March 21, 2022

Chapter 7: Chopped with a Knife

Jianwen was fully awakened all of a sudden after hearing that. He ran downstairs steaming with anger. Next, he grabbed his slippers, caught Yifan, and scolded him, “You bastard! Do you think you’re that good that you even want to beat your sister, huh?! You only threaten her with words before, but now, you really dared and hit her?”

His nose was flaring and he squeezed Yifan’s arm. “Let’s see if I can’t beat this bastard to death!”

Yifan shivered in fright. “Dad…  Dad!” He hurriedly avoided the soles of his slippers and continued pleading, “It’s not what you think, listen to my explanation, it’s Zhizhi—”

He was interrupted with a continues ‘Pa pa pa!’—the sound from his father’s slippers hitting him.

“She is your older sister!” Jianwen yelled as he put more force into hitting him.

He pinched and twisted his son’s ear. “How many times have I told you that she is your older sister, so you are not allowed to just call her Zhizhi! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, then I won’t be your father anymore!”

While this commotion was happening, Zhizhi stood up from the floor and clapped her hands.

She didn’t consider it as a matter of life and death, so she added, “Dad, you should hit him hard! He also said earlier that you’re going to sell me to an old man!”

How is that possible?

His daughter, who had been away from home for more than ten years, had a sensitive temperament and was prone to wild speculations. He finally got her back with great difficulty, so he doted on her and regarded her as a treasure, afraid of losing her again.

How dare this bastard to slander him?!

He was worried about what Zhizhi would think about him as a father and how would she treat him from now on. So, he became even more ruthless.

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Yifan screamed and ran around the living room. “Zhizhi, you shut up! You’re only adding fuel to the fire! I—”

“What’s wrong with you?! You even have the nerve to threaten your older sister when I am here! Now I wonder, for those times that I was not around, how did you bully her? Come here! Let me hear what you have to say!”

Zhizhi raised her hand, rubbed her eyes to wipe away those fake tears, and choked back a sob. “Dad, when you were not at home, he would ask the servants not to cook for me and would even rob my clothes for him to wear. He said that he’ll go out to find a handsome guy!”

Jianwen couldn’t believe what he just heard.

Yifan covered his buttocks and shouted angrily, “She is slandering me! Dad, don’t believe her!”

Jianwen paused, with his hand tugging at his ear, and asked in a deep voice, “Zhizhi, is what you said true?”

Zhizhi nodded cautiously. “He still has my dress in his closet.”

Jianwen didn’t doubt her words anymore.

He was so furious, thinking that the Qin family had been passed down from generation to generation, and he was counting on Yifan to have a few more sons in the future so that the Qin family would not decline.

This bastard is indeed that brazen!

How dare you do that to me?

A big man in women’s clothing?

Jianwen roared out, “Qin Yifan, how dare you to like men?!”

“I did not and I have not! Don’t talk nonsense!!!” exclaimed Yifan.

Jianwen didn’t want to listen to his explanation at all. “Anyone! Get me a knife! For such a son who can’t give me a grandson, what’s the use for me to keep him?! Let’s just chop it off with a knife!”

Yifan was so terrified that his mouth trembled with fright. “Dad, Dad… It’s not what you think, listen to my explanation first!”

When did I like men?!

I am a straight man, a proper straight man, the kind that is straighter than steel!

It was Zhizhi who slandered me, you wait for me, just wait for me!

After I escape this catastrophe, I will sell you to a remote mountain to be an old man’s wife!

Zhizhi walked to the sofa and sat down, then she grabbed an apple and ate it.

Her mouth took a bite and produced a crisp sound.

She watched the ruckus while eating.

Jianwen yelled, “You want me to listen to your fucking explanation? Let’s see if I won’t kill you today!”

His attack was heavy before, it was all thunder and rain. But this time, his attack was more ruthless, it was simply beating Yifan to death.

The slippers slipped and flew away.

When the last slipper chased Yifan, he didn’t know where it went.

He looked around for something to hit him again.

Zhizhi took off her high heels and handed them over. “Dad, I still have my shoes.”

Yifan was totally speechless at that moment.

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