March 20, 2022

Chapter 6: You Need to Grow Up and Start Hooking up with Guys

Yifan’s face, which was somewhat similar to hers, flashed blankly, then he replied angrily, “What am I going to do in the field?!”

A piece of land had been cultivated in the Qins’ garden to grow vegetables, flowers, and fruits. This was being taken care of by the servants in the house.

Zhizhi sighed. “No wonder.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw that the row of garlic in the field is ready for harvest, but you didn’t go to see which garlic are you?”

Yifan was confused.

He turned around and took out his cell phone, then he sent a message to the group chat.

Qin Yifan: [What does it mean when someone asked which garlic are you?]

Someone replied in a second.

Fu Liang: [Hahaha!]

Qin Yifan: [Don’t just laugh! Tell me what does it mean!]

Fu Liang: [Okay, listen! Which garlic are you? Haha! That’s the same thing when someone tells you, ‘what are you?’, which means that he was looking down on you!]

Fu Liang: [Your friend Fu Liang is offline.]

Yifan was speechless.

After he figured it out, he glared at Zhizhi and yelled, “Qin Zhizhi, you dare to scold me?! I must tell Dad about it later and let him marry you to an old man!!”

I’m so mad at her, so mad at her!!

Zhizhi, who had always been obedient to him, dared to look down on him now.

I must tell this to Dad, I must tell him!

Zhizhi raised an eyebrow lazily and glanced at him.

She decided to give this kid a little bit of a lesson.

She opened her lips and said casually, “You are already a big boy, so you should learn how to draw a seductive eyeliner, trim a pair of clean eyebrows, spray some fresh and fragrant perfume, and steal guys from girls. What kind of child are you to only know how to complain to his parents?”

Yifan’s mouth gaped open, then he pointed at her. “You… you… you…”

He was so furious that he couldn’t think of the right words to refute her, so he ran to her clamoring, “Qin Zhizhi, you are really shameless! If you have the guts then let’s fight! No extraordinary person has a bad mouth like you!”

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Zhizhi just rolled her eyes at him.

She noticed that he looked aggressive, but in fact, he didn’t have enough courage inside.

He was the type of person who would literally raise his hand but wouldn’t dare move it to hit you in the end.

She raised an eyebrow at him again and asked, “Are you confident enough to win in a physical fight? Hmph! You can’t even beat me through words? How can I have such a stupid, foolish, and brainless younger brother like you? What do you think you have besides that face?”

Yifan was arrogant, and with a vigorous imposing manner, he yelled again, “You also know that I look better than you!”

However, he somehow felt that there was something wrong with what he just said.

He was right because Zhizhi laughed out loud.

In fact, the younger brother of the original owner was not bad. In the novel, it was written that Qin Yifan eventually became one of the few upstarts in the imperial capital. In order to avenge his sister and regain the Qins’ business, he decided to fight the male lead regardless of his unstable foundation.

It was a pity that he couldn’t handle the male lead’s halo. In the end, he was crippled for the rest of his life after being hit by a car.

Then he lay on the bed together in the same room with his older sister, who was the original owner.

This kid’s core was not bad, but his mouth was not very good and he liked to bully the original owner.

“What are you kids arguing early in the morning?”

It was their father, Qin Jianwen, who just spoke. He came out of his room, squinting, and yawning as he walked slowly. He had been busy dealing with his work last night and slept late.

Yifan was overjoyed and started to complain, “Dad, Zhizhi actually asked me to hook up—”


He was directly interrupted by that sound, so he raised his hand instinctively.

“Dad, Yifan hit me!” cried Zhizhi.

She was now sitting on the floor and pointed her finger at Yifan, who was standing, then preemptively said, “Dad, you have to punish him. Brother Chen’s bringing back a woman is more than enough to hurt my feelings.” She paused to wipe her tears, then she continued, “And now, even my own brother is also mocking me?”

She used the same tactic, so she was sobbing bit by bit. To cry was to show that she was hurt.

“Boohoo… even my family despises me. I don’t want to live anymore… I should just die…”

Yifan was stunned that he forgot to withdraw his hand in midair.

He remembered that she just questioned him for only knowing how to complain to their parents.

He also pondered if he heard it right because what he just heard was that he hit her!

Oh, fuck!

He also realized that he actually had raised his hand just now!

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