always been less favored than Zhang Yansheng in front of the old lady.

Later on, her sister-in-law passed away and Zhang Yansheng was tormented by her stepmother and became increasingly stubborn and extreme. She became more and more alienated from the old lady. On one hand, she felt sorry for Zhang Yansheng, and on the other hand, she was also a little ecstatic — after being suppressed by that capable and beloved sister-in-law for so many years, it was finally time for her to stand up! Who knows that until now, her son and daughter are still inferior to Zhang Yansheng!

Zhang Yu’s wife glared at Zhang Lin with anger.

Zhang Lin was inexplicable and felt that he had not said anything wrong, and his grandma hadn’t asked him to go either. Moreover, the three of them are all women, he is a man, so he doesn’t want to go to any forum with them.

“Forget it, it’s fine if he doesn’t want to go.” The old lady said a joke, “Why else would I take such a child? Are we going to a kindergarten?”

In fact, it is a joke that is not funny. The ‘sensible’ adults were about to join in with a smile, who knew that this joke had somehow amused Zhang Shuocheng.

He straightened his stomach and laughed: “Kindergarten! Hahahaha, my sister is going to kindergarten! Hahahahaha!”

He laughed stupidly, which made the adults really laugh as well. This atmosphere was brought over, and the matter was settled.

The people who were surging in the dark tide just now regained their intimacy, and they prepared to eat dumplings with a smile.

Only Liang Yingying was so angry that she couldn’t wait to twist Zhang Shuocheng twice, trying to tell him not to laugh like an idiot in front of these people and embarrass her!

All the juniors stayed with the old lady Zhang, and a large family of people waited for the new year together. When the bell rang at 12 o’clock, Zhang Lin rushed out with Zhang Shuocheng first! Ready to set off fireworks!

The old lady hurriedly instructed her two sons: “Hurry up, go and look after them, don’t let them fall!”

Zhang Yu and Zhang Huan both followed out cheerfully.

K City stipulates that cannon and bamboo fireworks can be set off on the 15th of the first month. When the women put on their coats and came to the courtyard, a large set of firecrackers was crackling in the courtyard.

The sky in K City quickly became beautiful. There are constantly fireworks exploding in the air, colorful and shifting into different colors.

The old year is over, and the new year has come.

Let the past stay in the past.

Zhang Heling looked up and saw her sister’s face when the fireworks exploded. Although there was no expression, it looked like a bunch of colorful clouds.

Her sister’s eyes reflected the blooming fireworks, her eyes were deep and colorful.

How can she be so good-looking?!

How can she look as good as her sister?

The little girl fell into contemplation and found a difficult problem for herself at the beginning of the new year.

The New Year is a busy holiday, and relatives celebrate the New Year with each other.

Zhang Huan and Zhang Yu’s aunts and cousins came to visit the old lady, while the brothers, Zhang Huan and Zhang Yu, went to celebrate the New Year with their aunts and cousins too. Various relatives took turns to come, and the taste of the new year was full.

On the sixth day after the new year, it was a family banquet hosted by the old lady and her aunt.

Not only the relatives surnamed Zhang who came, but also the old lady’s maiden’s family and her aunt’s husband’s family also came.

At the end of the party, the relatives felt that Zhang Yansheng had grown up and matured, Zhang Heling had become generous, and even the naughty child, Zhang Shuo, had (been forced) to behave a lot.

The unpleasant feeling that had been entrenched in Zhang Huan’s chest for the past two years suddenly became unobstructed, and he even felt comfortable while breathing.

Holidays always pass quickly, and the long holidays are over. With more than enough interest in the holidays, people reluctantly start from nine to five.

On the 13th day of the first lunar month, the old lady Zhang took Zhang Qi and Zhang Yansheng to a certain ancient water town to participate in the forum that was held there and also to celebrate the Lantern Festival there.

On the 14th day of the first lunar month, Zhang Huan was still at home. No matter how severe the holiday syndrome is, employees had to drag themselves to work, but the boss didn’t have to. Zhang Huan wanted to rest for two more days.

He yawned and went downstairs. The two little ones were already sitting at the dining table. An aunt brought him coffee and toast.

Zhang Huan took a bite of the buttered toast and watched the news, listening to Zhang Heling coldly saying to Zhang Shuocheng in his ears: “What time do you have to do your homework every day and what time can you play? You know it in your heart. Don’t waste my time and repeat it again.”

Zhang Huan raised his eyes and glanced at his little daughter, thinking that something was weird, but he couldn’t tell.

He lowered his gaze to continue watching the news, put down the toast with his other hand, and grabbed his coffee.

Zhang Shuocheng writhed in the chair like a fried dough twist.

“She’s not at home anyway, she’ll be back in a few days! Her absence doesn’t count! I’ll do my homework in the afternoon. I will definitely do it! Just let me play first~” The last tone was played several times, and the remaining tone curled up. This was for fun and he started to be coquettish with his sister.

Zhang Huan brought the coffee cup to his lips and raised his eyes.

Seeing Zhang Heling’s eyebrows lifted, she sneered and said, “So you will be lawless if elder sister is not around, huh? You can try and maybe elder sister will come back with a ferule to beat you.”

The blood relationship is really amazing.

Zhang Heling and Zhang Yansheng declared that they are only half related by blood, but from Zhang Huan’s point of view, that eyelid twitching movement, the sneer at the corners of her mouth… was just like a little Zhang Yansheng!

Zhang Huan “puffed” and spurted out a mouthful of coffee, with earth-shattering choke: “Ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem!”

The two little ones were taken aback. Zhang Heling had no momentum in an instant, and turned into the soft and sweet little girl again. She jumped out of the chair and helped her father diligently pat his back: “Dad, Dad, are you okay?”

Zhang Huan finally got his anger down, and his little daughter asked him with concern if he was okay.

He looked at the soft and cute little daughter in front of him, his eyes were difficult to express and his mood was very complicated.

Early in the morning, why are you doing cosplay as your sister?

It’s so weird and scary!

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