March 1, 2022

Chapter 89: Refusal

Zhang Yansheng thought that asking Zhang Huan for money could not be easier. She never expected that for the first time in her two lifetimes, Zhang Huan would refuse to give her money.

When she told Zhang Huan that she wanted to invest in a movie, Zhang Huan quietly asked her how much money she planned to invest.

Zhang Yansheng said: “I checked and there are less than 4 million in my own account, and I plan to take them all out. I still need to make up for a total of 10 million yuan.”

Zhang Huan asked her again: “How much do you want Dad to give you?”

Zhang Yansheng said naturally: “You give me 6 million to make up the whole 10 million yuan.”

Later, she basically stopped living in this house, but whenever she came back, she came to ask for money. Zhang Huan gave her everything she wanted for millions to tens of millions of yuan.

Although 6 million yuan is indeed a bit more for her who is only in high school, it is only because she is still young, but this number alone is just a trivial matter for Zhang Huan. Zhang Huan and old lady Zhang made investments in units of 100 million yuan.

It’s just that Zhang Yansheng has self-awareness. Adults can give her a little money to play and try the water, but they will definitely not give her so much financial support as a serious investment.

“I can’t give you this money.” Zhang Huan said.

In Zhang Huan’s study room, Zhang Yansheng sat in a leather chair and listened to Zhang Huan’s rejection of her in amazement.

“If you want pocket money, or even if you tell me now that you fancy a car for six million and want to buy it, Dad can give you money right away.” Zhang Huan said, “But if you want to invest, you have to give me a good reason, and you have to convince me.”

Zhang Yansheng suppressed the disbelief in her heart and said, “I just said, this movie…”

Zhang Huan waved his hand and interrupted her: “What you told me, are those the things on the business plan given to you by that investment company?”

Zhang Yansheng paused. Indeed, when she introduced this movie to Zhang Huan, she used the content of the materials Mo Lin gave her. What else could she say? She can’t simply say: “I predict that this movie will explode to 3.9 billion yuan at the box office”, right?

Zhang Huan said: “In fact, if you look at the investment plans of other projects, you will find that they are all similar. Even many other projects are much more reliable. Movie? Movies are full of metaphysics. Those who applaud may not be applauded, and those who win big prizes may make you lose your underpants.”

“So Yanyan, this project you fancy, why on earth do you want me to pay for it? The director is not famous, there are several popular actors but they only have cameo roles, and I’ve not heard of any of the fresh meats appearing in this movie… What’s that look in your eyes? Dad is also very fashionable! Dad has been casted in a TV series!”

“Don’t get too far, I’m just asking you, how much do you know about this movie? How much do you know about this industry? You just want to give away your money after listening and getting fooled by the investment company? How can you make me believe that this is a project worth investing in?”

“You have to convince me, Yanyan! I’ll leave it here, as long as you can convince Dad, then Dad will give you this money!”

Zhang Huan smiled and looked at her eldest daughter with raised eyebrows.

Although Zhang Yansheng knew that this would be a big dark horse, she was speechless by Zhang Huan. Because things like ‘precognition’ cannot be used as a reason to convince others.

Her mouth opened and closed, then opened and closed again.

In the end, she said, “Just give me some time.”

Zhang Huan was simply spirited: “Okay! Dad is waiting for you! Anytime!”

At this point, Zhang Yansheng finally understood why the old lady Zhang said that as long as Zhang Huan invested money for her, the old lady would double this investment. It turned out that the old lady had expected that she would not even be able to get through Zhang Huan.

With the figure of 6 million, Zhang Yansheng didn’t even consider using “I want pocket money” and “I want to buy things” as excuses to get it. Although Zhang Huan made it clear, he would really give it to her if she wanted it.

But wouldn’t that be a loss! It was simply that Zhang Huan slapped her on the face clearly and bowed her head to him.

Zhang Yansheng is unwilling!

With a hot head of frustration, Zhang Yansheng returned to her room to calm down and called Mo Lin.

“My own 4 million yuan is no problem and I will definitely invest it in. This is my own money, so I can call the shots.” She said, “But I didn’t convince my dad, I was still insufficiently prepared, he made sense… Big Sister Mo, I want to learn more about this industry. Is there any information you can recommend for me to refer to?”

Mo Lin said: “I have a lot of industry information in my hand, but it takes time to see it. Is it appropriate? Aren’t you still a high school student? It’s better to be able to go to school, otherwise…” Four million yuan means something.

Mo Lin felt that it was too much for a child to invest 4 million yuan.

“There’s still more than half a month before I go back to school.” Zhang Yansheng said, “You don’t understand, Big Sister Mo. This is between me and my dad.”

Mo Lin: “…” Okay.

She finally said, “Give me your email address and I will send you some information.”

Mo Lin was having dinner with her friends, hung up the phone, and said with infinite emotion: “Why is there such a big gap between people? I have lived for so long and the biggest problem I have with my dad is whether I should help him cover it up when my mom finds out about his private money. Well, the question between this little girl and her father is, how to persuade her father to invest millions for her?”

“Technology.” Her friend said categorically, “This is a matter of reincarnation technology. People are born on our finish line, and we may not even be able to complete the journey at all, so we can’t accept it.”

For the next two days, Zhang Yansheng shrank in her room. Zhang Huan secretly checked on her, and found that she could hardly be seen at home. Even when everyone was eating, everyone was on the table, and she was still invisible.

Zhang Huan asked Zhang Heling, “Where is your sister?”

Zhang Heling knows very well: “She’s still looking at some information in her room about that movie.”

Zhang Huan asked Zhang Heling: “Go, ask your sister to come down for dinner.”

Zhang Heling’s thin legs fell quickly, and she ran upstairs.

After a while, Zhang Yansheng followed Zhang Heling down, pulled the chair and sat down in her place, picked up the bowl to eat, but did not speak.

At first glance, her mind was not on the dining table.

Zhang Huan said pretentiously: “No matter what you do, you have to pay attention to your body and eat well. The body is the capital of the revolution, and nothing is as important as health.” It seems that he was not the one who deliberately attacked Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Heling looked at her father and looked at her sister. She felt that her sister seemed to be floating, and she didn’t know if she had heard her father speak.

She picked up a chopstick of vegetables to Zhang Yansheng: “Sister, eat vegetables.” Vegetables are the most nutritious. Her sister often forces her to eat them.

Zhang Yansheng let out a “hmm”.

Zhang Huan is so cheap!

He frowned at Zhang Heling, put his hands to his mouth, and made a gesture of whispering, but said in a voice that everyone could hear: “Hehe, do you know why your sister is under so much pressure?”

Zhang Heling glanced at her sister who was eating vegetables silently, and shook her head.

Zhang Huan said bitterly: “Your sister, she has to invest all her pocket money in a project. If she loses it, your sister will have no money to spend! She will become a pauper. Dad is telling you that this is your chance to make money! You lend your pocket money to your sister and lend it like a loan shark! Collect huge interest from her fiercely! You will be rich!”

As soon as Zhang Heling wanted to strictly reject her father’s profit-seeking suggestion, she heard a “click”!

Everyone at the dining table looked up.

Zhang Yansheng lowered her eyes and slowly chewed the vegetables and rice in her mouth, but the chopsticks in her right hand had been broken in two.

Zhang Huan: “!”

Zhang Heling: “!”

Zhang Shuocheng: “!”

Liang Yingying: “!”

Aunt that’s serving: “!”

Zhang Yansheng gently put down the broken chopsticks and smiled softly at the aunt: “Aunt, please help me get a new pair of chopsticks.”

The aunt went in a daze.

The dining table is still very quiet.

After a long time, the aunt brought new chopsticks over, and Zhang Heling said weakly, “Sister, I won’t charge you interest…”

Zhang Yansheng stretched out her hand and patted her lightly on the top of her head, held it down, raised her head to Zhang Huan and hooked the corners of her mouth obliquely: “I’m ready, are you going to the headquarters tomorrow? I will go with you and talk to you and my grandmother.”

“Okay!” Zhang Huan smiled, “Do you still want to tell your grandmother?”

“My grandma said that as long as you agreed, she will give me twice as much money.”

“Okay, tomorrow then!”

After eating, Zhang Yansheng went upstairs and went back to her room.

Zhang Huan stopped Zhang Heling and asked her, “How is your taekwondo practice?”

Last semester, Zhang Huan asked Zhang Heling to also start learning taekwondo. He thinks it’s good for girls to have this kind of training. Look at his eldest daughter, no one can bully her! It’s so reassuring.

“Look at your sister, how well she has been trained.” Zhang Huan imitated Zhang Yansheng and shook the air abruptly, ‘the kacha sound and the chopsticks broke’!

Zhang Heling said confidently: “I am also very good, and the coach often praises me!”

“Oh?” Zhang Huan was in high spirits, “Then, show it to Dad.”

Zhang Heling then opened her posture.




Then, she did a shadowless kick, and the strength was put on both of her legs and fists.

Zhang Huan: “…”

Zhang Huan was born rich and wealthy. He has never felt distressed about money in his life, but he has begun to feel distressed about this lesson fee.

Zhang Heling closed her legs, her eyes full of expectation: “Dad, how is it?”

“It’s pretty good.” Zhang Huan patted her head lovingly, “You must practice playing the piano well.”

Zhang Heling: “???”

Zhang Huan called his own mother and told her about tomorrow’s affairs.

The old lady smiled: “Do you think she can do it?”

“You didn’t see the fighting spirit burning in her eyes. She locked herself in her room and read the materials for several days.” Zhang Huan said, “As for whether it is successful or not, won’t you know tomorrow?”

The old lady smiled again for a while and said, “Don’t give her pointers. Let’s see how far she can do it on her own.”

Zhang Yansheng went back to the room and went through the PPT she made today again, feeling that it was not a big problem.

She thought about whether she wanted to bring Zhang Heling over to her as an audience and rehearse first.

But suddenly she remembered that there is another person who is more suitable than Zhang Heling. And if it hadn’t been for this matter to be blocked here by Zhang Huan, according to her original thoughts, she would have already talked about it with this person.

For the investment in this movie, she wanted to bring this person in. After all, back then, he madly watched it 10 times, talked a lot about the original work, and read many analytical articles. He can be called the most enthusiastic fan of this movie.

Zhang Yansheng made a video call to Xu Lichen.

Soon, Xu Lichen’s handsome face filled the screen. At an oblique angle, it appeared that his eyelashes were long and his lips were sexy.

He has good looks and money. He has had girlfriends since elementary school, and he matures much earlier than his peers in terms of gender. Handsome guys have a lot of baggage, and they also need to find a good angle to get a sexy value when answering a video call.

Zhang Yansheng was completely immune and said coldly: “Move away from your phone, I don’t want to look at your nostrils.”

Xu Lichen: “…” F*ck!

Seeing that the angle is normal, Zhang Yansheng greeted him: “It’s been a long time since I saw you, how are you?”

“What the hell?!” Xu Lichen scolded, “Zhang Yansheng, you cheated me to death! Tell me! Why are there so many winter vacation homework in Class 5?!!!”

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