April 8, 2022

Chapter 84: Zhao Xiulan Is Targeted 4

A bright smile appeared on Xiaoya’s face, she nodded heavily, and exclaimed, “Okay, Sister Xiulan! I will remember it!”

“Haha! It’s good that you understand. Let’s hurry up and work together now!”


Xiulan took the children and they all went to the pigsty to get busy.

As soon as they arrived there, Xiulan’s nose was filled with a skyrocketing smell, which made people feel sick and nauseous.

The pigsty was also dirty, with a lot of pig manure piled up and pig food scattered on the ground.

Pig farming in this era was also not that developed and there was not much food for pigs to eat. So, the pigs could only eat either the hogweeds or the hog swills. However, the hog swills these days were totally different from that of the 21st century which had all kinds of food and meat scraps and leftovers. But right now, the swills were just dishwashing water and some rotten vegetable leaves.

Facing such a dirty and messy environment, Xiulan didn’t dislike it, but picked up a shovel and started to work.

Xiaoya and Tiedan were used to this kind of work, so they didn’t dislike it either and started working as well.

The three of them got busy and quickly cleaned up the pigsty a lot. 

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Xiulan was older than the children and had a lot of strength, so she was responsible for shoveling pig manure, and Tiedan was responsible for cleaning. As for Xiaoya, she was the youngest and did not have much strength, so Xiulan asked her to chop up the hogweeds and feed them to the pigs. 

Usually, Xiaoya and Tiedan were the only ones working together in the pigsty, so they would be so tired and bored as well. 

Now that Xiulan was there, not only was there an additional person to accompany them to work together, but the most important thing was that Xiulan would also tell them stories and enjoy chatting with them. The work that was originally hard and tiring was a bit more fun this time, but time passed quickly without knowing it, and the efficiency of the work was improved a lot.

The children hoped that Xiulan would always shovel pig manure with them in the future, but they also didn’t want it to happen.

The reason why they wanted Xiulan there was because they felt happy working which they had never felt before. At the same time, they also did not want her to stay working there because they felt such a good person like her didn’t fit to work in the pigsty. Working there really needed a lot of work and you had to stay in such a dirty environment for a long time.

After doing the work for an hour, Xiulan had already shed a lot of sweat on her body. The sweat on her body was mixed with the smell of pig manure in the pigsty, which was very unpleasant.

She put down the shovel and took a break for a while. She just wanted to take a breather before starting to work again.

As soon as she stopped working, she saw Lijuan walking in their direction.

Seeing that Xiulan’s body was stained with the smell of pig manure and she was also tired and sweating profusely, Lijuan felt very satisfied. Then, she smiled meaningfully and said, “Oh, hey! It’s really true that there is reincarnation in this world. Someone is so pitiful today, doing such a dirty and smelly job. 

“Tsk tsk tsk. This smell of pig manure is really going to choke me to death!”

After Lijuan finished speaking, she pinched her nose in disgust and looked at Xiulan with a sneer. 

The more miserable Xiulan was, the happier she became.

Xiulan was deflated finally and the grievances she had suffered before seemed to have been atoned.

Xiulan looked at Lijuan knowing that she was there to mock her, which was totally boring for her.

She rolled her eyes and said, “You already know that the smell here will choke you to death, but you still decided to stay and did not run far away to hide. Tell me, do you like the smell of pig manure? It’s rare that someone will have such a hobby!”