April 9, 2022

Chapter 85: Zhao Xiulan Is Targeted 5

As soon as she heard those words, Lijuan’s face flushed with anger.

Did she just say that I like the smell of pig manure?

That is disgusting!

However, she still controlled her emotions, looked at Xiulan, snorted coldly, and said sarcastically, “I don’t like the smell of pig manure. I just came to see you having a hard time. Seeing you shoveling pig manure in this dirty place makes me feel so comfortable.

“From now on, you’ll be shoveling here and will smell like pig manure every day. Let’s see which man will still like you in the future and who will still be confused!”

In her opinion, no man would like a stinky woman. It was impossible for any man to fall in love with a woman who smelled like a pig.

Once Xiulan had the smell of pig manure all over her body, she didn’t believe that Jianguo could still like Xiulan, unless he also had some special fetish.

But it was obvious that Jianguo was a normal person and he would definitely dislike the smell of pig manure on Xiulan.

Xiulan just rolled her eyes, ignored Lijuan, and directly regarded her as a mentally retarded person.

After taking a quick break, Xiulan continued to pick up the shovel and prepared to work again.

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What Lijuan wanted to see was Xiulan’s look of anger and embarrassment. But who knew that Xiulan was so indifferent and didn’t really have that negative reaction at all. She seemed to hit the cotton with a punch, with no effect.

She gritted her teeth angrily and then shouted from the side, “Xiulan, why are you not saying anything? What’s wrong? Is it because you are very angry and aggrieved now?

“Hehe! If you kneel down and beg me, who knows? I might help you say a few good words to Lanlan! Then you won’t have to shovel pig manure here anymore!”

However, as soon as Lijuan finished speaking, she yelled in horror. Her voice was even more unpleasant than the cry of a pig.

At this time, her body was splashed with a lot of pig manure. It was Xiulan who deliberately increased her hand movements to get them in Lijuan’s direction.

Lijuan was about to collapse because she was really disgusted to death.

Such stinky pig manure splashed all over her body, not only on her clothes but also on her face and hair.

She stretched out her hand to wipe her face, then she put it in front of her nose and smelled it. She was almost smothered by the smell.


Lijuan retched and the little amount of food she had eaten in the morning was almost vomited out with nausea.

She roared angrily at Xiulan, “Ahhh~ Zhao Xiulan! You bitch! I know you threw this pig manure to me on purpose! You are too much! Hurry up and apologize to me! And you have to help me wash my clothes when you go back. I will tell Uncle Zhao how evil you are and punish you for not having a meal tonight!”

If it were not for a pile of pig manure standing under Xiulan’s feet, Lijuan would have rushed over to fight her.

Xiulan sneered and replied, “Lijuan, I didn’t mean to get the pig manure on you, so why would I have to apologize to you? If you want to lie about it then go ahead and complain to my father. Do you think I am still afraid of you?”

Lijuan knew that Xiulan was very confident that Weiguo would protect her.

It was not like in the past because Weiguo began to favor Xiulan now. If she really said something to Weiguo about this, she was not sure if he would punish Xiulan in any way.

But how could she be willing to let Xiulan go like this? 

She bit her lower lip and yelled again angrily, “Xiulan, you just wait! I will now go to Lanlan to complain and let you write a reflection! Your bullying behavior like this is too bad!”