April 7, 2022

Chapter 83: Zhao Xiulan Is Targeted 3

“Lanlan, you don’t know but Xiulan always pretends to be sensible and diligent in front of Uncle Zhao every day to show my laziness. Heh! She should shovel pig manure every day to see what else she can say and whether she can continue to pretend!” Lijuan said angrily. 

In her opinion, all the grievances she had suffered before were because of Xiulan. Today, she had her revenge and she felt very happy when she thought about how Xiulan would suffer.

Lanlan patted her on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I will avenge you. I hate the kind of woman who likes to pretend the most. She is also pretentious in front of my brother and this caught my brother’s heart. Unfortunately, I am not with my brother all the time so I can’t deal with her on the spot.”

Lanlan’s prejudice against Xiulan was not only because of Lijuan badmouthing her but because she also felt that Xiulan was flirting with Jianguo

Lijuan took Lanlan’s hand and said gratefully, “Lanlan, thank you! You are so kind!”

“Lijuan, we are good friends! Why are you so polite to me? I am really happy to be able to help you!”

“And I really appreciate it, Lanlan! Alright then, I’m going to herd cattle now!”

“Okay, you go ahead!”

Xiulan was already carrying tools at this time and walked in the direction of the pigsty covered by the production team. 

The production team had a target for raising pigs every year. In addition to the ones handed to the brigade, one or two will be reserved for all the team members to eat at the end of the year, but each family would still not get much pork.

For the villagers, they could only eat meat a few times a year, so pork was very precious and they all hoped to eat it.

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Soon, she arrived at the pigsty. Aside from her, Xiaoya and Tiedan would also work there.

When the pigsty and cowshed had enough manpower to take care of it, the Jiang family members would be assigned to do some other tasks. However, most of the time, the Jiang family would be arranged to do this kind of work that everyone in the production team was unwilling to do.

Seeing Xiulan coming over, the children were very happy and also a little worried. They asked her, “Sister Xiulan, are you here to shovel pig manure today?”

Xiulan responded with a smile on her face, “Yes. Why? What’s wrong?”

Xiaoya shook her head and said, “It’s nothing, I just think that it’s stinky here and it’s not suitable for you to do this kind of work! It is only right for people like us who are bad elements in the society to do it.”

In Xiaoya’s eyes, a good person like Xiulan should only do tasks that were easy and clean.

Menial jobs like shoveling pig manure should be done by bad element people like them.

For Xiulan to come there and do it was really pitiful in her opinion.

Xiulan patted Xiaoya’s little head, she smiled and said, “What’s wrong with that? If you guys can do it, then I can also do it.

“Xiaoya, you have to remember that your social status is not important now.

“We are now in the era of New China and not under a feudal society. People are no longer divided into high, middle, and low classes. So, our work should not be distinguished based on these different classes.

“As long as we work hard and get paid for our own labor, it is worthy of respect!”

After listening to her words, Xiaoya and Tiedan were taken aback for a while.

They had never heard anyone say that.

People in the production team would only bully them and laugh at their bad social status. For them to do this kind of work of shoveling pig and cow manure, everyone would only keep taunting and mocking them, and only Xiulan said a different thing.

Her words seemed to be a dose of medicine, healing their traumatized hearts.

It made them feel that they really did not seem to be worse than others, and there was nothing to be ashamed of doing the job of shoveling pig manure.