March 22, 2022

Chapter 8: I’m Scared to Death

After lunch, Zhizhi studied the original owner’s circle of friends in her room.

She had no memory of the original owner.

Although there were many appearances of the original owner in the novel, most of them were when she was fighting with the female lead. In the early stage, the original owner was more tolerant and not that bad. She can be regarded as a beautiful and kind-hearted female supporting character.

She had carefully analyzed why the original owner would become a villainess in the end and realized that it was all because she was suppressed both by the male and female leads.

The female lead would show off in front of her every day, both explicitly and implicitly, mocking and ridiculing her.

At first, the male lead had clearly said that he would compensate her and the Qin family.

But because of the female lead’s badmouthing which deliberately incited him, he targeted the Qin family everywhere, humiliating and torturing her.

Zhizhi took her cell phone to look at the original owner’s WeChat Moments.

Moments was a social media feature that was very simple. However, to say that it was simple was not that easy because you can post your selfies and show off your wealth online. This could bring a lot of different emotions and opinions from your family, friends, and netizens who would see your posts.

She was browsing through Moments when a video call request popped up on the screen.

The remark noted on the caller was Green Tea Bitch No. 1.

She clicked on the ‘Accept’ button.

The video on her screen immediately showed a woman with heavy makeup and bloody lips. She asked, “Zhizhi, are you coming to the party tonight?”

Zhizhi was taken aback by her makeup. She opened her mouth and blurted out, “Green Tea Bitch No. 1, you scared me to death!”

The woman on the screen froze.

“Oh no, who are you? You’re wearing so much makeup that I couldn’t recognize you,” Zhizhi explained the next second.

She obviously saw the woman’s expression distorted a bit, but her facial muscles didn’t move at all. She held her chin and nodded, showing a look of understanding something.

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The woman thought that Zhizhi was thinking about coming to the party, so she just laughed shyly and treated her words as a joke. “Zhizhi, you really know how to joke.”

“By the way, do you have a shoehorn in your house?”

Green Tea Bitch No. 1 was confused and couldn’t understand her at all, so she didn’t respond.

“If you have one, then take it out and compare it with your face to see if it looks like your long-lost sibling.”

Green Tea Bitch No. 1’s eyes widely opened like a circle, probably because the corners of her eyes were also opened. There were too many whites in her eyes and her eyeballs seemed to be sticking out.

She looked so weird and scary at the same time.

Zhizhi heaved a sigh and murmured, “Your face does not look good. Why don’t you spend more money to get a new doctor who could fix it?”

It was a sincere suggestion from her.

However, there was a sudden ‘toot’ sound on the phone, as the other party had already ended the video call.

While pouting, she thought that people were too unfriendly these days.

They were not even willing to listen when you were telling them the truth and giving them a piece of advice.

Just as she was about to put down her phone, two more message notifications popped up, which were sent by Green Tea Bitch No. 1.

Green Tea Bitch No. 1: [I am Ma Kexin. The party tonight will be held at the Heaven and Earth Club. Don’t forget to come. I heard that the woman Ye Qingchen brought back will also come.]

“Is there such a plot in the novel?” Zhizhi whispered to herself.

She touched her chin and thought for a while as if she had a little impression about this party.

Finally, she put down her phone, opened a cabinet in the closet, and stuck out her butt. She went through all the cabinets there and searched for a long time.


In the other room, Yifan’s buttocks were swollen after being beaten by his father. He just lay in his stomach and didn’t get up from his bed for a long time. In his heart, he had scolded Zhizhi’s ancestors up to the eighteenth generation for million times already, before realizing that her ancestors were also his ancestors. His scolding was a total waste of effort.

There was a slight sound of pushing the door and Yifan frowned impatiently. “I only asked you to buy a medicine, but why did it take you so long?!” he yelled.

He turned his head and saw Zhizhi come in. His eyes were spewing out an invisible fire in a flash.

“What are you doing here?!”

Zhizhi walked over like she was on a catwalk and glanced at him, who was lying on the bed. “Yow~ Heh! My brother’s little buttocks are quite sticking out! It’s a pity that it’s not a zero.”

Yifan couldn’t understand how the rotten girls’ minds work, so he didn’t know what the ‘zero’ means. He just knew that it was definitely not a good thing.

He pointed to the door and yelled again, “Get lost! Now that Dad isn’t here, get out of here quickly or I’ll beat you up!”

“Okay~” she replied in a teasing manner.

However, she didn’t go out and threw the clothes in her hand on him instead. “Put on these clothes, we’re going out.”

Translator’s Notes:

鞋拔子/shoehorn (derogatory) – a person with protruding chin (because of the likeness to a shoehorn)

0 (zero) = bottom; 1 (one) = top –  colloquial terms used within the gay community in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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