April 6, 2022

Chapter 82: Zhao Xiulan Is Targeted 2

Lanlan glanced at Jinhua with dissatisfaction and said, “Why can’t she do it? The other members of the production team can do it, so why can’t she do it? Does she not want to work to earn work points? Does she not want to contribute to the whole production team?”

She had thrown those powerful words, so the people who had disagreed and thought of saying something as well weren’t able to refute it.

Jinhua gritted her teeth and said, “Isn’t this work too dirty and tiring? You can arrange other tasks for Xiulan, so why do you have her do the job of shoveling pig manure?”

Lanlan put one of her hands on her hip and rebuked her, “Wu Jinhua, this kind of thought is wrong. We were born in a new society and grew up under the red flag. As long as it is for the benefit of the country, we have to overcome all difficulties and strive for the top. Whoever does dirty work and hard work has to do it. 

“If you feel bitter about it, then think about the Long March of those twenty-five thousand people. If you feel tired, then think about the revolutionary predecessors. If Zhao Xiulan is unwilling to do it and afraid of the hardship and fatigue, she does not have good behavior and must be criticized.”

In this era, everyone should have a clear and right mindset, otherwise, it would be easy for you to be caught up in gossip and it would bring trouble to you and your family.

No one could pick out any faults in what Lanlan said. So, if anyone objected to her, it just showed that his mindset was not right.

Jinhua was a bit red in anger when Lanlan said that. She wanted to help Xiulan again, but she didn’t dare to say anything to retort those words, otherwise, she would be even criticized together with Xiulan.

Xiulan gave her a wink as a gesture for her not to say anything more.

Jinhua spoke up for her and Xiulan was already very moved. If Jinhua was afflicted by helping her, Xiulan would surely feel sorry for her.

It was just shoveling pig manure and Xiulan really didn’t dislike this task at all.

Recalling her previous life, the apocalypse had a very dirty and messy environment. She had encountered a lot of corpses every day and the smell of corpses was much more unpleasant than the smell of pig manure.

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Moreover, shoveling pig manure stank a little bit but you could earn a lot of work points. This kind of task was more rewarding and worth it.

Xiulan cleared her throat and said to Lanlan, “I have no opinion. Since the production team entrusted me with this job, I am willing to accept it.”

The corners of Lanlan’s lips curled, but she didn’t respond to her. She just continued to look at the workbook again and assigned tasks to the remaining team members.

On the other hand, Lijuan looked at Xiulan gloatingly. She was very happy because Xiulan was going to shovel pig manure.

Xiulan glanced at Lijuan, knowing that she had something to do with this.

Lijuan was very capable of flattering and fawning on someone like Lanlan, who was the daughter of the production team leader. She liked Lanlan a lot and they usually had a very good relationship.

Xiulan was positive that Lijuan had been badmouthing her in front of Lanlan, so that was the reason why Lanlan was targeting her now.

This time, it was probably Lijuan who instigated Lanlan to assign this task to her.

When all the tasks were assigned, Lijuan approached Lanlan with a courteous look and said, “Lanlan, you are so kind to me. You assigned me such an easy task and asked Xiulan to shovel the pig manure. Haha! She will definitely suffer today!”

“She deserves it for treating you like that! We are good friends, so naturally, I have to avenge you! I’ll talk to my father later as well. Since she is willing to shovel pig manure, then let her do this task every day from now on!” Lanlan exclaimed. She even had a meaningful smile with a bit of evil intent.

Lijuan was overjoyed when she heard those words.

She thought that it was really good to let Xiulan shovel pig manure every day, which would stink her to death. She wondered how Xiulan would complain in the future.