April 10, 2022

Chapter 86: Sister Xiulan Is So Domineering

Xiulan still stood calmly, glanced at Lijuan faintly, and replied, “Go ahead. I am not afraid! But I just want to ask, you were assigned to herd the cattle, right? But you’re not doing your job well, you even ran here in the pigsty disturbing my work!

“You are not responsible, neglecting your own work, disturbing other people’s work, and just making trouble here. So, who needs to write a reflection now?

“If Lanlan favors you again, can she block the mouths of so many people in the production team?

“If her treatment is not fair, I will go to the team leader and ask him who is right and who is wrong in this matter!”

In terms of momentum, Xiulan completely crushed Lijuan.

When Xiulan said those words, Lijuan was a little confused.

She didn’t know that Xiulan had directly caught the crux of the matter, leaving her with no way to refute it.

“You! You!” She pointed at Xiulan in anger, wanting to refute something but unable to say anything.

Xiulan coldly curled the corners of her lips. “What? Do you still have something to say? You should get out of here quickly or do you think you haven’t had enough of the pig manure yet? Why don’t I give you more?”

When Lijuan heard these words, she hurriedly dodged away in fright.

The pig manure was so stinky and her body was full of stench now. If she got more pig manure on her, it would directly stench her to death.

After realizing that she couldn’t do anything to Xiulan, she stomped her feet angrily and left the pigsty.

She had to go back and deal with the stinky pig manure on her body now, otherwise, she would really be smothered to death.

Seeing Lijuan leaving wretchedly, Xiulan’s mood suddenly improved.

Lijuan, who wanted to harm Xiulan, harmed herself instead in the end.

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Xiulan thought it was so funny to think that Lijuan came to mock and trouble her, but she actually ended up losing in the end.

If Lijuan dared to come to trouble her again next time, she still had a hundred ways to return it directly to her.

After waiting for Lijuan to leave, Xiaoya and Tiedan walked up to Xiulan with a look of admiration and praised her, “Sister Xiulan, you are so good and domineering! No one else can bully you in the village!”

For these children, when they were bullied, they would only have to swallow their anger and never fight back with strength.

But Xiulan was different because she had the skills and courage to deal with bad guys.

Xiulan smiled and taught the two children. “This is what you call an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If others bully you, you can’t let them get their way with you, you have to fight back and throw everything back at them. But sometimes, you don’t really have to do it. It’s still best to use your brain and hit their vitals with one blow!”

The children understood the meaning of her words and nodded heavily.

“Okay, enough of that. Let’s get on with our work!”


The three of them continued to work hard in the pigsty, during which the Jiangs’ old couple brought some hogweeds.

Seeing the happiness on the faces of their grandchildren and Xiulan when they were working together, the old couple was also happy from the bottom of their hearts.

After two days of work in the pigsty, on the third day, Xiulan planned to go to the black market in the county seat to trade some of her foodstuffs.

She had been shoveling pig manure in the pigsty for the past two days. Weiguo saw it in his eyes and felt very distressed for her, but the production team arranged the tasks for everyone, so he couldn’t say anything to intervene.

For such a dirty and tiring job, Xiulan worked for two full days but never complained, which made him feel even more distressed.

His eldest daughter was a sensible girl, not like Lijuan, who would always complain about everything after a little suffering.

He also proposed for her to go to the team leader to talk about doing another task instead, but she didn’t want to. She even said that shoveling pig manure was a bit tiring and dirty, but if she did a good job, then she could get full ten work points in a day.