March 18, 2022

Chapter 5: She Was the Online ‘Skunk’

In her previous life as Qin Zhi, she was also a great beauty, but she was far from being as sexy and charming as Qin Zhizhi in the novel.

Qin Zhi had that kind of aggressive beauty.

However, being beautiful was a sin, especially for people who had good looks and figures, sweet voices, and even glossy hair with glass-like shine.

She was an internet celebrity in her last life. 

She used to have a decent job, but because she was so beautiful and had a figure that everyone was jealous of, her work-life was not so smooth.

Her first job was assistant editor-in-chief of a newspaper company. 

One day, when she had just taken some documents from her boss, his wife accused her of being a vixen, who seduced her husband, and scolded her inside the company.

Everyone in the company seemed to have sharp ​​eyes after that incident. Whenever they saw her, they would always gossip about this ‘adultery’ thing.

She could hear these words wherever she went: ‘Look, that vixen is here to seduce men again.’

Her second job was as a clerk in a foreign company and the boss was an old maid in her forties.

When this old maid finally found a man, she showed off how handsome and rich her boyfriend was all day long, and said that he was waiting for her in a Rolls Royce downstairs every day.

One day, when she came home from work, she encountered a white-haired old man who fell while crossing a red light.

She kindly went up to help him.

But she didn’t expect her old-maid boss to suddenly appear, accusing her of being shameless and seducing her boyfriend.

Qin Zhi was totally stunned at that time, then she was fired the next day.

She found a total of more than a dozen kinds of jobs, with different occupations. In the end, she was fired for inexplicable reasons, such as being a mistress or vixen, having bad behavior, having a very beautiful face, et cetera.

She got tired and gave up eventually, so she didn’t look for a normal job anymore.

Didn’t all of them say that she was a vixen who seduces married men?

So, she decided to deceive these men for money to prove that they were right.

And that was how a female online streamer with big breasts and good looks was born.

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She didn’t do much in her live streams, she would just sing a song and talk about some interesting stuff. Thanks to her face, she became an internet celebrity and was really doing good, and she also became a top streamer of a certain live-streaming company.

But the good times didn’t last that long.

The wives of those men she had ‘seduced’ jumped out one by one.

They all burst into tears and cried bitterly about her ‘evil deeds’, and the netizens were even more powerful.

[I know this Qin Zhi. When I was at A University, I’ve witnessed how she seduced men by pretending to be a white lotus. She is actually a green tea bitch!]

I studied at S University, okay?

[I have worked with her before and I’m telling you that she doesn’t wear panties at work!]

I didn’t wear panties at work? Who the hell would do that?! Of course, I wear panties all the time!

[I live next door to her house and she always brings different men home every day, 360 men a day and not repeating the same man!]

Heh! Are you saying that each man only has four minutes with me? Like seriously?!

Apparently, all the netizens became her colleagues, her neighbors, her classmates, and her friends.

Everyone knew her!

She had a bad reputation before she transmigrated.

Everyone was calling her a ‘skunk’.

She heaved a sigh as she recalled the events of her previous life, and she realized that there was no loss for her to transmigrate into this book.

That was the reason why her attitude was relatively calm.

She gladly accepted this fact and embraced her new identity as Qin Zhizhi.

The only thing to worry about was how to change the fate of the original owner. She wanted to replace the original owner and survive there.

This was a difficult task that required long-term planning.

After leaving the hotel, she hailed a taxi on the side of the road.

The driver asked where she was going.

She thought about it for a while and said, “No. 36 Bihua Ting.”

Bihua Ting was a high-end residential area. The Qin family was in a pile of villas. She got out of the car and glanced at the similar-looking storied house, then walked in with a bag on her shoulder.

As soon as she entered the door, a mean voice sounded from inside.

“Yoh, look who’s back! Zhizhi, you’ve already lost all your face in front of the aristocrats in the imperial capital, so why do you still have the nerve to come back? If I were you, I will find a river to jump in or find ways to die a hundred times!”

She raised her head.

The speaker was a clean-looking teenager.

In the Qin family, the only one who dared to talk to the original owner like this was her younger brother, Qin Yifan.

She looked at him and asked, “Yifan, did you go down to the field today?”

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